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  1. Thanks guys. The thing I´m most excited about and that is indeed working (just tested) is the landers not jumping anymore when loading them. That was pretty much the last remaining big pain in the a.. for me.
  2. I only have this noise at certain engines, also on the one X. The big launch stage engines "Twin Boar" and "Mammoth" to be precise. I also find it a bit of a bother but since it´s only those two engines it wasn´t a big deal. For certain it isn´t at all engines. If you say you have it with all engines I´d maybe suggest to check your xbox audio settings?! Maybe you want to try to simply set all xbox video and audio settings back to default and have a look if this solves the issue and if not...idk...reinstall? But I reinstalled the game more than once when I experienced something weird and it nev
  3. Just want to state that this thing was made for the Series X/S. I used to run it on the one X and it was ok but I couldn´t tell if it was really better than on the normal One I had before. Probably there wasn´t a difference at all but the performance was ok especially since the micro stuttering disappeared this year due to a patch I guess. So now I had the honor to try it on the Series S as the very first game installed and I have to say THIS IS IT! That´s how it´s supposed to run. It runs even better than it ever did on my PC which was pretty siilar to the One X performance but with way less
  4. Okay I understand harvesting resources requires the cooling. I must confess (and feel ashamed of it) I never harvested anything lol. I wouldn´t even really know how to do it (ok now I feel really really really ashamed). I don´t even know what to use the stuff for (oh god after 5 years of KSP or so I´m still a noob). Well, don´t judge me, I actually always start a new game after each major update or DLC. I wasn´t even at Jool already. Okay thnx for that. Now one question remains. What do you mean 2.5? I used electric propulsion to get to the trajectory close to the sun (Don´t know
  5. I actually came here to look if I could help someone with something but I found that there´s enough nice people out there to answer all the questions. Then something came into my mind I actually wonder since years now but always forget about it again. Now I want to take the chance to finally get an answer. What do you guys use the thermal control parts for? I must add that I had only rovers, probes and relay satellites outside Kerbin sphere of influence. The relay satellites I had even very close to the sun on a closer than Moho trajectory. All these devices survived the temperature witho
  6. The "knowing that somebody else has a better toy"-Reflex. Established for toddlers, teens and grumpy grandpas. Or male gamers of all ages. No worries I have it too. But after all these years of KSP on xbox I'm actually happy about the support. It turned out better than I thought it would be. At the beginning I felt like it was only a side kick to generate some easy money. But when the Enhanced Edition popped out of nowhere It really became a serious thing and it improved a lot over the course of time. That's very convincing. I appreciate that and I trust that if it's possible
  7. yay, perfect timing. and 4 free right? I already spent my monthly gaming budget for Cyberpunk 2077 pre and Cities Skylines Industries dlc. Out of desperation because nothing else thrilling was left out there I could throw my money after. If you now want 15 Euros for the thing I must renegotiate with my accountant and this always ends in I get what I want but must go through an essay of things we could buy per year without my stupid waste of time hobby. I´d never counter this wigging arguing that we could do all these things anyways also with 15 Euro less and that the real reason we don´t do th
  8. I never used it but will follow your link and have a look if I can figure out how to use this.
  9. I found a pattern now so forget my last post, it occurs after you directly jump into the tracking station during a mission. As long as I exit the mission into the space center first and then enter tracking station it didnt happen for hours now even though I built and tested a whole new rocket over and over again and changed engines. Can' tell fpr 100% but I'm 98.5% confident the tracking station is the bad guy here.
  10. Yeah it's annoying and I dont think it has something to do with VAB since it also occurs at some random point between missions I launch directly from the pad without even entering VAB just once. It has something to do with what you do during flight but I couldn t figure out what it is yet. There's no pattern I could make any sense of, it appears just to do it randomly to cause me anger.
  11. Considering that with any try to put some of those luxury options in chances are very high other part of the game will break, I can only hope devs ignore this. I´m already in panic mode since my game updated just minutes ago one 300MB patch. It worked, was playable, performance was ok. Small new issues like DeltaV icons miraculously breeding twins on the app menu are acceptable, minor curiosities I don´t mind about anymore. I just hope this patch is not destroying everything again until the next patch comes out in a month or two. Once this thing runs now they should just leave it as is an
  12. And give it some time, it´s definitely not a cheerleader. It´s more like the physics nerd who needs some time and effort to open up. But with her watching the Mun will never get boring while the cheerleader after one weeks bothers the hell out of you with always the same stupid talk about her hair style, false fingernails and if you think her trunk became fatter. Chose wisely Maybe KSP2 will become both, a cheerleader who is a physics student (?) But that´s far away yet and I only believe it when I see it. KSP1 isn´t, that´s for sure.
  13. Everything is perfectly fine. I´m impressed. Since I didn´t spare legit sarcasm and frustration on here regarding earlier releases I thought it would be just fair to let you know that I´m quite happy with your work on this one. Not only I found no new bugs, you even solved one annoying graphic issue which was no game breaker but a pain in my cheeks for months now. That you still brought out the DLC and Update even though KSP2 is straight around the corner was an unexpected and nice surprise though. I appreciate that!
  14. Today´s fix on XBO fixed the flag loading issue. Flag sites now load. Remaining issues are: Kerbals in VAB not disappearing and lagging (extremely annoying) Tracking Station only works with mission in progress. (I don´t care about this one I guess but it for sure looks strange) No idea if there´s more like this lags many on here complain about close to flag sites if I get that right. I didn´t play KSP since the patch came out at all anymore so as far it concerns me the list above is the remaining issues.
  15. Usually it takes up to a week then the first fix appears pretty much not commented. For the XBO Microsoft itself has a (apparently not really aware of anything) certification system which delays the release some days further than necessary Idk how Sony handles that. So expect a fix but don´t expect any announcement until end of this week I´d say.
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