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  1. Thank you, it helped ) mod works as intended. it so nice friendly community here )
  2. Cant find this mod in CKAN list, and its not working for me with manual install. I installed all dependencies. Any suggestions what i can do to see mod buttons in game?
  3. Господа, я что-то совсем не отдупляю. Вот я прошёл первый этап первой миссии. Приземлил ракету на аэропорт на острове. Мастерю ракету для второга этапа, пытаюсь сделать ачивки, пролететь по заданному маршруту ,фейлю. И мне приходится переигрывать всю миссию с самого начала , а именно с полёта на аэропорт на остров. Я вот совсем не могу понять, как мне удобно вернуться в ангар? Именно в режиме миссий я почему-то такой возможности не вижу. Далее, во второй миссии , там где на орбите Кербала какая-то авария произошла, и надо перелесть на другой корабль. Так вот, после выхода кербонавтом в открытый космос почему не работает его "ранец" или как его там, в общем, кербонавт по космосу отказывается перемещаться. Как быть, что я не так делаю?
  4. Thread about Vacuum ascend inpired me to ask this question. What is optimal maneuvers if i want to move from one point on surface of the Mun to other, about 25-50 km or any other distance?
  5. It's better then nothing, but much worse then Docking Port Sr
  6. it is impossible till someone can do full trip from eve orbit to high ground and back.
  7. I used to "land" on 2000 m, and then use chutes. But SSTO is to heavy for this
  8. btw HyperEdit "ship lander" turns ship upside down. Do u have any suggestions?
  9. Something like this could work? You have to open container, launch engine, then close container.Zero drag as result.
  10. Fuel proved just enough, continue of resque
  11. I am not sure, but looks like we need at least 0.75 TWR for getting altitude flying on wings 10 degrees above the horizon? or maybe it is possible with 0.5 twr? And Nukes are too heavy to pull a significant amount of fuel, i did some calculations, looks like they almost totally useless on Eve, but not so useless as Xenon. Xenon cant pull even themselves. btw what do u think, do we need wings if we use mamonth? Because on my opinion wings purpose to let climbing with TWR less then 1, but they also generate drag. We have mamonth, so TWR is not a problem. I wonder how astobond getting so close with wings.
  12. Getting it landed in one peace was as much hard as getting to orbit. Thanks for asking. Flip was done after drogue shuts fully deployed to slow down descent. And first main chuts are opening very gently, 15 seconds time to full radius by schedule. Even touching ground was a problem with such weight, usually one landing leg explode on rough ground. Launching is a bit trikky too, i have to off the ground with all landing equipment and decouple it couple moments after launch, otherwise the missile mislaid on its side.
  13. Skipper is far behind... Ahh... i was hoping i found some kind of know-how yesterday, but it is was just launch from high altitude - - - Updated - - - Thanks to you and Foxster , I made 12 stages ship based on aerospikes to lauch my 4 kerbals from Eve ground. But it is so ugly and has more then 250 parts. Trying to find other solution currently. - - - Updated - - - Yesterday i was in hurry and didnt add landing gear to ship launching it from chutes. Skippers was realy good, they produce more thrust per engine weight then aerospikes. Too bad they need to be 4-5 km higher underground