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  1. Now someone needs to get off of eve without using any power. We have the K-Drives to do it!
  2. I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, can you explain?
  3. That actually makes a lot of sense, thank you! One thing though, how exactly are variable pitch propellers made? When I used control surfaces I just deployed them and undeployed them and set the authority so that it would make the blade pitch more coarse for higher top speed. That doesn't really seem to work with these new propeller blades and I don't really know why...
  4. In my experience, another weird thing that props do is put out the same level of thrust regardless of throttle. I thought that I had set up my throttle wrong (like it was either off or on 100%) but I didn't. I could reliably throttle down to like 5% and sip on fuel while getting the exact same acceleration. Also blade pitch still eludes me, it doesn't seem to matter what the pitch of the blades are for some reason. These new props act really funky compared to the old control surfaces.
  5. I know about contra-rotating propellers, I just don't want the added drag that comes with two engines like the P-38 and I don't want to put another engine on the rear like a Do-335. The turboprop itself only has one propeller hub.
  6. Breaking Ground is now officially my favorite DLC. I threw a plane together to test the new turboprops and it's surprisingly fast. Still hard to control though because of torque roll. If anyone can figure out a setup for these turboprops that mitigates torque roll that would be great.
  7. testing a few different versions of the Clipper, my crew ferry
  8. I have been working on jet fighters. I built a bunch of simple, small planes and learned something from each of them. This is the result. Also, might I add that the fuel flow priority feature and autostrut are 300000 IQ tools that everyone should use. Seriously, they are SO useful.
  9. I have to use a fly-by-wire mod for this plane if I want to actually maneuver and keep speed. It can supercruise at Mach 2.2 at 10 km, and the airframe is rated for up to 150 gees with the limiters disabled. Often though, I exceed that. No kerbal can fly this plane and not be turned into mush, so it's unmanned. I'm not sure about it's combat capability but I'm willing to bet it can dodge a few missiles.
  10. Well I mean you aren't wrong, but form follows function. As long as it works well, looks shouldn't matter. At least thats what I tell myself when I build rockets
  11. This is a very interesting design, definitely kinda weird with the ascent profile. Probably the coolest semi-SSTM I've seen yet though. Awesome!
  12. My friends and I started a DMP server where we built a base on Minmus. There had to be a way to get kerbals to and from the base, so I decided to chip in. It's insanely over-engineered, with over 4000 m/s of dV once it refuels on Minmus. It can get three kerbals to Minmus and back without breaking a sweat, but I have yet to take it anywhere else and it doesn't have the TWR to land at our mun base, so I guess for now it's sitting unused.
  13. Heh, there's Rarity on the bottom left. Just noticed that now.
  14. Can someone make a little tutorial on these engines? I have an idea for a design, but I have absolutely no idea how to build the electric engine.
  15. Thanks! Im a little mad at you now because you gave me a reason to finish my SSTOs, when I have to do homework. Nice work
  16. I'm working on a few peewee SSTOs right now. But I've reached a bit of a brick wall... How do you re-enter the atmosphere with these things? Do you go shallow or try to decelerate as much as possible during your retrograde burn? Do you keep it pointing directly prograde through re-entry? All my SSTOs get toasted unless I turn down the re-entry heat in the settings, and I'm tired of doing that. Any help is appreciated.
  17. I play a LOT of War Thunder, and I can safely say that's a Vickers Wellington, like Tangerine said. the jelly welly.
  18. Everything but KSP Would you want to die to save humanity, or have half of humanity die to save your half? BE HONEST!
  19. Overall, that's a very touching story! I can't really empathize since I'm too young to have a kid, but I DO see one problem. You may have trouble landing on your SRB looking thingy. Seriously though, your kid is the next Vincent Space Gogh!
  20. This is actually a heavily modded Garry's Mod server. Malleus Gaming Build Server. We use the Armored Combat Framework, and Sprops for more building materials. it's pretty sweet.
  21. I joined just as 0.18 was in full swing, but I've only signed up for the forums recently.