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  1. Ows! Kool then. A bit hardcore, but Kool!
  2. Hi, is it just me, or did Jeb get gluttonous in 1.1? He single-handedly used 200 supplies in 16 days. Seems a bit more than I remember him eating.
  3. Possibilty of adding support for the EPL resource line?
  4. Hey, lots of joy from your designs. Impressive re-use of both models and design. Now a little critique and suggestions. The textures on all "hull" sections fail to load. I get all white boxes. you lack the "inline size adaptors", flat on one side. this might be located in the downloadable extras, but I can only find 6 of these parts in game. I notice there is a lot of parts in the folder. You got most of the EPL resource line covered: add "rocketparts" switch to the KIS containers? CLS has "surfaceattach passable" lines, so you can get the radial cockpits connected. A couple of the engines and a few other parts has bad tweakscale-scale definitions. (1x1 parts getting 1.25-2.5 tweaking mostly) they get bigger than the sph when tweaked. many fueltanks can contain varying amounts on a couple of the fuel setups (i.e. cellular fuel tank lacks a comma on oxidizer, 2x1 contain same amount of lq and ox). Generally great work tho edit, found some pieces i found lacking when I opened the complete part list.
  5. I did not consider the varying sizes when I made this. But ok, let's follow my line of thought. Stuff that deploys should not be able to have extra base parts underneath. What I Imagined when I made the suggestion wasa big ass 10 kerbal room that would fit under the mk1 crew hab, a service bay with garage type doors ( a roofmounted servicebay would probably be appreciated too) A large KIS container. I also just realized this would be very "Karibou" minus the wheels. Oh well...
  6. I've been made avare of that this classically is an offensive thing to say, and I apologies. More, it was an earnest suggestion. I think the possibility to reach twice the height will work excellent eastethicaly. On a different note, minor bug report: The gangway exit part isnt' passable with CLL.
  7. Niice update mate! Nice mod in general, my favourite base builder And in that contect, I got a suggestion! Modules able to place under your current line, expanding your base in height, making it 3/4 mk3 formfactor. Do you understand, or should I draw a picture?
  8. The contract might have been from the bugged version, I found much more info on demands on a diferent save. other than that, am using CKAN and it's current versions. damn, I hoped adding a sciencelab was its own mission. i'll try to replicate conditions for the thingamajingy another day
  9. My station core, with just the requirements. contract open. http://i.imgur.com/836sxEY.png room for 5, electric charge, docking port. (before I unlocked the normal docking port, a normal sized port called "KSS thingajingy" appeared in vab, this disappeared later)
  10. I can't seem to get core contracts complete, tho I saw a hint here. I need to have 4 kerbals on board? do I need to have a spesific, or all docking ports?
  11. Item suggestion: a 3m tow-rope, to connect EVA-ing kerbals toghether?
  12. Hey, I can't seem to get a Base construction contract. got through "scan for location", but no further base contracts has appeared after. I do not have MKS or SCANsat mods, if this affects anything. I do have KIS, KAS and USIL, and a small parts mod giving me some base parts. I have discontinued regular base contracts..
  13. Help to get this design working? more or less. I want room for 8 kerbals, the big bay capable of containing a small lander or resource probe, and i'd prefer enough dv to refuel at minmus orbit. MK1 MK2 My first attempt at a SSTO that feels like its gonna work
  14. I up this, and if I understand the resources drain on CPU correctly, not having every tank drained or filled simultaneously, but rather with priority should free memory in the process..? This should go for electricity too, always filling the smallest battery first, and draining it last should be easier on the machine and make sense game-wise..?
  15. Oooh, Vips could land on spots to survey for base locations, and be partially implemented to the continuous contracts
  16. I don't have the full scope of my idea yet, but it goes something along these lines: When starting a new career, your more or less immediately reffered to the contracts building, introducing Jeb of Jebs Junkjard, "I hear you want to get into space? I want something in space, but my launchpad won't launch anything but bottle rockets. U don't have any parts? I can lend you some, but you got to prove you can use them." Wich follows a short series of usual testing contracts and "kerbin firts RKS", ending in say reaching 80km and safely landing. Finnishing this, Jeb again, "well done, tell you what, I'll let you buy every [engine], [tank], decoupler and small parachute you need from me for cheap." Unlocked a few parts. Entering Admin building, Boss von kerman goes "well done, chief. We got noticed, and got some fresh-of-the-bench volunteer kerbalnauts ready to sail (hoping the proposed medic is introduced, this'l either way be your orange suits), now as you know, this facility didn't come cheap, and tho that deal you struck with Jeb helps out, were still short on cash, and we need some sort of container for the lucky fools to curl up in if theyre going up there, preferably airthight. Am short on ideas here, maybe go see that Jeb fellow again." Now the thought is that the major part builders can par as contractors, and their contracts are more testing and commercially based stuff ("visual survey IN A ROCKOMAX POD", "first 10" girder in polar orbit" it's just about tweaking the descripton for a lot the existing contracts"), but having them gives access to a variety of their parts. Doing these missions counts towards being able to buy blueprints of their parts, or earning them as rewards. This will be were science comes in, the points being allocated to "figuring out the blueprint", and a real cool twist here would be if spacestations could have a module to produce new small parts, if the science pod on the station can recieve the blueprint (via radio) and then being able to produce the part from resources. But mainly lowering the cost of, and being able to use parts without the builders contracts. They'll eventually fade away. Hope you get the gist of it so far, were almost there. Bases, stations and satellite contractors: Hoping it can be implemented in game code of course. Limit these contractors to two each kind within any SOI, but have them require upgrades and certain tasks performed from or within them. (Get crew from that station to that station, have fueled transfered, get to from minmus to that station) The pay in general would be lower, but not to far in game, so will the payloads, and eventually you will be able to start a station thats uncontracted, and completely in your hands. Oh, on that note, contractors would want percentages on science done, so getting your own reasearch lab will greatly increase on the unlocking of late game items. Science brought home can be used for one-time uses of sciencecollectors. Lastly, ferrying and rescue contracts: Ferrying is where the major bucks comes in. Tourists will always be in groups, and won't pay loads, tho fair, and will only eve want to visit bases and stations, maybe a flyby (it's chartered, right), but not land on unexplored territory. VIPS will pay big bucks to land on specific sites (maybe crawl a said lenght on ground), visit an old satelite, stupidly close flybys, EVA-on-a-cable near some pole. Rescue contracts should have the addition of sometimes just refueling their craft and leaving again, but on the other side come as maydays, not being picked up along the other contracts. Thats it for today, sure i forgot something.
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