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  1. Hello, my goal is to narrow the trigger distance and force for docking port magnets. I would like to know the current(1.1.3) architecture of MODULE:ModuleDockingNode. Edit: I have tried the options below, but docking ports would not dock.
  2. I have somewhat of an interesting question. If I use this mod with KAS(kerbal attachment system), connect two objects in space with a winch, force them to spin and induce centripetal acceleration, and finally warp... Will it: -Break the winch connection? -Break one or both of the ships? -Preserve the rotation of the undocked ships somehow?
  3. I've been struggling with this issue for the past 2 weeks. I've tried Claw's bug fix mod and it works, but any type of switching to ship crashes the game. I also get some C++ error message. Is there a link to the bug tracker for this issue? I would think this is a high/critical priority bug.
  4. Hello, love Your stuff MOARdV! I was thinking of how excrements the IVA for stock Mk1-2 Command pod is, and stumbled onto this project of yours. Would it be possible to Copy/Paste the IVA you made for Yarbrough08's mod and put it into the stock ship? I am using Ven's Stock Part Revamp, but the IVA for it could be better. I guess I've been spoiled by RPM and ALCOR.
  5. I've searched everywhere for a solution to this bug, but haven't found it. The Bug: L2 low profile engine continues to burn even after fuel runs out. The continued burn is without thrust however. Did I forget to update something? Am I missing something? Do I need me to upload a file or something for debugging?(please state where to get file if this is the case, *im noobish at that)
  6. How is development going? I Love the design of this capsule. I've been looking for so long for a nice looking capsule to use. Also, Nice job MOARdV! I cant wait to explore that IVA!
  7. Blowfish, have you considered making a capsule for b9? I REALLY hate the stock capsule, and b9 is so aesthetically pleasing. I've looked around for mods that contain a beautiful capsule but can't find any. ALCOR is a wonderful lander.. but not a capsule :l
  8. First and foremost, I am not a modder. I do not know the complexities involved in modding and mod compatibility. What I do know is that modders are a passionate people. I have played with many KSP mods, and each adds a uniqueness to the game, but with each new mod comes the potential to bring compatibility issues. Here is my suggestion. How about having a modders meeting virtually! Modders can come together and discuss common resources, problems (eg: aerodynamics), and find solutions to things. There can be a Short Summary of the meeting topics afterwards or something. So what does the KSP Com
  9. Im willing to help out with development of this mod if you guys can direct me to the tutorials on how to mod.
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