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  1. Hey, i want ask, is there a way to disable stop warp at warnings. And better it doesn`t stop on unmannned ships warnings, because having 50+ sats and probes stops my warp every 10 seconds. I cloud remove them via tracking station, but what if i need science from that body to complete contract? Edit:Guys, stop saying me how to disable messages. I figured it out already after sending this messeage.
  2. Well, as as i said, im a litle busy. But i`ll work on it soon.
  3. Oh, i love this mod. No more exploding rovers!
  4. I have problem. All of stock textures from PP are disapered. But textures from custom packs works. I`ve reinstalled it a lot times. edit: OH, iremoved SETI`s textures for PP and now it works. That may be a bug.
  5. Well i love "Kerbalaized" replicas, but this looks like a very good realistic replica.
  6. Well i currently not developing anything(i have no free time) but a litle later ill try this.
  7. hmm... I`ll try that. Edit: Maybe add one from 1.0 trailer countdown? Oh, good quality! (I was working with nasa archive) I`ll surely do it.
  8. No, it just adds more diffrent sounds.
  9. emm... Ok, i`ll try to fix it! Edit: Oh, i didnt pushed "Publish" button XD Fixed now.
  10. So, i created addon to this mod, Chatterer+. It simply adds more chatter. Hope you like it!
  11. Chatterer+ This add-on adds additional chatter for your game! Current version: 0.4 Requres Chatterer to work! So currently it adds: Apollo 15 chatter(still in work) Apollo 8 chatter (in work too) Mercury 6 chatter (in work...) Installation: Paste GameData in your game folder(overwrite if new version); In chatter menu(settings tab) enable show additional stettings; In chatter menu press ChatterSets and type apollo15, apollo8 and mercury6; Press Load; Check it. Picture: To do list: Known issue
  12. Good work! Also Kal on Russian language means, emm.... Poop. XD
  13. Oh, wow! Works very well! A few graphical gliches, but than not the point! On 32-bit win i has about 6 launches with dx11 on litle modded client, when typiclally it crashed after 2!
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