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  1. Dang you don´t even know how right you are here man. Even the 10 Action Groups restriction forced me into brainwork for better solutions in combining Actions into one Group, which resulted in hilarious ideas I never even considered thinking about on PC. It´s just super satisfying to see these things work in the end.
  2. Fairly soon I actually don´t care too much as it runs fairly good on the box and once used to the steering it´s not one bit less of fun either more buggy as it is on PC. In the beginning I thought it was a nice way to let my children experiment with this thing without being in constant fear they set my PC on fire somehow. Meanwhile it became my first choice since I learned I actually don´t want any mods anymore. Once 3 months off you spend more time to update and getting rid of outdated stuff than it´s actually worth. So, I´m looking forward to fairly soon!
  3. Hi, I´ve got KSP on XBOX One (for the kids) and PC (for the big kid ) and now I wonder if there´s any chance to get the XBO controller setting into PC for a XBOX 360 controller to run it. I found out that I like playing KSP on the sofa and the XBO version (I guess it´s still on 1.1.3 or so) works pretty nice even with the gamepad. but the vanilla isn´t fair enough for me. So the idea is using my notebook with the TV, connecting a 360 gamepad to it and find a way to make it work the same way as it works on the XBOX. The user interface is 1:1 the same as it´s for the PC version but unfortunately I can´t configure the gamepad properly. I can´t bind some functions to the buttons and I can´t configure intervals like: Tap X = X ; Hold X = Y. Is there any chance to get such a working XBO (similar) file and make it work? Thnx!
  4. HUG

    [1.4.4] Kerbulator: use your own math!

    anyone can use this on 1.1.2? My Kerbulator doesn´t appear anywhere in the game
  5. HUG

    Clouds in stock KSP

    Same here. I´ve no idea if my pc is underpowered, all I can say is about 60fps on Kerbin launch pad without EVE and 24fps with EVE installed. I don´t think so. It has nothing to do with the texturesize at all. I changed the textures from the 1024x1024; 2048x1024 and 8000anythingx4000anything to 256x256; 512x256; 2048x1024. The result: excrementsty clouds and still 24fps. Even when I deleted all texture files and it shows no clouds, it remains at 24 fps. I tried to gamble around with the shader files, deleted some I thought I might not need. The result: a way more excrementsty graphic with still 24fps. After getting rid of all this useless try out I deleted EVE and hooray back to 60fps.
  6. HUG

    Windows 64 bit community workaround

    Hi, have you noticed the conversation earlier in this thread about it, there is at least a good possibility to avoid this by changing the "persistent.sfs" in your saves/name_of_your_savegame folder. First open it, search for the lines as follows and change them to exactly as follows: name = ScenarioUpgradeableFacilities scene = 5, 6, 7, 8 SpaceCenter/LaunchPad { lvl = 1 } SpaceCenter/Runway { lvl = 1 } SpaceCenter/VehicleAssemblyBuilding { lvl = 1 } SpaceCenter/SpaceplaneHangar { lvl = 1 } SpaceCenter/TrackingStation { lvl = 1 } SpaceCenter/AstronautComplex { lvl = 1 } SpaceCenter/MissionControl { lvl = 1 } SpaceCenter/ResearchAndDevelopment { lvl = 1 } SpaceCenter/Administration { lvl = 1 } SpaceCenter/FlagPole { lvl = 0 I recomend to start a new game and go back to main menu right after you see the space center for the very first time. Then do like in description above. Now you have the space center fully upgraded from the beginning. That´s the bad news, but if you start your career by setting up entry fees for new parts, you need almost as much money as before, when this option turned off but you needed to upgrade facilities. And the bug disappears That´s the good news For me this works perfect. But of course it´s just perfect if you can live with a fully upgraded space center from the beginning on. cheers
  7. HUG

    Windows 64 bit community workaround

    Yes I use real chute and FAR. I simply deleted the stock chutes from parts folder: KSP Main/GameData/Squad/Parts/Utility (deleted folders: MK1 (= MK 16) - MK 25) I don´t nned them anyways and by deliting them I don´t get any contract offers accordingly anymore. Since I did this, I´ve had absolutely no more issues yet. If there´s nothing more coming up, I´d say the 64bit runs at least as stable as 32bit and if people have regularly CTD´s and wouldn´t mind a fully upgraded HQ in carreer mode, they might want to give it a try.
  8. HUG

