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  1. Introduction: Five years into my latest career game, I began tracking an unusually large class-E asteroid. This is the story of what happened next. Although it is really a mission report, I will be writing it in the style of a fan-fiction illustrated novel.... ...and a cheesy 1960's science-fiction adventure. Enjoy! Table of Contents: Chapter 1 - Is This The End? Chapter 2 - Harfield and Jandolin Chapter 3 - A Brief Pause... for Espionage Chapter 4 - The Chariot Chapter 5 - Chariot to the Mun Chapter 6 - Disaster at Home Chapter 7 - Code 7 Chapter 8 - Mun Tag Chapter 9 - Armageddon Chapter 10 - Abduction Chapter 11 - Aftermath Chapter 12 - Visitors and Ghosts Chapter 13 - Piper's Tale Chapter 14 - Thompberry Kerman and the Tower of Power Chapter 15 - Flyover Chapter 16 - Spy vs. Spy Chapter 17 - The Voice Chapter 18 - The Crossing Chapter 19 - The Saucer Chapter 20 - Alpha-77 Chapter 21 - The Zaltonic Space Center Chapter 22 - The Great Race Chapter 23 - My Name is PIPER!!! Chapter 24 - The Fall of Thompberry Kerman Chapter 25 - Questions Chapter 26 - A Brief Intermission Chapter 27 - The Ultimate Challenge Chapter 28 - Plans within Plans Chapter 29 - The Doodlebug Chapter 30 - She Speaks To... What??? Chapter 31 - The Darkening Chapter 32 - More Plans within Plans Chapter 33 - Space Pirates Chapter 34 - Emiko Tower Chapter 35 - Chariot Into Darkness Chapter 36 - Duna Runaway Chapter 37 - The Vision Chapter 38 - The Pit of the Kraken Chapter 39 - The Darkness Falls Chapter 40 - Thompberry Station Chapter 41 - The Mystery of the Monoliths Chapter 42 - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Chapter 43 - Where the Heart Is Chapter 44 - Munquake!!! Chapter 45 - The Nightmare Chapter 46 - Eve Chapter 47 - The Northern Munolith Chapter 48 - Frannie's Epiphany Chapter 49 - Dresperation Chapter 50 - A Ghost of the Past Chapter 51 - Broken Chapter 52 - The Darkest Side of the Mun Chapter 53 - Prelude to a Backstory Chapter 54 - Emiko's Tale - Part 1 Chapter 55 - Emiko's Magical Mystery Tour Chapter 56 - Back to Reality... Sort of Chapter 57 - Halo Jumping Chapter 58 - Homecoming Chapter 59 - Afterlife Chapter 60 - The Vanishing Chapter 61 - Sins of the Father Chapter 62 - All Roads Lead to Emiko Chapter 63 - Zombie Chapter 64 - In The Dark Chapter 65 - Until Death Do Us Part... Chapter 66 - Welcome to Belladonna Cove Chapter 67 - Emiko's Tale: Grilled Cheese and Monsters Chapter 68 - Emiko's Tale: Happy Halloween Chapter 69 - Screaming In The Night Chapter 70 - Ghosts In the Machine Chapter 71 - My Best Friend Chapter 72 - The Looking Glass Chapter 73 - Can't Find My Way Home Chapter 74 - Pandora Chapter 75 - Karn Evil Chapter 76 - Pandora's Box Chapter 77 - Destiny Chapter 78 - Blinded by the Light Chapter 79 - Terror at 20,000 Kilometers (more or less...) Chapter 80 - Annabel Lee Chapter 81 - The Fall of Zaltonic Electronics Chapter 82 - Emiko's Backstory - Rise of the Un-Poofed Chapter 83 - Emiko's Backstory - The Outsiders Chapter 84 - Emiko's Backstory - The Mystery of the Late Dinner Guest Chapter 85 - Emiko's Backstory - The Killer Queen Chapter 86 - Emiko's Backstory - Going Under
  2. Hey everyone, a couple weeks ago our good friend @Badie from Squad started a "Weekly Challenge", which seems to have attracted quite a lot of attention, and is off to an excellent start. And after talking to her a little about it, I thought it might be a nice idea to start a thread with suggestions for future challenges, so she isn't stuck trying to do it all herself. The rules for your challenge suggestion are up to you, but please bear in mind these weekly challenges are just for fun, and a chance to show off some of your wilder KSP creations and/or moments. They aren't meant to be as difficult or strict as "official" challenges, so to speak, and with maybe an exception here and there, not the kind of challenge you would do to earn a badge. So I'll go first with a suggestion I pm'd @Badie a couple days ago concerning the new green meanie monoliths recently added into the game. Turns out they're randomly generated anywhere on a planet or moon, and will never appear twice in the same place from game to game. So you can't help anyone else, or spoil it for anyone, by posting a screenshot of where you may have found one. Which is my weekly challenge submission. Quite simply, find a green meanie monolith and post a screenshot of it, and maybe the ship and/or rover that located it.... the more unusual the location the better. Now, I leave the floor open to the rest of the forum... what can y'all come up with for a weekly challenge???
  3. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    We have an owl!!! I haven't seen it yet, but last night I heard it clear as anything for almost an hour... and really close... Hooo... Hooo... Hoooooooo!!!!
  4. OK, I know I'm taking longer with the writing part than usual... sorry. This cold has settled into my head, and it's like trying to think with a brain full of jello. But I am making progress, I promise. Truth is, I just drew it in, so I'm surprised I got it to look like a real mod part... (especially the shadow)
  5. Where is Nibiru today?

