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  1. NecroBones, in regards to the rover bay ingress/egress issue... Have you considered making something like a Tommy Gate lifting tailgate? Just make one door the dedicated in/out, and make the gate to that door fold out into a horizontal ramp that can then lower/raise a set height (say, the height of the landing legs).
  2. My apologies, sir. Still new here, learning the ropes as it were. Guess I better read through the rules, lest my noob ass gets banned, eh?
  3. Also, CKAN support anytime soon? (I know it just launched, but it never hurts to ask these things).
  4. Very interested in this mod after viewing Kottabos' vid this morning myself. What of his suggestion for loading ramps added to the rover garages? Personally, I think that'd be an almost necessary addition.
  5. I just registered for this forum solely so that I can bump this thread yet again. Another future geologist here (planetary geology, too), and I was looking for a mod that was pretty much this. Please someone make this for us science buffs, please? (Roverdude, perhaps? Watched a lot of mod vids on YouTube where his name comes up.)
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