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  1. Sorry, too. What I said may goes too far. I just add a question about starting RO with different texture settings . The main topic is just as simple as "How long". Yes. And thanks for helping give the link.
  2. Stay naive, stay hungry.

  3. As we know, the current RO version's engines can only have limited chance to ignitor and can't be relaoded. But the mod called "Engine Ignitor" which originally made by @HoneyFox allows you to relaod the engine with something like "hypergolic fluid". The mod is now managed by @DennyTX The mod is here.[1.2] Engine Ignitor continued. (23 oct 2016) Can RO support this mod? Then I can build the rocket like Falcon9 that can ignitor the second times to make itself reuseable. That will be great.
  4. What about start the game with the texture in *.DDS ?
  5. Yes, Im using a HDD. Everytime I open KSP in winter, I turn off the AC and the heat HDD give off can make the room warm again.
  6. You may get ideas from this outdate mod. This mod allows you to use somethings to relaod the engins' ignition. [0.25] Engine Ignitor by HoneyFox ------edit------ Just find an updated version of the mod. Try replacing the RO's ignitor configs with this mod's.(I have not try this, not sure whether it works) [1.2] Engine Ignitor continued