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  1. I went back to 1.2 and it's happening there too. so you may be right that it's a driver update issue. I'll see if i can revert may driver to an older version.
  2. It setup to use application settings. I'll submit something in the bug tracker.
  3. @sal_vagerwhat should the anti aliasing settings be I have an amd 7750 graphics card? my setting haven't changed from 1.2. I post here until the bug tracker was updated and had no way to attach files. Thanks
  4. In a patched store version from 1.2 to 1.2.1 using the exe. Comment line flicker and look blurred in network view. It seems to appear in the tracking station and map view, when focused on kerbin. windows 10 install
  5. @Gaarst the parameters are basically a polar orbit a little inside dres orbit on one side and a little outside dres orbit on the other. @EpicSpaceTroll139 sound like a plan, if a little tricky to setup do you think i could do the same at dres. I've done it accidentally at the mun but never on purpose. I'll have to play around and try it out. i've got 35years
  6. Please take this with the humor that is intended! I was looking for a tool to use not looking for someone to be a tool. I love your explanation. I always wanted to be a mathematician and now you have reminded me why I'm not. Perhaps we can suggest someone in the mod forum do something with all this great math. Thanks for the entertainment.
  7. I just wonder how slow i'll be going at ap. and finding an engine that will do it under 3 hours
  8. It wouldn't be a problem but it a polar orbit neat dres orbit. I remember trying one in the past and had a high Dv short fall.
  9. @Streetwind Thank you very much for your answer. I like math and am good at it, but WOW what a complicated mess to use a tool that would normally make it simple.
  10. @Gaarst How so I tried entering the parameter as an added vessel but couldn't figure how. any advice? I'm having problems finding the Semi-major axis and the Eccentricity and time to periapsis passage.
  11. Need a tool to calculate the Delta V required to position in polar orbit of Kerbol(the sun). This is for a contract. The info provieded is Ap/Pe, inclination, longitude of the ascending node, argument of the Pe. Looking for something like this which doesn't work for me in this case. Thanks for the help in advance.
  12. @JPLRepo Yes that is exactly it. Is that the intend way for it to work? Thanks for the pic. I haven't used kis/kas much but I believe it will work as it is a function of the mods. my question was strictly a stock game thing.
  13. I have a ship with docking ports on it. I attach a fuel tank with no docking port on it to the docking port on the ship. It will decouple if it is attached by an end but not if it is attached by the round part. The question is why? Is this intended or is it a bug?
  14. thanks @regex the docking port on the side is good but it can be awkward to dock sideway. for now I'm just building without heat shields after the initial landing. That will be a problem when I go interplanetary.