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  1. I finished binge-watching the series, and I an in awe, especially with the writing. It was so much better than I expected. But that's all I'm saying - No spoilers. Y'all will have to watch it yourselves
  2. I am halfway through episode 2 and absolutely loving it so far! I can't wait to binge watch the rest of it over the weekend.
  3. My favorite KSP Sci-Fi/Horror movie series is "MoHole" by @Oraldo revak When Oraldo reached out and asked me if he could make my Emiko Station fan-fiction saga into a movie I immediately said yes without question... And I gave him complete freedom to adapt it as he liked because of this series. I highly recommend checking this out for inspiration. It really is that good!
  4. That episode "Deathwalker" took a really good look at this very same question. Are we ready? Probably not...
  5. You can't blame a cat for being a cat
  6. I'm doing the same thing... lol. I really hope this helps to inspire some new writers. It's what inspired me, and, well, look what happened. I can't write fan-fiction anymore (requirements of the job) but I would love to read some new KSP 1&2 stories.
  7. I know, right??? I'm super-excited that it's actually happening! Oh, and @Mister Dilsby Please tell Bill that it's OK to cheat. Or whatever. We all get it. Do what you have to do. We're just glad you're back.
  8. It is really hard to get a picture of them all in one place at one time, but I got lucky a few days ago. This is all 5 of my cats hanging out together.
  9. You watch a five hour D&D video session like it's a spectator sport (and I did)
  10. Dilsby!!! Long time no see!!! I'm so glad you're back! I can't wait to read the rest of the Kerbfleet saga, whatever the format. Do whatever works best for you.
  11. OK, I'll play Balder's Gate 3... And I am seriously done for because I woke up and I'm a scribe!!! A scribe??? Seriously??? All I have to fight with is a feather quill pen???
  12. TBH, after all these years, I still catch myself doing the exact same thing!
  13. Congratulations @Entropian We love stories like this!!!
  14. Awwww, crap... That one is totally on me. Nice catch!
  15. I totally agree. I liked Jodi Whitaker's version of the Doctor. She was quirky and fun and reminded me a lot of David Tennant. And I had nothing against Peter Capaldi. (But I still think Ecclestein is my favorite.) The writing lately, however.... yeah. It's just gotten worse and worse from season to season, IMO. There have been so many missed opportunities. I have to wonder if the current writers/producers have ever watched the early episodes. You can't really blame the actors when they don't have anything good to work with.
  16. I'm not actually taking part in this... I do not need a copy of the game. My Kerbals are just here to wish everyone good luck!!!
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