    Windows 64 bit community workaround camera is doing weird things when I fly through 6000m with a rocket (at least I still can´t tell anything about planes yet). As soo as my rocket reaches the 6000 it stops following the spacecraft and it´s moving weird around, not possible to explain that kind of behavior. IVA is still working then but returning to ext. camera doesn´t fix the issue. It´stays weird and after the craft landed anywhere, I can´t recover it as it seems like spinning around. In IVA I then find the vessel not moving at all and everything is fine. The only way to recover it, is to EVA after landing as EVA camera is also still working perfect. Have you ever heard of such an issue maybe? I didn´t find much in this topic accordingly EDIT: The issue must be related to a contract. It wants me to haul a MK16: 6000 - 11000m ; 40-240m/s. I once failed that contract as of too high speed and edit2, probably wrong, I think it never used to work with MK16 >>>right after that fail the camera issues started from next flight on<<<edit2, probably wrong, I think it never used to work with MK16. When I remembered that, I simply took down the MK16 et voila camera works again. Can´t tell yet if this was a one timer or whatever. All flights with issues I started from launch pad, the latest flight with MK16 off, I started from VAB...questions about questions...but not a reason for me to give up yet, I want to check out the planes first on 64Bit, if KSP lets me. EDIT2: I tested a few scenarios with the MK16 and can tell for 99.9% sure, it´s the part itself which is corrupt. I declined the contract, but the issue remained starting with MK16. When I puted it directly to the vessel (I transported it in a container for the contract) there is no chute stage showing off.
  9. You don´t think in hierarchies? Everybody is equal? You are a worker or farmer? Join the wonderworld of the CCKP (Союз Социалистических KepônH Республик aka. SSKR - Sojus Sozialistitscheskich Kerbalitsch Respublik) with it´s glorious leader of the Great Kerbalian October Revolution, Wladimir Iljitsch Kerman. His likeness sheets the official blazon of Kerbin as an example for all brave comrades to reach out and bring glory and honor to our united world of Kerbin. What are we searching for? - Young, dynamic workers or farmers with about 40 years of work experience, to lead our (perhaps not even existing yet) space program. - Users of the stunning Texturereplacer only. What do we offer? - A beautiful IVA Suit for space crew members in bronze color (or ugly orange) and one for our future space tourists or trainees in green color. Of course there is no mean little piece of paper pinned at the back of the green IVA suit saying something like: "kick me!". These are just slanders by our imperialistic opponents...wherever they may live. - Four different kind of EVA Suits. Three of them are for space crew members only an awesome bright white dream of a suit with colored stripes on helmets and legs according to the function of each crew member (Red=Capitanski and Pilotskiev ; Black = Screwkov ; Blue = Scientistikov). And a green one for our greenhornskovs. - Chevrons on the IVA and EVA suits (Capitanski= 4 bar chevron ; Other Crew = 2 bar chevron ; Greenhornskov = 0 bar chevron...that one was hard to paint!)...don´t get it wrong, everybody is of course equal in our wonderful world. The bars just sign how equal someone is, the more bars, the more equal he is. - Outstanding CCKP and blazon of Kerbin sprayings on all helmets including the mantra of our greatest scientist Wladimir Iljitsch Kerman which says "in omnibus veritas" ...he´s so well-read... Written, of course, in our own non-imperialistc letters. - The proud of us all, our splashy flag (of the Great Kerbalitsch Oktober Revolution) and our blazon with Kerbins Mr. Universe Wladimir Iljitsch Kerman on it, for your Flags folder. flag of the Great Kerbalitsch October Revolution Blazon of Kerbin - Optional you can get our new hi-tech navball textures please note that you need xEvilReeperx ksp_navballtexturechanger for instructions read xEvilReeperx post on this page in topic : - And a job as a space center leader. Download: If you´re interested, please download the stuff as descripted above. Get suits and flags here (Mediafire Download) and unpack it into your ksp main folder. Don´t forget to ensure you have Texturereplacer installed. No KSP Gamefiles files will be overwritten. Get navball textures here (Mediafire download). Don´t forget to ensure you have xEvilReeperx ksp_navballtexturechanger installed. No KSP Gamefiles will be overwritten. Yours sincerely Korelev Kerman aka HUG
  10. HUG

