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  1. I am experiencing the same issue as you. After upgrading to 1.1.1, when I enable SAS on launch, the craft begins rotating clockwise and then counterclockwise much like a washing machine during its agitate cycle. The craft then spins out of control. Happened with three different rockets that I launched. I'm sorry to say that KSP was far more playable and bug-free during pre-release. It has gotten progressively worse update after update. Please hotfix this ASAP.
  2. I can confirm, everything I launch wobbles out of control.
  3. Awesome! Thank you and all those involved for your continued work on this awesome mod. Keep up the great work.
  4. I found a pretty nasty bug. I used the return to orbit Duna lander craft file and attempted to land it on Minmus. I had the legs down and as soon as I touched down onto the surface, the craft bounced violently off the surface and started spinning end over end. I stabilized the craft and attempted a second landing and the same thing happened. As soon as the landing legs touched the surface, the craft went haywire.
  5. I have some additional information about the issue. I turned off anti-aliasing in the game and in the nVidia control panel and it made no difference. I kept a close eye on exactly when it starts, the issue first appears at approximately 46,000 meters or so. It does not happen before it hits that altitude. It becomes less noticeable after about 120,000 meters and then completely absent after about 200,000 meters.
  6. Sorry about that, I posted from my phone and wasn't aware. I edited my post and removed the original post from the quote. I just tried again, looks like the god rays from the SRBs are gone when they are disabled, perhaps it was a previous version that I was having problems with *shrug*. But what I notice now is that when I move the camera around while my rocket is ascending to orbit, the entire land mass of Kerbin starts flickering. Unfortunately there's no way for me to take a screen shot of that because it happens so quickly and only when I move the camera. Could this be graphics card settings or in-game settings causing this?
  7. I don't know if this is the same problem I'm having but when I launch my rocket and jettison the SRBs, there are long rays extending from the SRBs all the way to the ground. It does this even with god rays disabled. The newest update is a major improvement especially when in use with EVE, the only issue I have left is those long God rays extending down to the ground from any vehicle debris that is jettisoned. Any suggestions?
  8. When I try to load the Falcon Heavy from the craft file, the game freezes up...
  9. Don't know if anyone else has experienced this or not, but it seems that after the 1.0.5 patch, the ablator on the heat shield burns away ridiculously fast....a lot faster than the stock heat shields. I performed a few re-entries on Kerbin from 100km and 200km orbits, and in both cases, the ablator burned away so fast that I had to use Hyperedit to refill the ablator level several times otherwise my crew would have been toast.
  10. I haven't read anyone else post this yet so I'll start. There appears to be a severe problem with this addon after 1.0.5. It appears that any of the craft included as .craft files with this pack now suffer a catastrophic failure during launch and staging. For example, all of the Orion crafts will break apart when staging stage 5 (the stage that jettisons the LES tower, fairing walls, etc). Also, the craft based on the Delta IV Heavy model with the three fuel tanks fail when attempting to stage the two side tanks. It appears that the separation motors damages the center tank and causes the center engine to get blown off when jettisoning the two empty tanks. I was able to fix the Heavies by removing all of the separation motors and just leaving the decouplers so that the tanks just detach and fall back. I updated the game to the newest build and the problem still continues. I thought perhaps that Squad's hotfix for the engine exhaust damage would solve the problem but it did not. Just wanted to make you aware.
  11. Yep, that's the one I'm seeing too. I'm playing the game now and so far I don't notice any problems. *shrug*
  12. Anyone getting a Module Manager error after updating the stock configs to .8?
  13. Can't wait! Chaka is by far my most used addon in my collection, love all of it and can't wait to see and try out the new stuff. By the way, do you know if anyone has created Realplume configs for CMES engines?