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  1. Think those will be in-game soon? Blue Streak looks great!
  2. I know it’s gonna be a while until you hit Apollo again, but here’s a great wealth of information and plans for the follow on to Apollo including the Integrated Program Plan, Nuclear Shuttles, and Mars missions
  3. Hey @CobaltWolf, I'm sure you've been asked this plenty but I was just thinking of it as I was making some weird Saturn derivatives. Do you ever intend to add more MLV hardware, like the M-1, or NERVA, or the MEM? Maybe even stuff like the Stage and a half Saturn V or para-wing S-IC? I'd love to go full von Braun with nuclear Saturn Vs on a direct ascent mission to Mars.
  4. Doesn't it reposition everything and change the kerbol system? I'd rather have just a straight 2.5x rescale of the stock system but if that's all that works I'll take it
  5. Any chance we could at some point get an A-10 to launch it to orbit? Or maybe wings and a cockpit to make an A-9? This is by far the best KSP V-2 I've ever seen
  6. It’s really hard to place them at the same height, if it’s even slightly off a sharp bump will rip up a plane
  7. I had no idea these sites existed. Thanks though
  8. Is it just me, or is the KSP website down? I went to check and my browser says the site is down, while every other site I go on is working
  9. Sounds good to me. This is one of the mods I keep coming back to, and new content is always another reason to jump back in. For Boca Chica, are you talking about the linked KK mod by @Omega482? Or is there something else I didn't see? I love these KK mods, mainly because building my own KSC is really fun
  10. Any planned release date? Or do you want to just wait and finish some more models then release a huge pack at once, which would still be cool
  11. Quick request, mainly because i love your art style and want to see it on other rockets. Could you maybe do an Angara/Soyuz 5 and some of the Long March series when you finish the SpaceX IVAs? As much as i love SpaceX, i think you've hit just about everything by now and there is no such thing as too many rockets
  12. I'm sure someone has recently asked this, but any ipdates planned soon for 1.3? Does this still work correctly with 1.3?
  13. Sorry, haven't been active the pst few days. I'll do this sometime tomorrow. Probably going to launch some kind of Docking mechanism that docks to the asteroid
  14. Hey, it's been a second! @Kartoffelkuchen, I know about all the issues with the ULA pack, but in the meantime, is there anyway you could redo the old Minotaur IV/V and the other rockets for 1.3? I really don't want to be attacking you with questions but I want to see this mod continue on
  15. Turn Complete! I added a large fuel module with just LF, designed for nuclear tugs. It has 2 medium and two large ports at the back. I would suggest another node be launched soon, there isn't too many left (only 2 or 3)
  16. I'd like to enter into this. Give me an hour and some space tape and you'll have another competitor