    Windows 64 bit community workaround

    This hidden little post is really a big deal man, thnx for that !
  11. HUG

    Windows 64 bit community workaround

    Ay task manager sometimes the solution is maybe too simple for my kerbalized brain. regarding the mods, I use about 20. In 32 Bit they work, but I have one issue which is anoying with planes on Kerbin. It always CTD at least 1 time per flight and I dare this is because of the RAM is running full. I haven´t had the issue since 1.05 until yesterday and that was because I didn´t fly a plane in 1.05 until yesterday So I´ll give the 64Bit another try using the save file buildings = 1 thing in career. I hope to solve the CTD´s in planes with it, because this is really disturbing. Thnx for the hints! EDIT: I started a new game on KSP64, changed the save file to "all buildings fully upgraded" (as described by Nookos). For that I enabled "parts entry purchase", so money hasn´t become totally worthless. I kept my mods and used the x64unfixer tool (as described in Jim Kernan´s post below). And have to say, I´m very pleased with the result yet. It´s not disturbing me, not to upgrade my HQ by myself at all since I have to pay for science parts. And the rest seems to work like in 32Bit. Can´t tell if it will fix my plane issues as Jebeddiah Kermanov just had the first rocket flight of his entire life. But I´m confident about it looking forward to try out. Even if it´s still there, as long as the 64 bit will not start to do crazy unexpected things anytime, I keep it until 1.1. Thnx comrades also in the name of our great leader Wladimir Iljitsch Kermanov.
  12. HUG

    Windows 64 bit community workaround

    I tried out the unity files 4_6_4 on 1.0.5 and it worked out exactly as described in 1st post. I had the buildings thing sometimes, one klick on VAB and one klick back, buildings were ok again. I saw the fireball picture once, when joining or exiting a building and I had the left klick is right klick thing. Loading screen warns about the 64Bit version and a weird animal, like a pig with a cat face or so is jumping across the screen while loading and farts out a rainbow. So far so good, beside that disturbing little bugs I didn´t notice any difference to 32 bit. No performance boost or at least getting rid of the annoying scratchy sounds during flight. Absolutely nothing seems to be any better than before. So I wonder if this version actually uses the RAM enhancement!? And I wonder how to check that? Any ideas? But that´s just to satisfy my curiosity, I´m going back to 32 Bit anyway.
  13. Hi Sit89, cheers to you! definitely one of the most valuable mods for KSP. Unbelievable, this has been your first mod for KSP. Exactly what I needed to throw manned pods or unmanned probes off a plane...and of course also for many other purposes. Works perfect, thnx!
  14. Hi, I seem to have an issue with this version, regarding the general usage of the storages. I´m not sure if I´m doing something wrong but I cant toggle the bay doors anymore within the hangar and part commander doesn´t show the attached parts of the mod during flight (to use them directly, without part commander is also not possible) I see them attached, but they´re just useless. It has been a while, since I played KSP the last time, it was KSP 1.12 and an earlier release of this mod. As far as I can remember the storages used to work without any special requirements, like a manned vessel or a scientist on board or so. Has this changed? thnx n merry-x-mas Edit: After reinstalling the mod, I started a game in Sandbox mode and found out, that it´s just all science parts that don´t work. The parts found in the utility folder are working fine, like the core itself and the utility-bays found there. Any idea how to fix? Edit2: OK solved! Sorry, I just found the post on page 69 about exactly the same problem and the answere accordingly. DMagic_Orbital_Science provides the science bays. I´m loading their update right now and think it´s going to work then.
  15. My game always says I attached decoupler the wrong way. I have no idea why that is as it sticks to the part I want it to stick after fire it. But when I fire the Vessel off the final engine, my camera angle change wobbeling a lot and SAS becomes disengaged. So I guess it has something to do with this message, but no idea how I could attach it without this happens. I use Ferram Mod and some others but I have a feeling like it could happen since I use this Mod?! Any Ideas, suggestions? EDIT: Answered! It was a root-part issue. Decouplers always want to keep sticking on the root-part or at least its direction. With that in mind it was pretty easy to figure out which part should be the route-part at the end and which decoupler need to be flipped then.