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  1. OK... bear with me a second... Lately when I'm not working, or playing KSP, I've been really getting into Fallout 4 (gasp!!!) *small minor spoiler* Well, today, in a sort gangster settlement called Goodneighbor, I was completely blown away when I visited a wonderfully dark noir bar called The Third Rail, and listened to an amazing blues singer named Magnolia belt out 5 stunning songs. She was so good I looked it up, and was completely blown away again by who both wrote and performed it exclusively for the game This song especially has been pleasantly bouncing around my head all day
  2. Following up on what Curveball said, you can also use the report button to send the moderators a TOTM submission for a thread you might happen to think is a good candidate. Just make sure to add a quick note why you're sending it.
  3. Oh, I could have so much fun with this... but I'll behave Simply put, the moderators watch over the forum, and make sure everyone is playing nice. They are really great people, that put a lot of effort into making sure this is one of the best forums on the internet... And a couple are also good friends
  4. I forgot... thank you. One of the guys on the team's fiancé is a great artist, and she is Kerbalizing some of us... lol. I love what she did with mine! Anyway... back on topic... I'm curious now @adsii... is it possible to nominate the TOTM thread for TOTM??? It seem's popular enough
  5. Nominating TOTM for TOTM??? I think that's breaks all laws of physics, and you go back in time... or turn into a sofa... or something like that lmao
  6. Nope... haven't seen him all day But @adsii1970 might be lurking about
  7. OMG... let me be the first to say Congrats!!! That's awesome!!! How do I get a copy when it comes out?
  8. This just came up on my YouTube... I have no words... To any and all Peter Gabriel era Genesis fans... You're welcome
  9. I agree, this was always one of my favorites, too. Back when I first joined the forum, this as one of the stories that inspired me to write Emiko Station. IDK what ever happened to @Parkaboy, but I hope he's doing well, and comes back and visits some day.
  10. I loved Gowron... but in terms of comical aliens, in my humble opinion, I'm afraid he only comes in second to the absolutely brilliant Londo Mollari, from Babylon 5
  11. Hey, welcome aboard!!! You are absolutely more than welcome to hang out! Whether you end up playing KSP or not, I still think you'll find this one of the most friendly and helpful forums on the internet!
  12. There are alot of good ones, depending on what you like Might I recommend Kuzzter's kerbfleet series? Or there is the outstanding Kraken series There is a great list of all the mission reports and fan-fiction stories KSK has compiled here Finally, if you want something that's a little more campy and silly sci-fi... there's a little thing I wrote:
  13. This is all your fault @Ben J. Kerman... hehehe... Thanks!
  14. This one has to be shared... best rendition of "Whole Lotta Rosie" EVER!!!!
  15. OK... fine... I will take full responsibility for this act... Why??? Because We're EVIL.... Evil tonight!!!
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