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  1. 21 minutes ago, biohazard15 said:

    This is probably where we should draw a border between "realistic but still fun" and "so realistic is stops to be fun".

    Old Gemini was the first - not quite realistic, but still a fun and useful little ship. Moreover, it was nicely placed between Mercury (a simple, LEO-and-back ship) and Apollo (advanced thing for Moon missions and possibly beyond) in terms of thrust, dV etc.

    New Gemini is basically an Advanced, 2-man Mercury. I agree that it's realistic. Problem is, it's TOO realistic to be FUN. Technically, it can do all the things the old one could do... if you don't mind to waaaAAAAAAit.

    Please, for the love of God, include an optional "non-realistic" config for OMS engines.

    I find that the new Gemini is perfectly fine for most LKO ops. You can always just add more thrusters on if you need to, or even edit the config yourself. The fact is that in real life, Gemini was basically an advanced, two man Mercury. It was literally called "Mercury Mark II" early in development. 

  2. All games have restrictive-sounding EULA. I've been seeing "Stock sold out, goodbye" since at least 1.0... Squad gives us anything and we get angry. Not to say I support the EULA (I don't) or love the new parts (Bluedog Design Bureau is better) but it's not worth worrying about.

  3. 4 minutes ago, T-10a said:

    And that's a bad thing because...? :P

    (will probs start a BDB/Taerobee/Cormorant/Habtech-themed career soon(tm) as something to do while messing with SSTU configs)

    Everything I do at this point is some mix of ProbesPlus, BDB, and SSTU. Probes are usually ProbesPlus and BDB, manned is usually BDB, and launchers are BDB and SSTU. (SSTU because it lets me tweak the settings and make gigantic Whackjobian monstrosities. I'm not sure why you'd need 2,500t in LKO, but I can do it :P)

  4. I haven't used a stock part since 3 career saves ago.

    Help me.


    PS Mike089, you're going to love this mod. There's alt-history Apollo parts (solar panels, unmanned resupplies, interplanetary flyby), Skylab, Apollo subsatellite, and if you get KIS/KAS and the SurfaceExperimentPackage mod then you can even use the ALSEP. 

  5. Prologue

    Since time immemorial, Kerbals have reached for the stars. Sometimes they have failed, sometimes they have succeeded. But every time, they have tried. From the earliest flights on the original line of Goddard rockets in 0.90 (which definitely could not fly whatsoever in the new aero) there have been failures as well as successes. But Kerbals themselves have never ventured beyond Minmus - never ventured into the inky black void.


    But that will all change soon.


    *DISCLAIMER - I did send a manned flight to Duna in 0.90, but it looked horrendous and I used MJ for pretty much all of it.

  6. Year 0, Day 0.

    ~A New Beginning~

    Ever since 1.0, no Kerbal has dared step beyond the bounds of Kerbin's SOI. But today, we begin the first steps to change this. How may you ask? With the launch of a brand new rocket - the Goddard III.


  7. We choose to go to Laythe, and do the other things, not because it is easy, but because it is FUN!

    The Kerbal Expeditions is a stock alike, sandbox save (currently planned for a total of 29 missions, including epilogue mission) in which I will visit Duna, Laythe, Jool, Ike, Eve, and Gilly for the first time post-1.0. Kerbals will land and return from Duna, Laythe, Ike, and Gilly. This plan will stretch my KSP skills to their limits and back as I strive to make good-looking interplanetary ships - and I hope we both have fun doing it. :D

    (reason why it's not career - i have troubles with Bluedog Design Bureau and their SRBs and adapters I just can't live without anymore.)

    MOD LIST (off the top of my head, at least the mods that I plan to use)

    • Bluedog Design Bureau
    • Tantares (for some station parts?)
    • Procedural Parts
    • ProbesPlus
    • Trajectories!
    • Kerbal Engineer
    • Kerbal Alarm Clock

    Table of Contents;

    1. A New Beginning - Page 1 (doesn't count as mission)
  8. Have you landed on the Mun yet?

    If you have not, by ALL MEANS land on the Mun first.

    Laythe is a late-game goal, and building a sizable base anywhere is also definitely a late-game goal. Building a base on Laythe requires a lot.

    You need more than just a lifter for a newbie to make a base on Laythe; you need piloting knowledge, docking knowledge, and knowledge of the orbital mechanics of Jool and its moons.

    Land on the Mun first, explore the Kerbin system. Send a probe to Jool, visit Laythe, send a manned program to perhaps Duna, and then you'll have enough knowledge for Laythe.

    You know, our real exploration of space didn't start with a probe landing on Europa :rolleyes:

    Fly safe! :wink:

  9. NOTE; There are some mods that aren't dead, they just update slowly. Look at NovaPunch. No release since last May and it's not dead yet according to Tiberion.

    Also note that even though KW is inactive there's already community patches getting it up to speed; same thing for lots of smaller mods, too! Research before saying that it's dead and that no one's working on it.


  10. Put 3 kerbals on the Mun for the first time in 1.1.

    It was a more exciting mission than usual, mostly because I just barely had enough fuel to do it;  only about 10 units left. Strange, because as I built my rocket, I actually thought I overengineered. Ah well. Maybe it's because the last time I went to the Mun I used the two kerbal lander can and not the three kerbal capsule.

  11. First off, it might be a good idea to update to the newest version, 1.1, which came out recently.

    Second off, this doesn't seem very important; if you're doing a challenge that requires exact times, perhaps you should try reinstalling the game?


  12. 36 minutes ago, N_Molson said:

    Currently I'd say that KSP considers that anything in a "cylinder" beyond the heatshield is protected.

    In reality, it depends on the spacecraft shape, indeed. Maybe those results about an ESA conducted experiment with a conical-shaped body can enlight you a bit :


    Figure 8. Temperature distributions around the ESA ARD at an altitude of 85 km (x-y plane). (a) Translational temperature; (b) vibrational temperature.


    Eh, I wouldn't say so.


    I ran an experiment in KSP where I had two thermometers, one right next to the heat shield and another one some distance removed from it like this;



    With the < being the heat shield, the 1 being the first thermometer, and the 2 being the second one. I attached them with a structural element.

    It turns out that 2 got significantly and measurably hotter during the early, intense stages of reentry.

    They both became somewhat equal near the end, I would assume due to convection from the heat shield and probe core on the first thermometer.

  13. I'm pretty sure this is near impossible using only stock parts.


    Extreme is probably harder than a single launch Grand Tour (with returns from every planet, including eve) and assuming we're only using stock parts, Pros is probably impossible with most computers available today due to the sheer size of the rocket. Heck, I don't know if Venus return is even achievable with stock part.


    Oh, and you have to attempt your challenge first. Go. I dare you. Do it.

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