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  1. Hey Angel, Took a break from KSP for a bit and just fired it up for the first time to try out PF 0.97. It seems that the Terrain scanner is still a bit buggered up. If used on a launch vehicle, as soon as the vehicle hits 700 meters altitude after a kerbin launch, the player loses control of the craft. I am testing using remote tech, but I did numerous tests with local (astronaut) control and remote tech control no kerbal. Whenever the Terrain module was included on the vehicle, I would lose control at 700 meters. Please see the following test craft files to confirm the tests.. Stock KSP with latest pathfinder and Remote tech needed for craft files. JB
  2. Hey Angel, I did a bit more testing with "Terrain". Remember, I am using Remote Tech, so the first test I did I decided to take remote tech out of the equation by using a Kerbal in a pod as the command vehicle for the terrain scanner. Took the vehicle up to 250km orbit above Kerbin and the orbital scan worked fine. Next, I wanted to put remote tech back into the equation, So I modified the payload (Terrain Scanner) and made it into a probe (No kerbal, replaced pod with probe core and antenna for remote tech) and took it up to another Kerbin 250km polar orbit and the terrain scanner would not start an orbital scan. My conclusion is that there is something funky going on between the scanner and remote tech, since as soon as the scanner became dependent on using remote tech, it became buggered. We know it's working fine with Scan Sat, because it worked fine with the Kerbal in the pod under local control. Lemme know if you need me to run more tests, or maybe you can give it a try with remote tech.
  3. Thanks Reventon, I think I'll wait on using this Mod until either the mem footprint comes down or we migrate to Unity5 with version 1.1 and have a release 64bit version. As cool as this Mod is, I'm not going to spend hours tweaking KSP when I could be playing.. Thanks again.
  4. Hey Kart.. I did a bit more work trying to stop the CTD while running your launchers pack.. I tried reinstalling KSP and all the MODS one at a time. When I got to the launcher pack, I noticed that Mem load went way up to 3.5gigs and crashes when KSP gets to 3.6-3.8 only when exiting back to the space center and reverting flight. Without the launchers pack app mem usage is 2.8 - 3.0 gigs. So your mod adds anywhere from 0.5 -0.7 gigs. Is there any way I can trim it down?
  5. Hey Kart, I'm still having issues unfortunately.. Still digging.
  6. Thanks.. And FYI, during the exit to Space center from a flight session, KSP's Mem reaches 3.7 and crashes to desktop. I'm going to get rid of EVE and see if that helps..
  7. Let me give that a try and I'll get back to you... By the way, what does the "Aerohider.dll" do? Is that something I can afford to be without?
  8. Wait... Correct me if I am wrong, but since KSP is a 32 bit app, it itself is limited to 4gogs of memory, right? So If I see the app in task manager exceed or reach 4gigs, then that's the problem, right?
  9. Thanks for the reply. Would I be running out of Vram or physical system memory? I have only tried the Craft files included. It seems to only happen when I use the Falcon 9... I haven't tried building a falcon 9 from scratch yet. System specs. I5 8 gigs system ram GTX 9700 Thanks
  10. Hey Kart, Awesome Addon and thank you for the time. Unfortunately for me, after I installed the launcher pack, my game is crashing. Mostly when recovering the craft from a flight session or going back to the space center out of flying the launchers. This does not happen when I am not using the included craft files. The crashes have generated a good amount of log files and I am including them here to hopefully find a solution as I don't have a clue what I am looking at in the log files.. Can you help? Latest Crash Logs Thanks
  11. I just tried sending up another "Terrain Survey Scanner". It still wouldn't run an orbital survey and after a few tries, it started crashing KSP.. I know it was the Pathfinder part that was causing the crash, because as soon as I removed it from the game, it became stable again..