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  1. It does. Lets see if I can figure out how to revive it.... Oh... Um.... Release is KerbalStuff, which I forgot is no more
  2. Actually, I use your mod a lot I gave up on realistic stuff awhile ago because I was done with all of the RO bugs and those mods only worked in RO, so I'm back to stockalike. I would love to have a OMSKish update for your mod!
  3. Is there still a 1.0.5 download? The 1.1 UI is not compatible at all with 1.0.5
  4. Tris did you get the White Sands blend file I sent you about 2 weeks ago? I'm also working on a Mojave Air and Space Port
  5. True enough. Your logic checks out. Also, how's Delta IV goin? We still have a Delta IX to make!!
  6. Can we have a download for Atlas and Delta II and Minotaur? Plz, I want to play with them
  7. Eventuay, could there be a pack with the engines only? The only thing I use in FASA is the engines, and I don't really want to spend 8 minutes downlading a huge pack when I'm only going to use 10 parts. I will if I must, though
  8. As a famous pilot once said, "YAAHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Happy to hear your back Triston!
  9. One very short request: Angara? I pretty much fell in love with the Angara series. The modularity of it is really cool. Although I would ask for the whole conceived series, including A-5V and A-7. Just a request :-)
  10. Does this work in sandbox mode or just career? I downloaded the RO version and went into a RO sandbox and it didn't work. Any thoughts on it?
  11. Last I checked, including "integration" fees, a secondary payload could be up to $200,000
  12. Yay! I can't wait to play it later! Eventualy, I could do stock configs, but it'll take a few months because of real life. I'll probably just do it, actually.
  13. Quick vote for the launch: the Electron. It's a SmallSat launcher that can carry 20 to 30 something NanoSats (1U). It's test launch(s) are in about a month or so. They have commercial launches starting this year. The best part, a 1U sat is only $77K for 2017 or later. Here's a link:
  14. True enough I understand modder stress too, especially since I tried to make a few mods. Oh well, time to pull up Gimp.
  15. Do we have an ETA on the next update? I really want to use some new mods in RO.
  16. If you access to FASA parts, can you use the Agena to make Thor-Agena? The only thing you would have to make is an adapter.
  17. First of all, great mod!! I love having all of these US rockets, because Merica. I also have a request. Could you make a version of the textures that isn't as stockalike? For me the textures way way too cartoony, but I don't want them to look like real rockets too. Could you try to find a medium to it?
  18. This is simply amazing. Less then 2 days after KerbalStuff shut down, we're already working (finishing?) up a replacement. KSP community is the best.