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  1. It's a bird... It's a Plane... It's a...? Banana Relay Station!! The latest design from 'Hungry Monkey Space Systems' will faithfully relay all of your communication needs to locations as far away as 1/2 way to the Mun! Includes everything you ever wanted in a relay station: - A total pain to launch and nearly impossible to maneuver! - Batteries with basically no capacity! - A single short range antenna! - Delicious and healthy styling! Mods Used: TweakScale
  2. Love me some Joe's Garage and ThingFish!

  3. Agreed, something more realistic would certainly be popular with the 'Hardcore' type of players. Maybe cut it down to 1/3 or 1/4 of the current dV? Reduce the power as well. I don't think you can change ISP directly (at least from looking at the code), but I'm pretty sure you'd be just fine limiting the power and then limiting the fuel. KerbalEVA KEVA; KEVA.linPower = *float* KEVA.rotPower = *float* KEVA.PropellantConsumption = *float* There is a 'Fuel' & 'FuelCapacity' but both are read only. So between tweaking those three values above, I'm sure you could find a happy balance.
  4. I would say this is very close, especially if you imagine (like I had originally) that Squad used a similar model to the RCS block's ISP in Vac of 240. You're correct Snark, that IS what I was trying to ask =) I'm going to agree with you that it doesn't change, just from eyeballing it on different bodies, atmosphere or not, it seems like it had the same relative effectiveness when you take local gravity into account. As for realistic EVA thruster performance, the original NASA MMU has an ISP of 60 and uses N2. dV with 0lbs of Cargo is about 42m/s and dV with 500lbs of Cargo is about 23m/s. I'm thinking that a 'Realistic EVA Thruster Performance' Mod wouldn't be very much fun lol
  5. Does anyone know if the EVA Pack assumes a constant Isp? I've been looking at the manual for the NASA MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit) and it assumes a constant Isp, wondering if this is the same case in KSP... Thanks!
  6. Hmmm I like this idea too... I've always wanted more choices than what is currently presented. I'll look into this and see what I can come up with. I'll keep you guys updated :-)
  7. Yeah that's probably why... Unfortunately supporting 64-bit KSP isn't going to be a possibility (for the time being at least). Sorry =/
  8. Fixed =) Thanks for the heads up Tarrence12 - new version is 0.4.1
  9. Exactly right! Good memory... I'm doing pretty much the same thing: private void OnGUIApplicationLauncherReady () { if (EVAOK_MSC_ToolbarButton == null) { EVAOK_MSC_ToolbarButton = ApplicationLauncher.Instance.AddModApplication ( EVAOK_MSC_GUISwitch, EVAOK_MSC_GUISwitch, null, null, null, null, ApplicationLauncher.AppScenes.SPACECENTER, EVAOK_MSC_Button ); } } My question was this, the last two 'null' values refer to RUIToggleButton.onEnable and RUIToggleButton.onDisable respectively. I don't think I've ever seen them used, but I was wondering what they are for... I'm guessing they get called when the Toolbar Button is enabled/disabled. You could refer to a method in there instead of listening for the GameEvent when the button is disabled right? I know they would end up with the same conclusion, but it might be a cleaner way to do it? Just curious...
  10. Diazo another question for you... Within ApplicationLauncher.Instance.AddModApplication(), you have RUIToggleButton.onEnable and .onDisable Can you use these two delegates (or fields?) to trigger removing the Toolbar Button? Or is this basically just going to do the same thing as what I'm already doing by calling an OnDisable () Method? Thanks
  11. Hey djnattyd, Thanks for trying TIM. I'm working on updates for a couple pluggins right now, and TIM is next on my list. Seeing as I can't seem to get the issues others are having to reproduce reliably on my setup, would you maybe be interested in testing out new versions for me once I get them up and running? PM me if you (or anyone else) is interested in doing this for me. Thanks!
  12. Okay, that makes sense... Good info to keep in mind. Thanks Again =)
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