    not gonna lie... I was kinda hoping for a Magic Boulder to show up and save me...
  6. Weather Chat Megathread

    Welcome to the Wonderful world of Hurricanes. I don't mean to sound snide, or sarcastic... well, maybe a little sarcastic, but not towards you... to the storms. I've been through so many of these I've learned one thing... hurricanes are weird! They don't act or behave like normal storms, and just when you think one is going to do one thing, it does something totally unexpected instead. That's why I don't put much faith in predictions... it's almost like the Hurricane's make a conscious effort to prove the "experts" wrong.
  7. Weather Chat Megathread

    Remember, categories are based on just wind speed, not size or pressure... which is a little goofy in my opinion. We've had "no-name" storms here that never made it to tropical status that still caused all sorts of bad rain and flood damage.... So categories can be misleading
  8. Dreams about space

    I wouldn't know where to begin...
  9. Oh, hey... I'm in the middle of writing up the next chapter, but I had to stop a couple times to re-verify some game stuff... Gonna try and finish it up today Wow, that's an old screenshot. That, my friend.... is Photoshop. This was before I learned about KIS and KAS, and how to set-up real fuel lines.
  10. Definition of "Landed" and "Flying"

    Anything you can walk away from...
  11. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    Yeah, no kidding! At least we had time to prepare. I can't imagine getting hit with something just as deadly, but with no warning!
  12. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    I can't begin to imagine what that must have been like. Thankfully you're all OK, and my thought are with everyone there.... As far as the expansion.... worry about it later... we all understand. Do what you have to do to put your lives back together first.
  13. OK, let's not the the attention of the moderators... I promise I'll answer the Platypus connection tomorrow. Thank you! I put my ships through all sorts of testing, yes. A lot of it is behind the scenes, so readers don't get to see all of it, but that's one of the reasons it can take a while between chapters. As for their appearance, I'm 55, and I grew up on really old school sci-fi movie space-ships... and that has a big influence in how I design mine. I don't want them to be just functional... I want them to look cool whenever possible.
  14. Well, considering it's been exactly one month since the last chapter, I'd venture to guess you're thinking: "Shut-up and start writing already..."
  15. Thread to complain bout stuff

    I see this a lot as well, and it infuriates me. I'm on disability, but I don't use handicapped spots... Mostly because I'm a stubborn, grouchy old man, and as long as I can still walk with a cane, I want no special privileges. And when I see someone who is clearly NOT handicapped or disabled using a handicapped spot... That's when I want to take my cane upside their head!
  16. Yaaaa... finally got to play today! This stupid cold isn't totally gone, but it's moved mostly into my head now, which is tolerable. I'm adding a few more screenshots to the end of the chapter. I can get those tomorrow. And I'm not going to push it, or I'll end up back in bed again (I have a bad habit of doing that ... ) But realistically I see no problem having it done sometime this weekend..... finally!
  17. Rescue my Kerbals thread ?

    Surprisingly enough, I'm doing that exact thing in my next couple Emiko Chapters. In a nutshell, I've merged the "Place the Groundstations" challenge into my Emiko career game (and somehow didn't crash it... ) Now, the game-file for this challenge was provided by @Azimech, and has all sorts of fun things scattered about Kerbin... Including some powerhouse 5-star experience scientists! And I want those scientists, and any other VIP's I can locate. Not gonna give away how I'm working into the plot line, but I can already tell you it is, in fact, quite fun working with something I didn't create.
  18. Additions to The Game?

    Yeah, I could get behind this as well.
  19. Having Problem with SSTO

    One other thing I'd like to point out to the OP... and if I'm ninja'ing someone else I apologize. SSTOs are one of the biggest challenges in the game, and even some of us more experienced players can spend days, or even weeks, tweaking a design until it's finally right. So don't give up or let it get to you if it doesn't work right off. This is my most famous SSTO in Emiko Station, the Diamondback: I spent over 2 months working on this one, until I got it where it can make it into orbit and back.
  20. KSP Weekly: Cassini’s Grand Finale

    I feel so bad watching the news coverage of Mexico City... Having just gone thru that hurricane, and 5 days without power, I can really sympathize. I wish there was something I could do to help.
  21. Additions to The Game?

    I apologize if my earlier response was rude... I have a really bad cold that's making me a grouch, and the subject of hurricanes hit me kinda wrong. Sorry.
  22. Still have this cold, and it's making me grumpy and miserable... might be better if I logged off for a little while.  :mad:

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      Yup, Gus is a fighter.  He's killed at least 8 interloping cats and befriended or at least tolerated 4 others.  That I know of.  He conducts most of his inter-cat business out of my sight so I'm sure the totals in both columns are greater.  After all, he's been at it for 9 years now, throughout which time he's been out there surviving amongst all the bobcats, panthers, foxes, coyotes, and wild hogs that live in my back yard.  He's got a few notches in his ears and I've had to take him to the vet twice for claws broken off in his face, but such is the life of an outdoor alpha male cat, even when neutered.  

      I drink to Greyghost's shade.  May he (she?) be in Cat Valhalla!

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      Ghost was a he, and I hope so. He was a really cool cat. But he had heart problems, and right before the storm he went downhill in a bad way. I think he had a heart attack.  :(

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      My condolences.  More drinks to Greyghost's shade!  What more fitting way to ride to Cat Valhalla than on the wings of Irma?