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  1. I'm just wondering. The poor little guy never gets any attention. There has to be some big science jackpots, right? Or is there another reason?
  2. Cool challenge idea. Alright! Here's my go with a plane called the "Koeing". It's got 64 passenger capacity, so it's heavy class. I got some inspiration from some old passenger planes with engines on the top, and I decided to make it a little more kerbal. TWO Engines on the top! Pictures: Scoring: Bonus Points: Can't tailstrike +20 Stalls at 20m/s (That's some serious power) +60 Needs only 4 of it's 6 engines to fly +5 Doesn't need SAS to fly stably +20 Airbrakes +10 Can ditch in water with no damage +20 Needs the whole runway -20 Main Scoring: Max Distance: (Not enough to even score it. It runs out almost instantly, but i'm proud of it.) Passengers: 64 capacity = 12.8 points? (I think I did the math wrong.) Flight Attendants: 2 = 1 point? (I probably just did the math wrong again.) 135 bonus points + 12.8 + 1 = 148.8 (Welp, I think I did the math wrong.) The base scoring needs a little explaining, as it doesn't make much sense to me with some calculations containing *'s and others with other characters.)
  3. I remember a pretty tragic moment, I was flying a new State Of The Art experimental jet I had made, and while trying to land on the island base, I clipped a wing on the ATC and watched helplessly as the plane plummeted into the ground. Oh wait, we can rebuild Jeb.
  4. I love your sense of humor, and thanks for the help. I do have one of those weird rodents and I'll try to fix it later. Thanks!
  5. Throttle at max, dude. I mean, I know for sure it's a problem on my end and that I probably just suck, because these look really well built.
  6. Here's what i'm talking about: I've dried them both having docking ports, i've tried fiddling it into the internal attachment points in the cargo bay, nothing works. It's a frustating process. How can I get it in? Side-question, on mac, how do you zoom in/out?
  7. The mun Phantom doesn't seem to have enough power to get into space. I don't know why but the Rapier engines still flame out when turned to rocket mode in space.
  8. Use the mallard for example. Driving vehicles into them is a no-no, since they slide around and are unpredictable. I haven't been able to find a nifty way to couple them into the cargo bay. Anyone got some ideas?
  9. I'm not sure if I did the google drive thing correct, are you able to download them?
  10. Thanks guys! I'll try to figure this out and work with it.
  11. Now, i'm a KSP noob. I know how to get to mun,/mimmus, but only with unlimited fuel. Don't know how to get to it without. I constantly hear about something called Delta V? What is it?