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  1. I never used it but will follow your link and have a look if I can figure out how to use this.
  2. I found a pattern now so forget my last post, it occurs after you directly jump into the tracking station during a mission. As long as I exit the mission into the space center first and then enter tracking station it didnt happen for hours now even though I built and tested a whole new rocket over and over again and changed engines. Can' tell fpr 100% but I'm 98.5% confident the tracking station is the bad guy here.
  3. Yeah it's annoying and I dont think it has something to do with VAB since it also occurs at some random point between missions I launch directly from the pad without even entering VAB just once. It has something to do with what you do during flight but I couldn t figure out what it is yet. There's no pattern I could make any sense of, it appears just to do it randomly to cause me anger.
  4. Considering that with any try to put some of those luxury options in chances are very high other part of the game will break, I can only hope devs ignore this. I´m already in panic mode since my game updated just minutes ago one 300MB patch. It worked, was playable, performance was ok. Small new issues like DeltaV icons miraculously breeding twins on the app menu are acceptable, minor curiosities I don´t mind about anymore. I just hope this patch is not destroying everything again until the next patch comes out in a month or two. Once this thing runs now they should just leave it as is and focus on KSP2. KSP will never be perfect, always have minor bugs and will never perform as smooth as it should, given the hardware. But it can be fun anyways for as long it just runs at all. Requests like this terrify me. I´m in worry some random dev could take on the challenge after 2 vodkas and mess everything up again. At some point there should be a big, red sign on it: "Do not Touch anymore!".
  5. And give it some time, it´s definitely not a cheerleader. It´s more like the physics nerd who needs some time and effort to open up. But with her watching the Mun will never get boring while the cheerleader after one weeks bothers the hell out of you with always the same stupid talk about her hair style, false fingernails and if you think her trunk became fatter. Chose wisely Maybe KSP2 will become both, a cheerleader who is a physics student (?) But that´s far away yet and I only believe it when I see it. KSP1 isn´t, that´s for sure.
  6. Everything is perfectly fine. I´m impressed. Since I didn´t spare legit sarcasm and frustration on here regarding earlier releases I thought it would be just fair to let you know that I´m quite happy with your work on this one. Not only I found no new bugs, you even solved one annoying graphic issue which was no game breaker but a pain in my cheeks for months now. That you still brought out the DLC and Update even though KSP2 is straight around the corner was an unexpected and nice surprise though. I appreciate that!
  7. Today´s fix on XBO fixed the flag loading issue. Flag sites now load. Remaining issues are: Kerbals in VAB not disappearing and lagging (extremely annoying) Tracking Station only works with mission in progress. (I don´t care about this one I guess but it for sure looks strange) No idea if there´s more like this lags many on here complain about close to flag sites if I get that right. I didn´t play KSP since the patch came out at all anymore so as far it concerns me the list above is the remaining issues.
  8. Usually it takes up to a week then the first fix appears pretty much not commented. For the XBO Microsoft itself has a (apparently not really aware of anything) certification system which delays the release some days further than necessary Idk how Sony handles that. So expect a fix but don´t expect any announcement until end of this week I´d say.
  9. But you actually know that you can simply create and name a waypoint via KerbNet for navigation, do you?
  10. Me either plays only career mode. Even though I sometimes think it could be a good idea to switch over to Science mode, as soon I do so I find myself bored and unmotivated for some reason and after a couple of wasted hours going back to Career mode. Unfortunately I have to start over andover again after a patch gets released because so far always things were messed up and I deleted any savegame just to be sure it´s not somehow my fault but it never was and this ridiculous new issues really went through the quality management of either the devs and Microsoft. So I probably will never make it to Duna unless they decide after they fixed the mess just not to touch the game anymore and go over to program KSP 2 using the Unreal 4 engine
  11. Do you play Career or Science mode? Since I just found out that it apparently makes a difference. In Science mode [the tracking station works normal from the beginning<-*edit* forget that just found it not working again for whatever reason] and Kerbals in VAB do not cause any lag when turning the cam towards the floor [*edit* that remains true and weird. It´s like the game saying "Hey look how awesome I could be if I just want to"] . It still doesn´t load flag sites and more I don´t know but at least I can tell it´s not as completely broken as Career mode. If it was only the flag site loading issue and the rest would work fine with an even better performance I´d even consider it als playable. But I´m not at the point I can completely confirm that.
  12. I´m so happy this issue which I never ever experienced is finally fixed, even though nothing else in this building is therefore working anymore, this was important. I actually had none of those "fixed" issues or they have been so marginal that I can´t remember anymore. There was actually only one thing to really improve and this was performance during flight and memory management. Now that you perfectly destroyed the whole game, can we expect a fix? The game´s on XBO sale, do you believe those potential new customers you gain just in this moment will be pleased with a brand new game not working?
  13. First of all it has to run at all again. From all what I learned during the past couple of months we shouldn´t dream too much of extra stuff since any try to fix some more or less harmless little issues causes at least 5 vital functions to collapse. So I´d bet a significant amount of money if an update provided something like a keyboard/mouse support, 4K or other science fiction technology our consoles would literally explode. So please be careful with your wishlist
  14. Before you delete all your savegames (like me) This doesn´t change anything. Same issues, even worse since the tracking station doesn´t work unless you have any missions ongoing which you don´t when starting a new career
  15. *Radial* Well as I said. I´m actually tired of writing stuff down here after any given update, I´m not your beta tester unless you pay me. Here´s a little list of what´s not working but actually it was easier to write what´s left working because it is nothing but the main menu and the view on the Space Center (actually I´m not even confident that there´s not also some hidden bugs) It all started with loading my career savegame and start crafting. -First of all the VAB is crowded with Kerbals although I turned them off in settings they will not disappear and still lagging the hell out of the One-X. -The VAB camera (RS) randomly stopped working so I had to leave and return for like 3 times until I finally was able to start my vessel. -I received an Achievement for having "a spin" in a Mun Rover. Unfortunately I never built anything close to a rover. Not even anything close to have wheels. -When trying to switch to any flag site in the tracking station the loading screen appeared and...nothing...endless loading loop. -I decided to reinstall everything and delete all my save games local and in the cloud. I cleared the system cache and started over just to find out that I still can´t get rid of the super laggy Kerbals in the VAB, it doesn´t matter if the box is checked or unchecked they are always there and as soon I turn my camera to the ground I have like 10 fps. - The tracking station now doesn´t show anything anymore and the camera (RS) isn´t working (Radial, Simple, Cursor all the same). It simply does nothing but showing a weird zoom out from Kerbins atmosphere (?) into sort of space, then stops showing a random spot of nothing. Actually there´s absolutely nothing left you could possibly do with this game, at least nothing useful. Not bad, you really managed to release the worst update in the history of updates and I really wonder how the heck this is actually possible. Compared to this your last update was a sophisticated masterpiece of perfection which is ridiculous because, between us, we both know it was rubbish and took a month and two further updates to solve the issues it caused. But this time you really heaved the meaning of the term "failure" to a completely new, unknown level. This is crazy but as always I´m a positive and patient guy, sh... happens and it happens also twice or 10 times. It´s just a bit annoying to say the least.