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  1. Sorry if this is a common question, but I've started trying to get a GPP install running and Gael is called Kerbin (only sometimes, by FinalFrontier for example). Is this a known issue? I'm on 1.4.3, latest version of GPP.
  2. I installed GPP with CKAN and it seems to work much better than when I installed it manually. No RAM spike when changing scenes so far, and EVE doesn't fight with rings.
  3. I'm trying to set up a save with this planet pack and some other mods. I've tested a few things, and every time I recover a vessel on Gael while in flight (not in the tracking station) my RAM usage jumps up 2.5GB. It seems to have a direct relationship with how many other mods I'm using, but as far as I can tell no one mod causes this. I am using the Linux 64 bit version of KSP, version 1.3.1; GPP version 1.5.4. I believe it tells the rest of the mods in one or both of the logs, but tell me if I need to supply more info. Player.log: https://0x0.st/s-1W.log KSP.log: https://0x0.st/s-1
  4. I don't want any textures replaced, I just want visor reflections and IVA suits on Kerbin. I changed to this mod from Texture Replacer, and now all the suits look different and the visors are an opaque bright pink. What should I do?
  5. The png files in this mod are gigantic. I indexed them and got their size down to 377KB 316KB combined, compared to the original 56MB combined; over 100 times smaller. Best part, it seems to work just fine. Here's Eve: https://0x0.st/sHH7.png and Tylo: https://0x0.st/sHHh.png Just put them in the Textures subfolder, and overwrite the original. @Rodger, you may want to replace the mod's pngs with these. I found a better way to compress PNGs so I decided to replace the original ones I posted (which also seem to have gone 404).
  6. The Soil Moisture Sensor says that it can be used as a powerful communications antenna, but I see no such ability. Is it because I'm using RemoteTech? If so, what values should it have? I can try to mess with configs to get it working for me. @Not Sure Sounds like it wants you to use the experiment "Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons."
  7. I have Universal Storage, KAS/KIS, and Community Tech Tree installed, and I can't seem to find the EVA-X in the tech tree. From the config file it seems it should be in Advanced Exploration, but in game it is not. I can only access it in Sandbox mode, even if I use the cheat to unlock all technology. I fixed it. There is a config file that activated when CTT is installed that changes the node it is in from advExploration to advancedExploration, which CTT does not use. Editing that fixed it.
  8. What is the point of the monoprop engines from NF Spacecraft? They cost more and are less efficient than regular biprop engines. I assumed that they would be more efficient and/or cost less, it would give some reason to use them.
  9. @Galileo - Thanks for the 1.3 version! I'm in the process of updating my game to 1.3, and I'm having some sort of conflict with your 1.3 version of OPM and Sigma Binary. I made sure I was using the 1.3 version, but when I start the game with both mods Jool is called Plock-Karen and the actual Plock-Karen system is not a binary. I'm using Linux. What could be causing that?
  10. I don't have any configs for the others, though I did recently try out Poodmund's configs before removing them. Now that I think about it, that might be the cause. I'll try to mess around with it tomorrow. I am on Linux, using the 64-bit version.
  11. Thanks, that looks great! I do have a problem though, now all of the celestial bodies from OPM other than Tekto are made of yellow lines along the latitudes. This is similar to what happened when I tried OPMClouds, sans the MM error. Here's an example image: Does anyone know why this could be happening? I am on 1.2.2.
  12. I'm wondering how I can get thick clouds on Tekto from OPM with this mod. I don't like how Poodmund's Tekto looks, and OPMClouds caused a ModuleManager error and seemed to break all my OPM textures (had to do a complete reinstall to fix). Is there a config file I can drop in somewhere to give those clouds? Thanks for any help.
  13. I recently decided I'd try and fix 1.1 on my PC because I found a workaround to the crashes I had before. Here is what I have done so far: Download 1.1.3 via Steam. KSP will not launch. run `ln -s /dev/null libpulse-simple.so.0` in the KSP directory, and set `LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH %command%_64` as launch options. KSP now launches, but menus are empty. I then added `-force-glcore` to the launch options. KSP launches and menus are readable, but bad shadow glitches occur. Everywhere this is mentioned online it states to mess with the graphics settings. I trie
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