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  1. I just tried running the Soyuz mod in a fresh clean install of 1.7.3 and it completely crashed. Here's the log if you're interested. Just the Soyuz mod alone in a fresh install was enough to crash during loading.
  2. I really would like the Soyuz to be updated if possible. There is literally no better Soyuz Mod anywhere. I’d love to be able to use it again.
  3. Pretty much. This right here is the only thing keeping me from updating to the newer versions.
  4. I have no idea really. Also, “just alittle edit of the cfgs”? Easy for you, difficult for me. I’m still stuck on KSP version 1.4.3. I tried using this before but it keeps crashing the game.
  5. That’s a real shame. This is the most beautiful spacecraft I’ve ever seen! I hope someday someone will revive it. Especially the Soyuz. That I absolutely cannot live without.
  6. Is this addon dead? I hope not because I can't live without it!
  7. Is this dead already? I hope not cause these are beautiful! Also the New Glenn has been updated in design.
  8. Is this dead already? I hope not. I have never found a better mod adding Chinese spacecraft into the game. Please come back and continue it!
  9. Do we have any kind of ETA on when this could be fully updated for the latest KSP version? Or have you completely stopped working on this? I certainly hope that's not the case, as this is the most beautiful planet pack I've ever seen! Also so far, it's the only one keeping me from updating my game past version 1.4.3, I certainly hope this isn't dead. If this is still being worked on keep it up, It'll definitely make the final product even more worth the wait.
  10. Is there any plan to make these usable in Stock KSP? Cause these are awesome and I’d love to use them, but the fact that they’re Realism Overhaul only prevents me from doing so. Please?
  11. Is this mod seriously dead again? I certainly hope not, because this is some awesome work and I'd love to keep using it!
  12. Is this mod dead already? I hope not because this is awesome!
  13. @Gameslinx What’s your GPU and RAM? Or do those not make any difference in KSP performance?