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  1. I'm in the rather unpleasant situation of having a Kerbal, his craft and a truckload of data stuck on Minmus. I have pretty much zero monoprop left in the ship - just enough for a 100m jump upwards. I guess that situation's not exactly uncommon, but the problem here is that in order to recover not only the astronaut but also the science, I'll have to dock with the stuck craft (Docking Port Jr. on top, Docking Port below) to transfer the science from the Storage Unit and back to Kerbin, unless there's a way for a Kerbal to transfer 7 experiments (multiple surface samples and EVA reports) i
  2. Nah, if it doesn't work in stock, I'll just stick with guided ones. I built an Mk2 plane that drops a 0.675m guided missile out of a cargo bay. Doesn't do much damage, but works like a charm, so I'll try to scale that thing up to an Mk3 plane. I'm crap at flying planes in KSP, too, so unguided missiles always miss when I'm the pilot. Right now, I'm trying to build a working ICBM. I've put a warhead onto my LKO base rocket that I also used to bring my space station into orbit, but it's always the last mile that loves it up. Atmosphere friction and gravity make me miss the target by about t
  3. Mixed up some stuff in my memory - the rockets described above don't have reaction wheels or control units. The one I built afterwards has guided missiles, but the ones that don't work when decoupled and activated at the same time are nothing but tanks and engines.
  4. Completely vanilla except for this mod that lets you see speed and delta-v and apoapsis altitude and such (something with engineer in the name). The missiles are 0.65m fuel tanks plus engines (liquid fuel + oxidizer) and a control unit + reaction wheels. Works perfectly fine when I activate the engines first, decoupling second (via staging), but that takes long enough to destabilise the plane.
  5. So I built a fighter plane that has two missiles mounted under its wings, one left, one right. I built one missile and then placed two using symmetry, but apparently, I can only fire (aka activate engine and decouple) both of them at the same time, because due to the symmetrical placement, they count as one part. Has anybody got an idea how to control one part of two symmetrically placed? Issue number two: when I put "activate engine" and "decouple" into the same stage, the missiles are decoupled without the engines activating. I assume this is because activating an engine takes half a se
  6. Thanks man. Two years of Kerbal and dozens of savegames, and today I managed the first orbital rendezvous with this guide. Sweet.
  7. That's no Service Bay, thats an SC-9001 Science Jr. module.
  8. It seems that restarting the game worked. Thanks. Problem solved, close topic.
  9. In Kerbal Space Center screen, I can't select any building. I started a spaceplane, landed, recovered the ship, got science and couldn't enter tracking station to recover Debris. Tried other buildings, but I couldn't select any of them. Tried it in science mode and sandbox mode, didn't work. The buildings don't get highlighted too.
  10. This vehicle is capable of reaching an orbit around Mun. Although it can land I wouldn't call it a lander, as it might be hard to return to Kerbin. When I landed it on the Mun it had 8.28 Liquid Fuel left. It's equipped with solar panels, batteries, reaction wheels and lots of science devices. If you manage to land it on the Mun you'll always have a vehicle that can provide 'science data from surface of the Mun'. On the one hand I'm not sure if it is still an 'Early Career' rocket, on the other hand I'm still using 1.25m parts and this vessel doesn't even have an SAS module except the stock SA
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