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  1. Are the 32k or 16k textures still around? For some reason my computer really isn't happy with the 64k recently
  2. S-ID I'm pretty sure you did, that was a fun stream though. Does this confirm you're going to at least do the Marshall MEM? If you all are looking for another one to do as well, I always thought the biconic/aerodynamic design was awesome. It was cancelled after Mariner IV atmospheric data was received, but considering the Lockheed MADV concept is essentially the exact same I think it still could have worked
  3. Any chance we could get a shorter version of the expanded multi body fairings? They’re sorta ridiculous with payloads shorter than the S-IVB. Also, the 6.25m to 2.5m one is sooo overly long, if you’re recreating the 1.5 stage S-IVD with a capsule on top
  4. For me, the biggest thing I want is alternate Saturn/Apollo style payloads. I have all the launchers I need, but I really want some fuel depots, space stations, landers, transfer vehicles etc to launch, even if they aren’t from 100% fleshed out studies (for example, an IPP-style common station module and tug would be great as well as maybe some fictional station or transfer vehicle pieces)
  5. I have a QoL-type request: a 6.whatever meter to 2.5 meter adapter. IIRC there was a proposal to use the S-ID as a 1 and a half stage rocket launching just a CSM on top Also while I’m at it, switchable variants for the AARDV to carry a big inventory, or monoprop, or fuel would be awesome
  6. Played around a little with the engines, made an LV inspired by some original shuttle proposals with flyback first stages. Presenting the Rockwell Model 4200/5200, propelled by either 4 or 5 SSME-35s at launch
  7. Saturn MLV V-42-4(L)-B sits on the pad (I use my own MLV designations to make it a little simpler: The V refers to Saturn V derived, the 42 refers to 4th generation, 2 stages, the second 4(L) refers to 4 liquid boosters, and the B refers to to the second available size of boosters (two engines each). Stage one and boosters are powered by a total of 13 F-1B engines, and the second stage is powered by 5 J-2A-2 hydrolox engines Payload can be further expanded by adding an MS-IVB third stage and adding an additional 2 J-2A-2s to the MS-II. This 2-stage variant is intended to launch ultra heavy payloads to LEO or self propelled payloads directly to the moon.
  8. What's the current plan look like for what ahistorical stuff you want to work on first? Are you thinking you want to redo the ETS parts or move into new stuff like MLV and NERVA? Or is there some surprises in store?
  9. It broke every solar panel in the game for me, including modded solar panels (I was careful about what I was doing with them, I'm ~80% sure it was the Saturn somehow, I didn't have this issue when I was just using the Skylab the other day)
  10. Hate to ask @benjee10, but how’s Buran coming along? You’re new art style is really, really great and I cannot wait to see my favorite spacecraft replicated in your amazing work
  11. Question for all of you, and sorry if this has been answered before, I didn’t see it if it was. Do you plan on updating to 1.12.1 soon so that from that point on the only updates you need to make are the ones you want to?
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