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  1. Cool, better do it right and slow than make it bad and fast.
  2. That would be pretty cool. The original Atlas' are my favorite. All the way up to Atlas II, when it became nothing but a missile fueled with politics.
  3. Kart, when Delta IV comes out (btw time???? ) can you make the delta IV Small/light? It's a single CBC with a Delta K on top, with Delta II fairings. It also has an optional Star 48. It's derivative, the Delta IV Medium++ would be cool too, it was a D4 Heavy with a Delta K instead of a DCSS. It was cancelled because it had like a 4.5 TWR but it would still be cool.
  4. Hurra! Any Juno mod is a good mod! Now we just need a Thor-able, eh?? Could you please add some atlas variants plz? FASA only has D and Agena C, but there is so many other cool Atlas launchers
  5. PLEASEEEEEEEEE Do an M-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M-1 was simply awesome! Almost same thrust as the F-1 but HOL/LH2 powerewd
  6. Is @Kartoffelkuchen's launchers pack, specifically the SpaceX pack supported?
  7. Nice!! I have some really cool pictures too. Meet the Jupiter Family The new forums don't like me
  8. I have nothing else to do, might as well make a SpaceX LC-39A. Also, probably some SpaceX hangers.
  9. The curse page is probably pending. I'll iplosd images #soon. Link now working Had to fix folder problem, give it an hour or so.
  10. Ever felt like you needed bigger SRBs? Smaller engines? Smaller Fairings? Than this is the mod for you! Current parts: RT-100 "Vega" SRB-2.5m SRB with A little over BACC performance. Named in honor of the ESA Vega LV. Curse Download: Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  11. UPDATE v0.5: -KSP version 1.0.5 compadability -Engine bug fixed???
  12. How's that going Tris? Do you have it in game yet? I might have found one of the bugs for the engines. It appears it shares the .90 LV-T45 exhaust textures, which no longer exist in the game. I'm going to upgrade it to KS-25 exhaust. And that other bug, no idea.
  13. NEED A TAIYANG SHEN???? Delta IX coming soon!
  14. Is there a scheduled 1.0.5 release of the rockets we had previously? I'm just getting into RSS so these would be awesome.
  15. Originally, this was going to have sciene. There was an USAF project called THOR (UN codename: "Rods From the Gods") to blow up Moscow without an explosive. But oh well. A new weapon I just thought of... Transporto-Ray Use a Trnasporter/Teleporter, because we can. Just skip that we can't do that yet... So, you, say, transport a planet. It would go into a higher dimension for a few moments. How long, we don't know. Then, it would come out. But what if we only let a chunk come out? You could split a planet in two, and the resulting destruction would cause the planet to rip itself apart.
  16. Looks like a delta II with CBCs I'll post my Cassiopeia family in a few hours
  17. There have been many threads trying to share RSS/RO crafts, but most are either hilariously outdated or just dead. So, I decided to create this thread to make some rockets that do everything, from lifting a Dontstayputnuk, to lifting 1000 tons to Lunar Orbit. I'll be putting in some of my lifters too. RSS rockets only please, no stock airplanes or anything like that. Feel free to post anything that can launch something from Earth to Orbit!!
  18. Weird. Oh well. One little question, how do I attach the Buran-T container to the stack? I can't ever get it to work. But otherwise, amazing mod.
  19. Welcome people of the inter-webs! Do you rule a galaxy? Have pesky rebels that try to stop you from flexing your muscles? Than does Major Leauge Industries Domination Department have the thing for you!! We have a catalog full of weapons designed to strike fear into the hearts of enemies! And all of them are scientifically legit! Meet our weapons! Turbo Laser A gigantic cannon capable of destroying some planets! A really big laser. The death star. What am I doing. Rail Gun "Thor" Launches a very heavy object at a planet at extremely high speeds. Imagine a super dense pole about the height of the Eiffel Tower. Now imagine that impacting a planet at Mach 40. Yeah, a lot of destruction. More soon! Add suggestions!
  20. And Europa has approximately 3x more water than Earth. Would solve most of these world problems. Of course, won't be there for at least 70 years. The only way to get a Mars mission sped up is to have the Chinese declare it their goal and push towards it like crazy. Speaking of Chinese and goals, anyone else hear that the first Long March 5 is over half-way done? They expect 2 years until a manned lunar fly-by (2018)
  21. Essentially, yes. Of course, we can't build one yet. But we know black holes exist. A wormhole is basically 2 quantumly entangled black hole singularities with opposite polarities. Quick thought pitch: say the turbo laser, as it's called in the movie, is actually a rail gun. How much mass would be required to destroy a planet, explosively? I saw a US Navy expirement with a 80 pound projectile going Mach 7 smash into a 10 foot thick block of metal WITH NO EXPLOSIVE and make a giant explosion.
  22. Simple answer:Yes Complicated answer: One way to do it is to, say, open a wormhole at the center of a star. Since we basically know wormholes are possible, just use one of those. Transport all of that nuclear fusion goodness to a gigantic capacitor about the size of Russia. Now say you had 8 of these, as in one for each of the small beams that meet up, like in this picture. If you squeezed all of that juice into a laser approximately a mile across, and have each laser meet at a point, followed immediately by an even MORE powerful center laser, disturbing the previous balance from when the lasers met, you would have one of the most energy intensive events ever recorded in the history of the universe.