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  1. Hey @benjee10, I’m sure you’ve been asked this before, but I haven’t seen it on this thread if so and I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least ask. Is there any chance of you making any of the shuttle related stuff from the awesome Boldly Going alternate timeline that just wrapped up today, like the LRBs, Shuttle-C, and Shuttle-II? (Once they release the renders) Link if anyone is interested
  2. As far as I can tell, both the LSAM and Jamestown are actually overpowered. Both use 4x LMDEs. I don’t know about the fuel/delta-v situation on the LSAM (those must be fuel tanks that make the upper module bulkier, right?), but I believe it was mentioned Jamestown was a shortened Skylab-based wetlab, so it should have had plenty of DV
  3. So is this confirmation IPP parts/hardware are being worked on for the update too? Because IPP is my favorite engineering project design like ever
  4. it’s coming!!! Any plans on all the parts you’ll include? Full Integrated Program Plan or just focused on some of the more basic proposals?
  5. Is there any way there could be a RSS scaled version of these pads? I'd love to add them to my Katniss Space Center
  6. Any chance on some of the ETS Europa-derived rockets in the next update @Beale?
  7. Any chance theres anywhere to download the custom parts if this is still alive?
  8. Is this/will it be sized for JNSQ, or just stock solar system? Most of the BDB-alike mods are sized to JNSQ
  9. The year is 1966. Something has changed. One single man decided not to get drunk. The name of this man is unknown, but after an uncharacteristically good night's sleep, he drove to the hospital he has been assigned to. Today is different however. The operation room is guarded by 4 armed KGB agents, and army officers can be seen roaming around. His patient today he only knows as the Chief Designer. The operation goes well, and the Chief Designer begins his lengthy recovery from the removal of tumors and repair of his large intestine. While he is recovering, he tells his doctor that his rea
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