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  1. Kerbal Space Program 1.0: Downloading an update was never this hard! But seriously, this is an issue that should've been solved long ago in my opinion. As a result of not transferring my store purchase to Steam, I'm having to wait for, essentially, a later release date than Steam users.
  2. Thank you very much, kind sir. What, if anything, would you suggest that I do to improve this? (other than adding artwork, that's coming over the course of the week).
  3. On a little pale green dot in a parallel universe, Kerbals dwell with one aim in mind - science! With a population of however many Kerbals you can be bothered to kill hire, their sole purpose is to explore their solar system and plant flags. Their home planet, Kerbin, is a sprawling trail of mountains, plains, and oceans, interspersed with islands and lakes. A large desert beneath an extensive river is separated from the main continent of the Kerbals by a small strip of water. In this continent lies the only sign of any life on the planet - a modern space centre. A large runway, a launch pad, research & development, mission control, large satellites, and construction buildings are the only signs of sentient movement on this big blue ball of beautiful desertion, with a tiny building nestled in there containing every Kerbin that ever lived - excluding those either tragically deceased or lost in space on a mission. This vast wasteland of untouched, unknown, easter-egg-ridden floorspace makes for great sights and practice site for the most exciting explosions and progressive prototypes. Like the flowers that are missing from the plains of Kerbin, its inhabitants roam around the VAB and SPH like they've nothing better to do. Because, of course, they do have nothing better to do. For this reason: space is the go-to place for a Kerbal looking for adventure and learning. After several missions to Kerbin orbit, leading to the exploration of most of the planet, Kerbals turned their gaze to the farther reaches of the space just beyond their atmosphere. They reached out to Minmus, their small icy rock, and had then made their first step in their marathon of space exploration. With what they learned, they developed new technology. They came closer to home to explore Mun, their closest companion and ruler of the tides. Kerbalkind moved forward faster and faster with every step, but eventually realised that they had neglected their home: Kerbin. Back at KSC, plans were being drawn up for the most ambitious mission yet. A home above home, a Mecca for science... a space station. With much of the surface of both Mun and Minmus still virgin, something was needed to make life easier for the brave pioneers that would withstand weeks of starvation and crazy ideas from their famed pilot Jebediah, and a giant hunk of floating organised debris was just what they wanted. Ambitious designs were lovingly crafted from all the scrap and science from every nook and cranny of KSC, with all efforts focused on making the single best orbital craft to date. Core module - check, housing module - check, power... Power? Ah. Coming to the realisation that science isn't as expendable as once thought, it was probably time to learn from mistakes. Minmus was one again the centre of attention, with a crazy mission planned to scour an entire hemisphere of the over-sized dessert's lime coating. That was over pretty quickly, with Jebediah really beaming with efficiency on return. The three-or-so planned modules for the Apiary's start-up were all fitted with newfangled solar panels - little squares of brilliant blue scraping up all the photons it can lay its shiny silicon on. A more permanent power source would have to come later. For now, problem number two arose: propulsion. Minmus and Mun are close to Kerbin, so Kerbals didn't really have a need to go further than your standard rocket engines or fuel tanks, but when it dawned on them that they needed to get this wide load up onto space somehow, these puny fellows wouldn't cut the mustard (let alone the atmosphere). Strap them together? Sure! What could possibly go wrong?
  4. - Never use an antenna or other comms device. They're a waste of mass and energy. - When returning to Kerbin without a parachute, always land in the water. You don't even need to slow down for this kind of landing, liquid landings in KSP are far less harsh than ground landings. - Lastly, no matter what, always take a Presmat barometer to every place you visit, unless it's; Kerbin, Eve, Duna, Jool, or Laythe. They're useless there.
  5. Oh, yeah, I don't think I made it overly clear: I was referring to these people's roles regarding this kind of situation. It would be pretty shameful to not know that HarvestR is the lead dev
  6. I did that! Yeah, it didn't turn out great, but it wasn't bad... Much.
  7. Trying to crack a bug that I've encountered. It's looking like it wasn't a bug at all. By the way things are going, it seems that I'm missing a particle effects file (fx_smokeTrail_veryLarge).
