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  1. Hello everyone! I'm working on a video series. My idea is to craft a bit of narrative into a career mode. Been a while since I was particularly active around the forums. Was getting back into the game this past week (inspired by a family trip to the Johnson Space Center, Houston) and was watching far too much of Scott Manley's Interstellar Quest, thinking to myself, "I love series like this. Why aren't there more of them?" It dawned on me then... I could try my hand at making a series myself! This is my first youtube video, my video editing skills are rusty (and weren't exactly good
  2. Wasn't gonna ask. I appreciate that modders take time out of a likely too-busy RL to do this, I'm just making sure I'm not missing a dependancy or something dumb, I've been outta the game for a while.
  3. I broke it. Anyone know off the top of their heads if this is a 1.4+ issue, or did I do something? The fact this is also affecting Kerbal Alarm Clock (but KAC is actually working, aside from the icons being whited out) suggests to me it's missing a folder, but I went digging and the icons are there in the files soo... I'm stumped. Originally installed via CKAN, I have uninstalled both, reinstalled both with CKAN, and re-reinstalled them manually with no change. I've tried removing other mods one at a time as well, no luck so far.
  4. Dres ... Does not exist. Kerbin does not exist either. Insofar as we suspend our belief that Kerbin does exist and play this awesome game, Please admit that every proof we have of Kerbin's existence also applies to Dres. Click on it in map view... I've never seen a mod that removes Dres, either. Short of total conversations like Galileo pack and RSS. It has more reason to exist than Sarnus and the ever-popular Outer Planets because Dres is present in a much higher percentage of games than Sarnus. P.s. This pole is slanted. I need an option that says "Dres exis
  5. Really depends what I'm doing. I've always been in for "informational" mods, like KER, Transfer Window Planner, KAC - NASA had lots more information than I had, why shouldn't I have some calculators? I like flying the rockets myself though. Other than that, I have a "focus" for every install / game I start. If I'm going for a stock-ish feel (most of what I do), I only use a mod if it's "Infrormational". No parts mods. Nothing that takes something away from the stock experience. I have one game in progress with a focus of "Manned exploration, with life support."
  6. ^^^^ Bugged, Cant delete this junk up here from my post, please ignore . Sorry for false pings... ^^^^ Today I sat back, dusted my hands, and decided I'm ready to play. ...Well, I've BEEN playing, I mean I just finished setting up / assembling a majorly modded game and making sure everything works. I've just about crammed every feature I could possibly want in it (except kerbal construction time - I decided against introducing yet another possible bug source for the ability to.... timewarp. I'll use my own conventions and KAC to determine my own build/re
  7. Either would look a lot better then my Eve cloud carbon copy with the green RGB value overblown.
  8. Where did you get configs for Tekto's clouds? Thr only ones I ever found were out of date. Tried some made by someone on the OPM thread and it broke my cloud config completely. (I ended up doing my own by duplicating Eve's and tweaking the colors.)
  9. Fuel storage / refining, as has been mentioned already. Storage for life support. If a mission goes awry, or my kerbals are on a layover waiting for a launch window or a crew transfer vehicle home, they can stop over at station and make use of the heavier life support recyclers that usually aren't practical on ships that go places. Also a place to collect rescuees before shopping them all to Kerbin in one cheap launch. Orbital construction. Staging area for missions with reusable transfer vehicles, refuelers, and landers. The list goes on. Almost forgot: KSPI-E beamed power
  10. I haven't done that one yet. I have, however, initiated a burn with a recently undocked spacecraft from map view and plowed headlong through the middle of my space station...
  11. How tradgic... I'm now inspired to set up a self sufficient Mun colony.... hmmmm...
  12. Pretty simple. Say i have a craft in orbit and I forgot what parts I had set to auto-strut, or am not sure what part is considering "heaviest" or "root" part. Or maybe I get concerned about setting off an auto-strut kraken attack and would like to quickly see what parts have auto-strut set - without clicking on every single one? Thanks.
  13. Good to know, and thanks @ModerndayLink64 SVE is just a hefty download, but i'll get my hands on those files eventually. Thank you for sharing the config. Good to know, and thanks @ModerndayLink64 SVE is just a hefty download, but i'll get my hands on those files eventually. Thank you for sharing the config.
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