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  1. Alright I've seen some examples, had some ideas, and I think I know how I'm going to get my base together. I realise, with the way I'm building my craft, that I may very well be able to assemble my station in kerbin orbit, and have several of the modules that I'm strapping together be engines, especially since I wanted to have some fuel storage modules anyway. That should get me to minimus, especially now that I've gone and installed MJ.
  2. I'm in career, it's one of the few things I don't have yet. Same with the 2 mid sized cargo bays instead of the largest size, although It won't take much to get that one.
  3. By burning up and then across you're effectively accelerating your craft along the two shorter sides of a right angle triangle. If you burn angular you're taking the shortest overall route to orbit by reducing the vertical ÃŽâ€V. The only hassle is that bothersome, life saving, atmosphere.
  4. Alright, So I have an objective, and I'm open to suggestions for a way to achieve it. I'm planning to build a modular station on one of Minimus' seas,and no way in Eve am I placing each piece atop a rocket and launching all my money into space. This is where a SSTMinimusO comes into play. I'm not so good with the whole spaceplane thing, so I'm asking for any suggestions to help me get an SSTO into a low orbit of Minimus and back to Kerbin, lugging a module similar to the one below, (That one does not have all its surface attachments, just a guide) weighing in excess of 16 tons there. ...Any su
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