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  1. It's Year 57, Day 334 of the Kerbal Space Age. After rescuing five kerbals stranded in orbit of Eve, the Sixth Interplanetary Expedition stops to refuel and plant ceremonial flags at Gilly. Two detachable ore tank modules separate themselves from the mothership and are docked to the front of the Explorer module, which then heads down to the asteroid. Because of Gilly's tiny gravity, this tall assembly won't fall over when landing; it's highly unlikely than this can be pulled off at the Mun. Not even mentioning that the lander won't take off from a heavier body with all tanks full of ore. This allows the Explorer to get 4200 units of ore per run, fully refueling the Expedition Orbiter in 3 runs. The landing is a success; the Eve crew enjoys Gilly while the mining machines work to fill the hold. ...And a little hello from home with a nice cash bonus!
  2. Spent several days constructing a massive station in LKO with about 400 parts, kazillion struts and a wheel-like habitat with pretty lights in the middle. One of my expeditions to Duna was leaving at the moment, so I thought that making a rendezvous and taking screenshots of the Duna mothership against the station and Kerbin is a good idea. When those two 400 and 250 part abominations came into the physics zone of each other, the game decided that enough is enough and everything krakened, both ships wobbling and exploding in an apocalyptic spray of parts. Naturally, I forgot to backup the save. Derp.
  3. I had a few kerbals sit on the Mun for awhile in the early game, but they all were rescued eventually. Mun is too easy. Then, I had a kerbal living for 30 years in a lander on Ike until a big Duna mission came around to refuel and rescued him. And now, there's an engineer who's been living on Eve for 52 years. I already sent him a rover and going to provide him with a spacious lab shuttle and two more poor souls to keep him company. Looks like a start of a thriving colony!
  4. The People's Republic of New Keralonia Leader: L.I.Kerman, Honorary Secretary General of the Provisional Bureau for Work Safety and the High Chairman of the People's Council. An ancient and deeply senile Kerbal who loves shinies and moves around on a wheelchair. Government: "The People's Council" (in name only; the true government is the Provisional Bureau.) Economic: "The People's Cooperative" (whatever that is). The real economy is closer to a corporate state with a thriving black market. Military: None, since the main enemy of the Keralonians - the desert-dwelling Kermibians - lost the space race and abandoned their Space Center. Оnly local police exists. But since the Republic of New Keralonia has absolute space superiority now, they can just bombard any point on Kerbin with heavy metal junk from orbit within hours if they want. Population: Seriously, we are going to count Kerbals? Unknown, probably between 5 and 20 million. Kerbin is a small planet, y'know.
  5. No, thank you! If one of my pet thundersticks starts doing *that* again it just means that not enough flappy things were glued to the bottom! (also, that a random underling at VAB must be fired).
  6. Ah, I see, thank you. That wasn't immediately obvious from the original post, so i thought that I can just drop an one-way simple probe on Duna and be done with it. Thanks.
  7. "I'd like to die on Mars. Just not on impact." I was just planning my fourth expedition to Duna when this came along. While I do have a lot of experience with the airless moons of KSP, hauling along something that's capable of coming back from Duna surface with a payload is still a daunting task. I just might land a merry party of Kerbals everywhere except Duna and then drop a probe lander on some yet unsurveyed biome there. So, the question is, on the Unmanned level, does anything have to return physically from the surface of Duna to Kerbin? OR, if there's a Kerbal who successfully lands and plants flag on Duna and then stays there as a permanent colonist or whatever, would that score as Unmanned?
  8. As there is an obvious need of a medium-range seaplane, considering the extensive shoreline of Northern Keralonia and lack of airports on the peninsula, Roley & Ferbur Kerman's Design Emporium decided to release the company's private flying boat modification of the "Tern" (see K-57A and K-57B) on the public market. K-57D "Tern" Seaplane https://kerbalx.com/haruspex/Tern-D - Passenger Capacity: 32 - Mass: 13.2 t - Unit cost: 28271000 kerbucks - Fuel Capacity: 390 kallons - Cruising altitude: 6000 m - Cruising speed: 200 m/s - Propulsion: 1x Wheesley - Fuel consumption at cruising altitude: 0.09-0.10 - Range: 780 km - Takeoff speed: at runway: 47-50 m/s; at water: 43-45 m/s; Landing speed: 45-55 m/s. - 57 parts Tern Model D, being used for corporate transport along the shore, is not cheap, and is equipped with all the extra options also available for Model B, such as: on-board Probodobodyne navigation computer; extended battery capacity; extended range comms antenna; built-in folding ladder; solar panel array; etc. Therefore, it costs about 7.5 million kerbucks more than the generic 32-passenger Model A. Roley & Ferbur Design Emporium. The world is not enough!
