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  1. Could you make a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette? That would be awesome considering that is the one that the Mercury 7 were given and I would love to do a Kerbal Drag Race under a rocket just like 'ol Al.!/search?q=3d%20file%20corvette%20c6 (It's the second model on the top)
  2. Hey @Kartoffelkuchen do you have a Dropbox link to this? I would love to mess around more with this mod
  3. It doesn't work with stock either, as far as I can tell the UI was not properly recoded after KSP 1.1 I was going to try to make a separate instance for stock by placing more pads near KSC
  4. @AlphaAsh I have a bug in 1.1.2 where the interface does not work. As in, I am not able to click the lethal konstrucks button in the bar or open the control-k page. I am using the now supported KSP x64. Does anyone else have this problem? (Windows 10) Alright I think I might have the problem: it says it is looking in a combined folder of the save and the data folders for the KK.cfg, which is missing. Also, it is not auto-writing the cfg. There is no KK.cfg anywhere on my computer, I did a hard search. Also, I have heard that many people have this problem and there has been no response to our big reports. A "working on it" would be fine
  5. @DECQ Any chance of a Soyuz-5/Feniks in the future? I like it's design quite a lot.
  6. YF-100. Basically all next-gen Chinese rockets have it.
  7. Any chance of a BEAM/BEAM Airlock? Also, is it 1.1 compatible at all?
  8. I absolutely love this mod. It is basically a must have for realism overhaul. And I love the PSLV and Carrack rockets in this. Thanks so much for making this mod happen!!
  9. So, is there any Dev release? Also, is the 1.0.5 version still work in 1.1.2? Sorryif this has already been stated
  10. I'm sorry if I missed it, but is there a Ranger Probe, Blocks 1-3?
  11. Ok sorry, I didn't mean to self-advertise or anything, just asking if anyone had any opinions on whether or not that would be a good idea to do.
  12. I thinking of making a spin off of this mod called "Spacecraft Pack" with satellites and capsules and such. I'll probably make it a community project based on my general inexpirence of modding. Would anyone be interested in contributing to it?
  13. I know, but looking at how fast they do crazy stuff, I'm just saying it's possible. If they did it, they would just bring a ESA guy, a JAXA guy, a Russian guy, and a NASA guy all on on the mission for free, knowing Elon Speaking of cost, I think the expected cost is around $200 million ($135 for FH, $30 million for the V2 lander varient, and the rest for FAA and FAI licensing stuff, as well as development and ground costs) Is that coming out of Elon's pocket?
  14. Hopefully, the first test Red Dragon will fly during the 2018 window, and possibly a scientific lander as well as a manned Dragon 1/Dragon 2 complex doing a flyby.
  15. 2 hours ago SpaceX announced on their Twitter page that they are launching the first Red Dragon to Mars (to land) by 2018. According to Elon Musk's previous tweets, they expect Europa landings to follow, and other extra planetary landings in general. Falcon Heavy is also the confired lifter. More information will follow during the Mexico space conference this September.
  16. In the OP. Also, because of my clumsiness I lost it again. Time to start from scratch... So, anyone have the Atlas Main tank textures?
  17. I looked at the code, almost everything is still good. There is a missing line of code somewhere for all of them (I counted all the lines) so I'll find it later. Other than that, just a few bugs here and there. Omich-L looks almost perfect Does anyone have the straight textures for the atlas main tank? I can't get them with my stupid Windows 8 but I need them.... For something... EDIT: Omich-L is running. Just tweaked it's temperature values
  18. Does anyone still have the file? I did a full PC search and don't have it