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  1. I'd be willing to model and texture a seadragon. Ive been looking for a cool project to contribute to the community but Im a noob when it comes to unity and getting models and textures into game. Definitely not new to modeling and texturing though. I guess it could either be a scaled down version, or if its possible somehow it would be cool to do it to scale, but no way would that fit in VAB and I'm not sure how youd launch it from sea instead of the pad. so in a nutshell id need a lot of help getting it to work in game, getting the seperate stages to be stageable, and have the engines working and all that. (360MN seems like it would hit the speed of light in kerbal scale lol) If there's someone with the technical knowlege of all that stuff thats willing to collab with me, I'm up for it, otherwise id be reading and troubleshooting for weeks lol. I prefer realistic textures and models, but if people would prefer one that fits to kerbals aesthetic then that would be easier of course. Just throwing it out there to see if an experienced modder is interested, would definitely be cool to have a rocket that size that launches from sea.
  2. I Honestly dont know what you mean. I've tested it like a thousand times in 1.0.4 and even with struts on every possible proper place they still don't work correctly. Many modders recommend using it still, and the stock strut system is still extremely buggy about placing struts. Idk some people might consider it cheating i guess, but if the stock strut mechanics dont work and cause more frustration than enjoyment... then why not.
  3. I spent a few hours the other day trying to figure out the crash problem with interstellar v2. for me it was one texture file that was the issue. the Kerbin1 file in boulderco/clouds/textures is an 8k image, and as soon as i switched it out with a 4k version it was no problem. theres a bunch of other 8k image files in there, but for some reason that one caused the crashes for me. Could have just been my computer specifically though. these things never seem to be universal lol.
  4. I apologize if i just didnt read something and this answer is already here. Im definitely getting this pack and i cant wait to use it. Im just curious if theres tools for time warping to make up for the much larger distances? like if it takes 6 years to get to jupiter, does it take 6 years in the game? and can i warp to it easily?
  5. I just started playing with this package and i was thinking of asking for this haha. it just seems a little easier to not deal with decimals. forgive my ignorance of unity and the other programs youre using for the gui ( im sort of new to the whole modding thing and real time engines, but I would kill for some sliders with in game feedback on the hue. Not sure if thats asking too much though, I know how much work all of this is. anyways i just started playing kerbal about a month ago. Im still on the stock career lol, but Im a 3d artist so i immediately wanted to try and get the game looking better. Thanks for giving us all these tools, ive been spending the last day or so getting kind of immersed. Im only just beginning to tweak things, but this version is going to be so sweet when its done. my kerbal on EVA with the new shaders. Gonna start tweaing the planets now and adding clouds and the atmospheres and see what comes out.