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  1. Hi Yemo, Just wanted to alert you to a potential bug with the 'Powered Landing' contract. I'm doing a second playthrough of SETI-CTT and SETI-Contracts, and this time around I inadvertently satisfied the Manned Powered Landing contract. I didn't formally record it, but here is the basic sequence of events: 1: Manned capsule orbited Kerbin 2: Capsule parachuted to the ground 3: I sent a Kerbal EVA on the ladder to get the 'Flying over [biome]' report (It's an exploit, but I gotta grind that science) 4: Upon re-entering the capsule, I got a notification that I had fulfilled the Manned Powered Landing contract. I assume this is a bug related to the fact that I exited and re-entered a capsule already on the ground that had come from orbit, but figured you'd want to know either way. P.S. I love the SETI-CTT and SETI-Contracts mods -- they've made Career mode playable for me and do a great job of fixing some of the questionable progression and manned-centric leanings in stock. Thanks for the hard work.