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  1. Bad news guys, Since the KSP 15.2 update, the MuMechLib plugin in combination with the tiltrotor part are causing an incredible amount of lag to the point where the game isn\'t playable. If I remove MuMechLib from the plugin folder, the lag problem is fixed but the tilting engine obviously won\'t work. I liked this plugin because it allowed the player to precisely adjust the tilt of the engines instead of simply toggling between 2 set positions, but I guess we\'ll have to find another mechanism. sorry for the delay once again.
  2. Hi volki, I\'m glad you like the shuttle, but unfortunately I\'ve been facing a major problem. Basically, the wobblyness of the part is making the shuttle pretty much unflyable, and I\'m not sure how I can fix this. I\'ve tried various configurations of the cfg files but without success. I guess I could release it in it\'s current state but i\'m very reluctant to do so, since people wouldn\'t get much fun out of it. If anyone has a solution to this problem, it would be much appreciated if you could share your knowledge.
  3. I\'ve been very busy lately so i haven\'t had much time to try out 0.15 or work on the shuttle, but i\'ll try my best to get this thing out as soon as possible.
  4. At the moment yes. The part named cargo bay is simply the rear of the main body, but i\'ll try to figure out a way to make an interiror with a working door later on. In other news: The part balancing is currently on hold, since testing a stable VTOL can be bit tricky and unreliable when launching from the launchpad (the shuttle is not designed to launch in a vertical position). but everything should go much faster when 0.15 is released.
  5. I\'ve been playing around with the mass,drag,etc of some parts and i\'m getting closer to a balanced craft. I figured with such an engine configuration, the center of mass would have to be way back. e.g.:the parts at the front would be a lot lighter than the main engines. Update: I can now get off the launch pad relatively smoothly. but still need some tweaking.
  6. I agree. My texturing isn\'t so great, but I had plans to improve the textures later on. When the thing is at least flyable
  7. Even though people might have mixed feelings on the story-telling of this movie, I think the spacecrafts featured in James Cameron\'s Avatar are pretty awesome and realistic to a certain point. The Valkyrie shuttle is a single stage to orbit space shuttle. I don\'t plan on making it overpowered though. This is my first mod so don\'t be too harsh on me ;P The shuttle has 4 fully working tilting air breathing engines for takeoff and landing as well as 2 main engines. You will need the MuMechLib plugin by r4mon. This mod also features a modded version of the tiltrotor and the turbine from the dam
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