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  1. No ThunderBolt is still under dev work, I think they said they're doing a Kodiak sun-orbital test late 2016. (Hate New Years!! So confusing!!)
  2. Some people don't I have friends in Germany and Russia who had no idea who they were. And yes, they have the XS-1. I would know, I know an engineer.
  3. @DEC Can we get an Energia-M in the next update? Also, by "Buran-T" do you mean the Energia-Uragan? I looked it up and it looked like it. I'd like to see a fly back Energia Also what happened to the SMERCH and Blok DM? I'm a big fan of space tugs like that, I'd love to have them back. Let me guess: cfg issues?
  4. Except from having a base where no one can reach, no spy satellites fly, and you could do anything without another nation noticing. Actually, I didn't mean to say DoD. I meant to say DARPA if anyone knows what that is. Essentially to the US what Peenemundee was to the Germans. Making big scientific advances for "defense". (Seriously, they have a SSTO under construction)
  5. My vote is for a China-US-Euro co-op. Of course 99.99999999% chance of not happening, but would be great. I think a UN space agency is possible though. Also, my list of chances to go to Mars by 2040: Nasa: 1 in 3 DoD: 0.75 in 2 Eueropean Union: 1 in 10 SpaceX: 1 in 7(?) China: 1 in 4 (<---probably going to land) Russia: 1 in 100 Mars One: Zero Chance Apple/Disney: 1 in 20(lol, if they spent their money) Edit: I wish so freaking bad Russia had a chance.
  6. Hey liquid! It's been a while! Good luck on Vulcan, they seem to change the paint job every couple of weeks! (Also, maybe add in the SMART reuse? I'd love to test it against RTLS)
  7. I think that's a 1.1, you can tell because the octaweb is much more circular than the rectangular-shaped 1.0 octaweb
  8. I think SES-9 and later has bigger panels. It also has higher GB/s dishes. Besides that, no idea on the difference. Also, does anyone have any idea what Thaicom looks like?
  9. Pretty much just a looooooooooooooot bigger. If you could make that and export the link to me through a pm that would work
  10. Is there a major difference from SES-9? I can see a slight difference, but not much. Also, I need you to help me with making solar panels and texturing. Maybe later
  11. Hey kart, could you add in the SES fairings too? They look like it's SES-x in big blue letters. X-for variable number. As in, 8,9,10.
  12. It's been on a break since October, is that extended? I should have a new rocket done by Feb anyways, maybe I'll just leave this be for a bit and come back in a few weeks.
  13. Hey guys. got some bad news. Due to lack of time and interest for this mod, I'm going to abandon it here. There were so many unsolved bugs thathave been around for months it just got annoying. If someone wants to take over please send me a pm. I will be trying to make one or two new mods to get back into modding. Thanks guys. Major Leauge
  14. I have no idea what happened to him. Well, time to stop making pointless 50k tris models and start texturing. "totally" random question, how do i giver certain mod makers rep?
  15. Oi!! Beautiful!! Question, will it take like 5 hours going at 20 m/s to get to the landing site? Also, could you make a kerbal konstructs RTLS pad? I could make it if you don't want to
  16. If you know where Jetty Park is, it's across the canal from there. Or there's a big observation tower even closer
  17. Yeah, look up SES-9. Giant solar panels for a small satellite.
  18. Kart this might be helpful to all you're SpaceX stuff, including your launchsites:
  19. Lol got bored and made a SES-9. Might use this as a test payload.
  20. Falcon 9, homework... Falcon 9, homework... Screw it, F9 here I come
  21. Aren't they also making a "It's not rocket science" down at Vandenburg? I'm pretty sure I heard something about it. Also, I'm going out to the RTF to gather some "data" on the RTLS. I know a place 1/2 mile from the landing pad. Should I post pictures guys?
  22. Sounds good, will have to dig up my old stock save. Been doing a lot of RSS lately. Maybe I should get back to stock