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  1. Oh yeah, agreed. Johnny Cash was like the great grand-uncle of metal
  2. Classical to Metal, Beethoven to Black Sabbath... preferably a mix of the two
  3. SE: Unfortunately, everything else you touch turns into a donut SP: the ability to turn anything I touch into a donut hehehe
  4. I currently have 5 cats... the only thing I caught from any of them was a severe case of frustration, exhaustion, and some minor blood loss on Vet day... lol...
  5. I don't remember off hand... but now I'm curious, because I made it before we added in all the dV information. I need to find the craft file and load it into 1.12.1 and see how much dV and TWR this beast actually had
  6. Watch Chapter 5... to this day I'm amazed it actually worked... lol
  7. Outstanding!!!
  8. There is nothing wrong with taking a break, or anything for anyone to be mad about. If you do anything for too long you stand a good chance of burning out. C-ya when you decide to come back
  9. Yeah... weren't there also zombies in that one?
  10. Thank you for logging this. We are aware of the issue.
  11. Let's try and annoy a fanbase with just one word: Who???
  12. Little Caesar's??? OK, now THAT I'm pretty sure was a band... lol
  13. If it were me, I would focus just on his cruelty... he was a monster. Ignore the rest
  14. Cautiously optimistic . I see a lot of good stuff... but we'll see...
  15. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you brought enough cake for everyone...lol
  16. Thank you! No, I haven't done Emiko 2... yet. If and when I do it, the game plan is to use KSP2. But things got pushed back, so... As for how to make Thompberry, I'll do you one better. This is the original brain pod craft file. The later version has the mod: Stock alike surface mount lights for eyes Have fun Thompberry brain pod.craft
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