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  1. By dependencies, you mean ClickThroughBlocker and Toolbar Controller, right? At the time I posted this originally, no. However, I went back and installed both via CKAN, and ran the game again. Still nothing. Also just an FYI I am running the Windows version of the mod. EDIT: Not sure if this is the cause or not but I did realize, rather stupidly, that the version of Toolbar Controller on CKAN is not the latest version. After manually installing the latest version from GitHub everything works. Some old bull@#$^ really. Have I ever told anyone how much I hate CKAN?
  2. Just got back to KSP after a hiatus, now I'm having this same issue. Fresh Steam install of version 1.6.1+DLC with no other mods. Downloaded from Spacedock, followed instructions to the letter (unpack .zip file, copy contents and paste to KSP root folder). No toolbar button appears and Shift-L does nothing.
  3. Can't help but notice it seems that the Infernal Robotics mod got abandoned. That's a damn shame as it is quite a useful mod. What surprises me is that there are other mods (such as Konstruction) that use articulated parts - arms, cranes, and the like - similar to how Infernal Robotics worked, but none of them quite manage what IR used to do. Case in point, I want to build a crane that can pull a large (2.5 m) part off of a rover trailer and place it in the hold of a spaceplane. However, Konstruction's magnetic crane is too small to do so. If IR still existed I could simply use structura
  4. Thanks for the advice about calibration, it solved my problem nicely. However, now I have a different issue. Whenever I try to use Mechjeb to automatically execute maneuver nodes, control surfaces/SAS will orient my rocket in the correct direction without my input on the stick, however the throttle will not engage automatically like Mechjeb normally does when you let it handle maneuvers for you. I suspect this is somehow related to the fact that every time I change the mod settings and then leave the flight scene, they return to default upon returning to the flight scene, even though I'
  5. Thanks, I'll give it a try and see if it works. You'll hear from me either way
  6. Thanks for this mod - it works a lot better for my Thrustmaster HOTAS setup than using stock inputs + TM proprietary profiling software. However, I do have one issue that I haven't been able to resolve yet. When mapping the throttle slider of the TWCS controller to the game's throttle, I've noticed that it treats the throttle like a forward/reverse throttle rather than forward only. However, since there is no "reverse throttle" in the game, it just sets the throttle to zero until my physical throttle is higher than 50%. I'm trying to figure out how to change the settings so that it treats t
  7. Note to self, do not let the hypoglycemic post while hungry. My apologies.
  8. Offense taken, how was I supposed to know you were going to get butthurt over a minor suggestion. But fine. I'll drop it.
  9. Cool. Also if it helps, I noticed @jd284 mentioned that it possibly had something to do with the warp drive part being root or not, if so that makes sense because of my ship design. The warp ship itself is fully remote-controlled, but has docking rings in the fore and aft to accommodate manned modules and/or resource containers (its purpose being to deliver RocketPart and fuel containers, as well as crew, to planet and moon bases that I will be constructing via EPL) When I tried to jump I had a manned module docked to the forward docking ring. This module was actually from a larger multi-st
  10. One minor thing I would like to see... would it be possible to allow the mod to generate the CCIP (Continuously Computed Impact Point, aka the red X on the surface of the planet in map mode that shows your actual landing point on the map, taking into account planetary rotation) even on planets without atmosphere? I mean yeah, the lack of atmosphere will make the trajectory the same as the stock rail projection, but even so the stock model doesn't take into account the rotation of the planet. It would make pinpoint landings on planets or moons without atmospheres much easier. Also while on t
  11. Cool, I was just about to ask about this exact issue, it's always a good day when you come to report a bug and someone else has already found it. So yes, I'm having the same problem here but since it seems a fix is already in the works, I'll be paitent
  12. Let me know if and when this change is compiled and I'll test it out. I haven't had that many issues with KAS other than the autostrut issue. It could be possible that you forgot to add the function call to the code for disconnecting the vessels. Autostruts are kind of a new thing after all, and something that works more in the background than anything else. That being said... how much of the code governing stock docking/undocking is used for KAS?
  13. But they don't autostrut to the root, they autostrut to the heaviest part which may or may not change depending on the composition of a ship. If they autostrutted to the root and STAYED there even if the ship docked or was connected via KAS, that would fix the issue while still maintaining the reason for autostrutting in the first place.
  14. They're not much use with that anyway because of the issue with landing gear autostruts, any lander of mine that connects to my base once is stuck there forever or at least until I C4 the @#$%er. Then it's a pile of landing legs with no real purpose.
  15. It's already been reported to KAS, but right now they've only got the workaround of "not using landing gear and KAS parts on the same ship" which is zero help. I'm trying though to figure out why its necessary to have autostruts on landing gear turned on automatically and why they're locked to the heaviest part - can we at least change it so that it is locked to the root or grandparent part instead? That way I can at least have a craft with landing gear that won't fuse with my base every time I need to transfer resources.
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