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  1. Hear, hear! Beautifully said @purpleivan. Thanks for sharing your accomplishments too . When we play KSP , we could be just 'playing a game'. Or we could be little creative gods, crafting what Tolkien called, 'secondary worlds'. KSP is that secondary world to me too.
  2. Nice! Thank you @Blaarkies for maintaining this and adding new features I've been using it regularly. It's so handy If you want more feedback, I have (a big) one: a way to save a planner state would be immensely handy using the tool through time. For folks like me with a more complex relay network, every time I use it I have to enter the basic set-up universe/save game info before getting down to what I'm trying to test. Eg change Kerbin to Tracking station 3, add standard LKO relay (various antennas), add Outer Kerbal relay sat (various antennas) etc. THEN add the thing I want to test. Just an idea. Cheers!
  3. Thanks so much @linuxgurugamer for keeping this alive. I’m currently having a ball with Heisenberg’s Airship mod with air park enabled, building a land-tower-, airship- and ship- based relay network across Kerbin’s surface.
  4. @Blaarkies Loving the tool, mate. Big Remote Tech fan back on KSP ~1.1 on my Career #1. but finally wanted to test out the stock CommNet. Was always scared off, seemed too hard to model / test things (/couldn't be bothered doing maths) so had it switched off for my Career #2 save. Now giving it a go with your tool's help. Thanks for developing it. Enjoy a coffee and keep up the good work. Yep, I would probably use the dV addition to your planner. Good idea. A qn. if you please: What does clicking Signal Check do? I don't detect anything.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I'm trying to get KS3P working in late versions too. What were your steps @OnlyLightMatters in getting from the GIT repo files to it working? I had a look at that GIT page but all the files and folders different than what's in the older KS3P Game Folder directory (eg which ckan installed). Eg c1usta's files are all *.cs". Are there extra steps involved in compiling them or something? - - - - - - Ok, found it here in case anyone else needs it: https://github.com/c1usta/KS3P/releases Sorry for the bother
  6. Thanks for the funny story - comedy of errors So Kerbal. Classic. I’ve done similar for sure. Everyone probably has. Love that free astronaut! ps: never tried it, thought of it tho, then thought nup: kraken bait. Probly safer these days
  7. interesting vid, nice to meet the coders and hear a bit about their COVID experience. hype potential.
  8. No RCS docking?! On purpose?! Are you out of your mind?! Has the long exposure of Kerbol radiation addled your yellowish-green brain?! That’s worth no amount of money lol! Respect, though. Wow, that’s cheap.
  9. Thanks! Nice work, especially the SU-57 - very cool. I made an F-14 as well, isn't it fun to fly around with the swing-wings?
  10. I’ve only landed on the Mun, Minmus and Ike (so not ver informed) but I’ll say Kerbin due to the diversity of beautiful views, especially the mountains.
  11. Whilst the orange-suits enjoy a cruise on the MAS (Maverick Aviation Ship) Endurance, the boffins back at HQ release the latest and greatest... Behold! The second generation (terrestrial) aviation exploration ship... ...The MAS Perseverance! 50% longer (and "now with more fuel!") the new aircraft carrier is a tad easier to land on with the larger aircraft (and further reaching). After some brief shakedown cruises around KSC, some elite KSP crewfolk set sail for the first stopover on the inaugural cruise: at Valentina Island outpost. (Whilst the orange-suits have been away, the terrestrials have been busy, more details to come in a future post). Ultimate destination (marked below in orange) will enable plane stop overs for refueling, and a sort of base for further exploration. But along the way... Developing a marine variation of the Falcon, we began flight test with that and other aircraft. (below, Falcon fly-by of supply ship Constance) Visual mission summary so far: You can see some videos of various tests, successful and otherwise below. Fun!
  12. Cool! Thanks for the updates. Good to see KSP is still getting updates. I hadn't expected much more development with KSP2 announced. I too like lots of people on here have made an Arianne out of existing parts before. (my recentish attempt was when the Aussie satellite Sky Muster was launched). More options is always handy tho!
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