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  1. You're right, I didn't even notice the previous bug report (did this one at around 11pm last night) though from looking at the bug report they have they are working on the problem.
  2. Just uploaded a bug report #18358 which includes the craft file and save file plus a screenshot of the debug screens report of the incident. Not sure how to set priority but I'd put it at high.
  3. For some reason my minmus landers' LT2 landing legs explode as soon as I touch down on minmus. now I know I'm not going too fast because a) I've accidentally landed a lander with the same legs going about 20 m/s on minmus when I ran out of fuel and the legs didn't explode and b) I'm touching down at about .3 m/s.
  4. Whats funny is I decided to make a rocket that would simulate Kessler syndrome just to see how long it took for the debris to form a ring, the results were scary. This was the initial design. Here is the initial debris cloud. And after only about 4 kerbal days (so around 24 hours) this is the result. Kinda puts the whole problem in perspective.
  5. Ah that makes sense (I suppose) thanks
  6. Figured out how to change the engine noise though it requires some trial and error. you have to go into the part config file and look for the effects section, there should be two listed engine sections one is running_thrust the other is running_turbine, by altering the audio volume & pitch parameters you can adjust how loud and how high pitched the turbine sounds.
  7. So I'm running two separate orbital labs, one around the mun and one around kerbin and every time I go back to check on them after moving one of my deep space probes forward 30-40 days (don't want to miss out on the accumulated science gains) I find that instead of their batteries being fully charged or nearly so they are almost always nearly empty. Now I know I have enough charging capacity to keep them fully powered even while running research so I'm wondering if this is a bug or something else.
  8. Overall I'm happy with the 1.4 update except for the sounds that some of the engines make, is there any way to replace the engine sound effects from 1.4 with those from 1.3?
  9. So I was playing KSP 1.4 today and noticed that a lot of the engine sounds have changed, like for example the solid rocket boosters sound like someone hit a snare drum when they are lit and the panther afterburner engine now has this really annoying whine when switching from wet to dry mode. Now not all of the changed engine sounds are bad, I like the change to the turbo fan engines (they sound like a passenger airline). Just tested the Whiplash turbo ramjet and it now sounds like a turbine engine. I want my old sound effects back.
  10. not sure how to unmodded install short of making a fresh install, however I have figured out that the mountains DO reflect spotlights until a certain distance Now notice how the spotlight is barely lighting the mountainside but the tuft of grass is fully lit. from what I can figure out it seems as if the spotlight doesn't appear correctly on steep inclines.
  11. Version 1.0.4 While I was building some floodlights on the mountains near the KSC, I noticed that the spotlight and even the kerbals helmet lamp do not create a light cone when active, now I'm not sure if it's because of the altitude of the lamp or the mountains themselves but here's what I'm talking about. Notice that the lamps are on. I realize that this is technically NOT an unmodded version of the game however I highly doubt that the few mods I have are responsible for it. (for reference the mods I have are the KAX KIS and KAS mods as well as diazos vertical hover mods. but no graphic mods.) I also realize that this is a minor bug at best. (unless you're flying a jetplane at night and aren't paying attention in which case it can be fatal.)
  12. Is it possible to join parts into a closed loop? i.e. taking 4 micro nodes and 4 cubic octagonal struts and forming a closed cube.
  13. I think it was more than 250k, probably around halfway to the mun or so. also have you been able to replicate the bug using my method? cause it works every time I've tried it.
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