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  1. Since *** malicious site we no longer use *** is no longer active, would you mind if I take over this mod? If so, can you PM me a link to the github repo for it so I can clone it? Thanks. (P.S. I'm the one that previously updated this to appear in CKAN for all versions.)
  2. Look, even I don't use the Steam version of KSP, but a lot of people do. For those people there are a ton of mods that don't need to be updated every release (Mini Airbrakes is one of my personal favorites), and they should have the ability to install them easily. People that use Steam might not the most technically oriented (read: intimidated by the command line). Beyond this, getting CKAN to work is dodgy at best since it requires you to install Mono and root around a bit in the terminal (at least on a Mac or Linux system) to get it running in the first place. (Yes, I know Linux people are used to the command line, but a lot of Mac people aren't.) Compare this to the mods for Surviving Mars (great game incidentally, though certainly less technical than KSP), which are hosted via the Steam Workshop. Nice graphical interface (unlike CKAN, which while functional is truly awful in terms of aesthetics), a few clicks, and all the desired mods are automatically downloaded, installed, and kept up to date without any more fuss from the user. I would also advocate for a bunch of the top modders (e.g. Linux Guru Gamer, RoverDude, etc. — those two just spring to mind, but there are certainly others) work out some kind of deal with the devs to have at least some of the really common and "completely broken on a minor update" mods (e.g. Kerbal Engineer Redux, EVE, Distant Objects, MechJeb, etc.) incorporated into in the base game as stock so the mods don't really need to exist and risk being broken in every release. A quick look at the top of the forum page does state they are looking for devs... Side note on MechJeb... Is there a simple mod that will do just the burn startup and shutdown out there? I like planning my maneuver and transfer planning manually, as well as taking care of the SAS settings (Prograde, Retrograde, Node, etc.), but allowing it to automatically fire the engines (for the active ship only, not in the background) would be great. I know that kOS should be able to do it, but that's far more horsepower than I need, as is MechJeb. Other side note, directed at the devs: Minor updates should NEVER be significant enough to break a mod. 1.4.3 to 1.4.4 is a bug fix, not an "update". Mod makers should be (and many are) able to write things for version 1.4.0 and have then fully functional until version 1.5.0.
  3. Seconded. I could not find any reply to this question, but it really should be addressed. The Steam Workshop should be hosting all the mods so everyone can enjoy them with easy installs.
  4. The mod was indeed working fine, it just wasn't showing up in CKAN due to outdated metadata info in their system. I wanted to make sure that there was no KSP AVC version info in the mod itself, because then the mod needs to be updated directly. That's not a problem here so I submitted an update to the CKAN guys that updates the compatible version from the fixed "1.0.4" to the much looser "any" Now this little gem should now always be visible in CKAN for everyone's future enjoyment.
  5. Is there a chance that you could provide me a link to the source code for this amazing piece of engineering? I'm gonna update it so it will always show up in CKAN.
  6. Roger that. I’ll see if I can get the CKAN guys to update their information.
  7. Any chance you can update this for 1.3.x? It should just be a matter of updating the CKAN data...
  8. No. The creator of the mod is saying it's incompatible, right in the description of the mod. See the very first post of the thread.
  9. Just a thought, but have you tried reaching out to @Snark to integrate this and BetterCrewAssignment mods. They are both really useful, and adding this functionality to BCA shouldn't be that difficult.
  10. Is there a GitHub repo of this that I can fork? The link to the one in the main post is empty...
  11. Very nice mod! Found it via KottabosGames review on YouTube. Just wondering if this mod is hosted on GitHub? If not, would you consider doing so, as a public repository? I'd really like to get it submitted to CKAN so everyone can enjoy it, and that's the easiest way to maintain (and update) it for everyone involved. I suspect that if you're competent to write the mod, you already know about GitHub, but if not, PM me and I'll help you out with the process and do all the work to get this wonderful gem into CKAN. Regards, Me
  12. Would you mind providing a link to the GitHub Repo for this mod? I'll fix it so it works with Kerbal Engineer Redux for everyone and make a pull request for you.
  13. Submitted this to CKAN for everyone's Kerbal Enjoyment. NOTE TO severedsolo: You actually don't have to do anything to support CKAN. They just need(ed) some information. The mod actually pulls directly from the GitHub Repo when it installs. CKAN is effectively just a list of links and a "copy these files from X GitHub Repo to Y directory on this computer" script.
  14. Has anyone else run into problems running CKAN on a Mac lately? I keep getting a fatal exception when I try and launch. I'm pretty sure it's a Mono Framework issue at this point, but cant be certain. For reference, here is my system information: Late 2013 MacBook Pro (fully loaded) running OS X 10.12.6 | Mono Framework v5.0.1.1 | CKAN v1.22.3 A full copy of error log(s) can be found on the CKAN GitHub Issues list here: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/issues/2106
  15. Any chance you can update the CKAN integration for newer versions of the game? The parts still work fine, but the mod no longer shows up in CKAN unless you manually add older versions in the list of "compatible" ones.