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    Hey again, Kerbals. I have a confession to make.

    I've reached the point where I have just too many planets to work on, where I keep darting from planet pack to planet pack because they all deserve updates, but end up getting nowhere at all. Therefore, after a lot of thinking, I've decided to do two things:

    1. I will be making a schedule for what planet pack to fix in what order. Of course, planets may move up or down on this list depending on the severity of potential bugs.

    This schedule is as follows:


    1. Planet Cerillion

    2. Evolution

    3. Stock Planet Expansion

    4. C# mods (INSTANTIATOR & PQSMod packs)

    5. Arkas

    6. Planet Cyran

    As you can see, some packs are missing. This is because:

    2. I will discontinue some of my mods.

    First mod to get the axe is Total Rebuild (...and Cyran may follow in the future). I'm terribly sorry for discontinuing some of my mods, but right now there is just too much to work on.

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    2. amarius1


      @The White Guardian dude no Kerbol Origins on the list? :(


    3. The White Guardian

      The White Guardian

      @amarius1 Kerbol Origins doesn't count as 'my mod'. I left collaborations out of this.

      Not to worry, I'm still working on Kerbol Origins. :)

      @UranianBlue because I was under the impression that people enjoyed Arkas more than Cyran... besides that, Arkas is smaller, thus easier to update.

    4. amarius1


      Ayy thank you man :D glad to see we're not losing a team member. I should REEEEEALLY start doing the sketches for the new parts :wink: 

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