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  1. Mod API please at release, everything other not so important
  2. Yes, all formats except DDS loaded straight normally and DDS loaded upside down
  3. Hello! Earlier I created IVAs addon, and now I want to make something with MOARdV's Avionics Systems. I have bug I never expirienced before: I cant select whole object in scene view, it selects 1 mesh instead, and selecting objects from hierarchy window is not the way I want I switched over 10 versions of Unity and still have that problem. May be Unity ninjas can help me? Also attaching video: https://streamable.com/uboi9
  4. I know this is not related to Spectra, but may be someone knows who to fix this thing with sun? Happens only with d3d11/opengl, with stock and scatterer sunflares
  5. Yes, same problem. I firgured if you patch original SSME it works well: PART { name = CA_STME to @PART[SSME] { You will need to fix your crafts as well, but thats better then nothing Update: nevermind, still bugged. Update2: found this mod, works very well: It shows incorrect delta-v for 5th stage, but after you release clamps it shows correctly.
  6. Hi @shaw! May I ask why IsHelmetRemovalEnabled was removed? There was some problems with that? I miss that feature now
  7. No rage on russians pls. Author of pack just compiled a ton of other packs without any understanding what he doing and thats not good, but i know very much russian coders and modders here and outside, so please dont blame them all.
  8. To fix bump map spam add somethine like this: if (!material.HasProperty(Util.BUMPMAP_PROPERTY)) continue;
  9. I tried to rebuild it for 1.4, made shaders with Unity 2017.1.3 and replaced Camera.allCameras to GameObject.FindObjectsOfType<Camera>() in Core.Update() to avoid NullReferenceException. Scaled space shaders works ok but terrain is black somereason. May be it will help you.
  10. Yea no problem. Shader is old just make bundle with Unity 2017.1.3
  11. Update for 1.4.0: Fixed visor shader and parachutes are placed on spine when switch EVA suit. Warning! This is not TextureReplacerReplaced, this is original mod update. Texture Replacer for 1.4.0
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