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  1. This may come off as a bit weird, and this is probably not the right board, but if any mods are reading this, please delete me account. I am pruning old accounts on forums and on sites I don't use anymore, to minimise my footprint online and lower the chance of being hacked/email+pwd leaked. So far I haven't found a way to delete my account on here, so if any mods are reading this, Please delete my data (If you can) and my account. Thanks in advance, with love.
  2. Not the best phrasing considering you were in a hospital
  3. where did you learn how to use kopernicus? I am trying to add a planet but it always crashes on world open
  4. I have a Stock install with RSS installed and it's stuck on loading every time. Screenshot:
  5. Halp The mod is not loading At the loading screen, it says "1577 patches loaded from cache" and then gets stuck. plz help