  9. Though I already have this badge for a long time, it never hurts to test a new plane for endurance. Craft used: K-57C "Tern" https://kerbalx.com/haruspex/Tern-C Circumnavigations: 1 Time: 1:43:25
  10. Entry update: now we're also offering the 45-part, 14-ton K-57B model with 40 passenger capacity and extended range provided by 490 kallons of fuel! The "Tern B" also comes with an onboard navigation computer by Probodobodyne, Inc. and autopilot capable of fully autonomous flight. The unit cost for the model B is 23761000 kerbucks. https://kerbalx.com/haruspex/Tern-B
  11. Converted the old Jool-5 mothership (Fifth Interplanetary Expedition) mothballed at Minmus to a permanent science station. Attempted to built a plane for the Kerbal Express Airlines - Regional Jet Challenge (Reboot) that would fit the challenge while still keeping my "ϴ-wing" design. Succeeded.
  12. Okay, let' s see if this qualifies. Roley & Ferbur Kerman proudly present the K-57 "Tern" in the Small Regional Jet Category. - Passenger Capacity: 32 - Mass (fully laden): 12.35 t - Unit cost: 20671000 kerbucks - Fuel Capacity: 390 - Cruising altitude: 6000 m - Cruising speed: 285 m/s - Propulsion: 1x Wheesley - Fuel consumption at cruising altitude: 0.10-11 - Range: 1000 km - Takeoff speed: 45-50; Landing speed: 50-60 - 38 parts Our trademark Theta-Wing (tm) design offers incredible maneuverability, safe landings and epic range for your aerial journeys. During the test flight, the Tern took off from KSC and successfully landed on the Kerbin's North Pole with 17 fuel remaining! https://kerbalx.com/haruspex/Tern
  13. It's Year 57, Day 46 of the Kerbal Space Age. The Sixth Interplanetary Expedition continues its mission on Eve. The "Rescue Craft" - an ion scooter with four external seats - separates from the docking section of the mothership at its 54 megameter orbit and begins the maneuver to intercept the historic KSS Indomitable. After some tedious burning, missing and burning again, the intercept is successful, and the probe core sends first pictures of the fabled flagship of the Second Interplanetary, still orbiting Eve after more than 50 years. The ship is fully intact and operational, but it was piloted manually by kerbal crew and lacks a decent probe core. The Comms Upgrade Package separates from the Rescue Craft and moves to attach itself to the Indomitable's side docking port. Now KSS Indomitable becomes a science and relay station. There is a possibility to actually refuel it and tow back to Kerbin, but for now, it will stay where it is. The last look at the ancient behemoth as the crew of four Kerbals prepares to evacuate. The pilot is the last to abandon ship that was their home for five decades. Off to new adventures! Only by day 93 the crew of the Indomitable could finally reach the Sixth Interplanetary. The veterans take control of the expedition from now on. The next task for the Rescue Craft is to pick up Megalla Kerman, an employee of the Reaction Systems LTD. who somehow got stranded in a retrograde, slightly inclined orbit. The Kraken got them on a flyby from Moho, or what? Because our mothership is very high above Eve (54000 km) the plane change to retrograde and back ate less than 1500 units of xenon gas. Several days later, Megalla happily leaves her prison... ...And joins the expedition! Just look at the smile on her face. Kerbal Rescue Program. No one will be left behind.* _____________________________________________________ * Unless explicitly volunteers to risk life for SCIENCE. Not valid for: Eve surface, the Mohole, depths of Jool, interstellar space.
  14. It is Year 57, day 4 of the Kerbal Space Age, and the Sixth Interplanetary Expedition has arrived at Eve - despite being hit by a Kraken. The Survey Orbiter separates from the mothership and assumes a polar orbit, scanning Eve for resources. It also doubles as a short-range relay and has a cabin for one kerbal - just in case, if someone needs rescuing again. Meanwhile, the Rover Deployment Package (unceremoniously torn off from the mothership by the Kraken) also entered the Eve SOI and is heading for a direct impact! Last trajectory adjustments... Woohoo! It took four attempts to land the rover. The re-entry speed relative to surface was as high as 4750 m/s at times. First attempt: at altitude ~56 km, the heat reaches over 3600 K, everything explodes. It appears that the 10 m shield is not invincible in 1.3 and has 3500 K heat threshold. Hurr. Second Attempt: at ~36 km, the craft is subjected to heavy g forces as it slows down. Everything disintegrates as parts now have 50 g structural durability limit. Durr. Third attempt: Shield and some other stuff explodes, but *most* of the rover manages to land and is controllable. Unfortunately, the exploded stuff includes the ladder and all the batteries! Derp. Fourth attempt, with some creative aerobraking, is successful and the rover lands intact. The target - Seeald Kerman, a stranded crew member of the Second Interplanetary Expedition - is mere 42 km away! As Kerbol (and our new polar relay) are rising over the horizon, the rover heads forward. A hour later, Seeald and his gift from home are reunited. For the first time in 50 years, the poor castaway sees an object other than his suit and his flag, that is made by Kerbal hands and is not purple!!. Who said that being stranded on Eve is the end? In Seeald's case, it's just the beginning.
