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  1. yes, that's it. thanks for the quick troubleshooting and help. https://imgur.com/a/x86eLC7
  2. Tested with clean KSP install and only Patchmanager + last Mechjeb2 stable Version (via CKAN) same problem... Aircraft Approach & Autoland only shows hardcoded runways. https://imgur.com/a/pPtfNdZ LandingSites.cfg from ModuleManager.ConfigCache
  3. It is not possible to add individual runways. i want to do this because i play with rss & rp-1 and only want to use the runways of the used locations. Either the content of the landingsites.cfg is not loaded / adopted or it is always overwritten with the hardcoded runways from the MechJebModuleSpaceplaneAutopilot.cs. I tested it by adding my own runway entries in front of or behind the existing ones in the landingsites.cfg. currently i only provided my own RSSlandingsites.cfg with 2 individual runways. (deleted original file landingsites.cfg) each time it is KSP Runway 09
  4. I have an update on this topic My first post related to KSP 1.7.3 and FAR (since RP-1 only runs with KSP 1.7.3) I tested it again today with KSP 1.8.1 and FAR after seeing on github that there was a revised configuration management installed in In a new KSP 1.8.1 installation + far, I cannot reproduce this configuration change. is it related to all the realism and some other mods with RP-1? I will do more tests. ---- Info for identifying the problem the changes i found in CustomAreoData.cfg ( BodyA
  5. FAR undermines ModuleManager Cache With constant changes to the CustomFARAeroData.cfg file, the ModuleManager cache can no longer be used. This is not particularly noticeable in small installations. I currently use RP-1 + Kerbalism and various part mods. The ModuleManager must import over 86600 patches when KSP is starting. Because the CustomFARAeroData.cfg is always changed and thus has a new SHA256 hash, the MM cache is no longer used. Each start of the game currently takes 10-12 minutes because of patching. It is very annoying. KSP LOG: [LOG 21:42:24.994] Ch
  6. Do you plan a compability to Real Fuels Mod? Some contracts with restriction of not use solid fuel are not completeable. (PGM-11, Saturn-1, SM-65 Atlas,...)
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