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  1. RangeMachine

    [1.4.3] Drop-in Replacement Textures v1.4.3.0

    To fix bump map spam add somethine like this: if (!material.HasProperty(Util.BUMPMAP_PROPERTY)) continue;
  2. RangeMachine

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.1 (28.4.2018)

    Yea no problem. Shader is old just make bundle with Unity 2017.1.3
  3. RangeMachine

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.1 (28.4.2018)

    Update for 1.4.0: Fixed visor shader and parachutes are placed on spine when switch EVA suit. Warning! This is not TextureReplacerReplaced, this is original mod update. Texture Replacer for 1.4.0
  4. RangeMachine

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.1 (28.4.2018)

    I don't maintain this mod. I just keep it updated for myself and share it with people and my friends. If you want add new features go to github and make your fork and make pull request. I am not playing KSP and logging to this forum once at month in best case.
  5. RangeMachine

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.1 (28.4.2018)

    TextureReplacer for 1.3.0 - Download
  6. RangeMachine

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.1 (28.4.2018)

    I'm here, i will make update soon.
  7. RangeMachine

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.1 (28.4.2018)

    About trasparency: check your alpha channel in texture. About artifacts: this is probably conflict with Scatterer.
  8. RangeMachine

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.1 (28.4.2018)

    Accepted pull request and recompiled project. https://github.com/RangeMachine/TextureReplacer/releases/tag/v2.5.4
  9. Hi Range Machine! I found my way to this site via another post from the 18th

    On 18.10.2016 at 3:11 PM, alexus said:

    TextureReplacer do`s not worl in ksp 1.2?

    It does if you use the Caretaker update @RangeMachine put together for us. :)


    Somehow I am unable to find the Caretaker Update mentioned above. Please can you help me? I love KSP but I usually play with Texture Replacer for I made my own suits and other stuff for the kerbals. :-)

    Thanks and greetings from Germany


  10. RangeMachine

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.1 (28.4.2018)

    I never looked inside kerbal mouth
  11. RangeMachine

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.1 (28.4.2018)

    If I right understand, water has same culling mask as local scenery (http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/API:Layers). @blackrack correct me if I'm not right. So if you want disable water reflections renderer you need to disable localscenery culling mask and you will not see anything in visor.
  12. RangeMachine

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.1 (28.4.2018)

    Normal Maps and Main Menu EVAvisor texture fixed. Download
  13. RangeMachine

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.1 (28.4.2018)

    I will look on it when I have time.