  15. Ah, so that's the reason my Eve expedition kept exploding until I ditched the rover (which was in a fairing). Interesting.
  16. It is Year 56, day 230 of the Kerbal Space Age. On the escape trajectory out of Kerbin, the Sixth Interplanetary Expedition met the horror of deep space. The Kraken! As soon as the ejection burn finished, the whole ship started to bend and wobble, threatening a complete disintegration. Turning off or on SAS, RSS, changing control points made no difference. Through trial and error the only way to save she ship was found: as soon as the Kraken hits, to ditch the rover deployment package immediately. The Kraken grabs the rover and it's forcefully thrown away from the mothership; after this, the wobbling subsides. We'll have to continue without the rover. But Seeald Kerman's fate - and the contract, because there should be THREE engineers on the oupost - depends on it! Luckily, the rover package has some fuel and four small engines of its own for orbital correction and a 10 m heat shield. It should be enough to do a mid-flight orbital plane adjustment and to arrange a direct impact with Eve. Let's see if the rover survives it and where it lands. Six days later, the mothership makes a plane correction and "hits" Eve. Now, we can only wait and relax for 192 days it takes to get there. Jananne the scientist takes her place in the shuttle lab. Meanwhile the rover performs the correction maneuver independently and also sets the right course at Eve. Note - no periapsis! A direct hit at Jool knows how much miles per second. It will arrive two days before the mothership. And there's even some fuel left to adjust the point of impact! Seeald Kerman still has a chance to join our crew, it seems.
  17. Voted for Jool. Pros: - Huge SOI, tiny orbital inclination. Can't miss it. - It's green! - Its system of moons makes it like going to another star. - The moons are each so beautiful and different! Endless exploration fun. - Pol and Bop make it really easy to refuel the ship. - It has Laythe! Cons: - Tylo. It would be much better if Tylo was like Titan, with an atmosphere and diverse terrain. KSP lacks an yellow world, and Tylo just missed a chance to be one! Generally, Jool wins - simply because it's not one planet, it's a six-pack.
  18. Alas! The shuttle, is, in fact, a future science outpost. (even the contract says so, though why an outpost on Eve needs 1500 units of monoprop, I can't fathom). I consider this a start of a permanent colony.
  19. It is Year 56 of the Kerbal Space Age, and the Sixth Interplanetary Expedition prepares to leave Kerbin. Destination: Purple Terror. Mission: Impossible. ...53 years ago, the Second Interplanetary Expedition was (as you may guess) the Second to successfully reach another planet, but it was the first to have kerbals on board and the first to have successfully deployed a kerballed lander. The mission was one-way for both landers and the spaceship crew: without ISRU (which didn't exist yet), KSS Indomitable had not enough fuel for the return journey. Half a century later, this relic of a bygone age still orbits Eve, and four of the crew members are still alive on board. The Sixth Interplanetary must evacuate the brave pioneers and upgrade KSS Indomitable's comms array, ship computer and power core, thus converting it into an usable orbital relay and science station. Note the fuel tanks of the Indomitable: back when it launched (0.90?), nuclear engines used both liquid fuel and oxidizer! Meanwhile, on the surface... The Indomitable carried two suicide landers. One didn't succeed and its pilot, Lanwin Kerman, earned a dubious honor to be the first kerbal to die on Eve. The second lander, piloted by Seeald Kerman, reached the surface intact and transmitted the science data. Only later, during the EVA to plant the flag, the kamikaze can succumbed to a case of Overstressed Explosive Landing Legs, leaving Seeald stranded in the mountains of Eve. Perhaps, the fate of poor Seeald might yet have an unexpected twist... ...There's a rover and a shuttle carrying not one, not two, but THREE Kerbettes - two engineers and a scientist - about to descend on him! (Oh, by the way, Seeald haven't seen a female since he was a cadet, because that wasn't allowed back then. After 53 years in that space suit in the dunes of Eve, he's in for a mild shock, methinks.)
  20. Definitely level 4 here (minus the Scott Manley part).
  21. Gilly. A rotten potato full of bugs. Can't leave anything on it unsupervised. Lost two kerbals because the lander won't, well, properly land and kept shifting around as the asteroid rotated. Exiting to space center made the game decide that the lander was in freefall at the surface -> dead crew. Still, Gilly is the only way to refuel for the missions to Eve, so I suffer the tedium.
  22. To celebrate the crew of the Jool-5 expedition earning their veteran orange suits on return to Kerbin, flew them to the North Pole and restored an ancient flag there that fell over at some point after the game physics update. Rest well, Jeb, Bill and Bob, long gone to the distant stars, but not forgotten. Roley, Kenlan and Tangy will carry your banner forth to Eeloo and beyond!
  23. Threw together a basic rocket boat for the fun of it.
  24. http://darwinawards.com/darwin/darwin1995-04.html That's how!
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