  8. Granted. The wish granting Kerman walks up to you and tapes a piece of paper to your head that says simply "Dat Wish Doe". I wish these corruptions were more creative.
  9. Multiplayer would essentialy be this, but much better. Imagine: You join a multiplayer server, you have no crafts, no science, nothing. You build your way up until you can orbit and dock with other crafts. You find the community space station (an inevitable thing that would be made) and dock with it, adding your very own module, contributing to the community's space program. The whole server then comes together to build one huge multi-module craft to send off to Jool, leaving stations, landers, satellites, and bases in their wake. Wouldn't that be awesome? This is why I can't wait for multiplayer. The community are so helpful and friendly that combined missions would be inevitable. The community would make the multiplayer mode the best multiplayer of any game to date, in my opinion. The only problem would be FPS death due to part count.
  10. I scrapped the whole asteroid idea and launched a lander probe for Duna. It's currently in LKO, waiting for a Duna transder window. I plan to launch a few so that I've got plenty to go to various planets whenever their transfer window comes a cropper. Here it is so far:
  11. True. They release games before they're finished and don't iron out bugs, as well as on-release DLC. Add it to the game, I don't know how we haven't boycotted the purchase of on-release DLC yet. And don't get me started on the all-awful FIFA. The user below me frequently walks to and from their fridge.
  12. I heard once, in either a livestream or a video, from C7 that an upgradeable space program is coming. Whether that was scrapped in place of the science collecting, I don't know. I hope not though.
  13. Can we stop going about realism for a moment? Thank you. Kerbal Space Program isn't about realism, as such. It's about learning of the aerospace/aeronautical industry, and sparking an interest in space exploration. Its purpose is to give people a taste of what it's like to run a space program, pilot a spacecraft to new and untouched worlds, create sprawling colonies on other planets, and just generally muck about, all while having the time of your life. Minmus is a critical first step in this process. To eliminate Minmus would be to eliminate the first experiences of many existing players, and to make life harder for the newcomers. Having it there is, for them, their way of teaching themselves. Through landing on Minmus, a new player learns to match inclination, to fine tune an orbit, to land on a body, and most importantly to explore. They also teach themselves how to return from another body, and feel the overwhelming pleasure of knowing what you just accomplished - you just went to a moon, you just did science on an untouched celestial body, and most importantly, you just taught yourself about the dangers and joys of space travel. If you want to take this experience away from people, I'd say that you are alone on that view. This community is built around exploration and discovery, reinforced by creativity and the want to share, and fueled at its very heart by ourselves - the people who explore this solar system. Minmus is the first stepping stone in this, and the one from which those further ahead pull the others to success and wonder. Minmus is our friend, and our most underestimated companion in the community. It plays a vital role in the advancement of new players and in the binding of the community. To remove it would cause unrest and upset, as players' memories are flicked away like a piece of dead skin. I say to keep Minmus, for the sake of the community.
  14. 0.14, eh? Welcome to the very small percentage of people that had the game before planets were implemented! It's crazy how many people have bought the game in the past two years alone.
  15. Because... science. Is there any good dramatic/epic music that's actually royalty free under the Creative Commons License? (Just as an example, though it isn't CC)
  16. I think I'll go capture an asteroid and work on my space station. I'll be with you all in a couple of hours. In the meantime, some of these crafts are pretty good. I don't know how your PC's can manage that part count though. Poor thing must be fried.
  17. <iframe width="640" height="390" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/LRLdhFVzqt4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> Need I say any more?
  18. Um... I... I would question this, but I don't think there's even a way to do so. F5 and F9 are probably among my most used buttons.
  19. False, I'm made of pure vacuum. The user below me is secretly not human.
  20. The term is lithobraking: using the lithosphere of a body in order to slow your velocity. As part of my confession, I'd like to state that I lithobrake more than I should, landing at ~7m/s. I know, the poor kerbals cri evrytim.
  21. That's a loose term. It depends on how intense the fandom-ing is by your definition. By my definition of fandom, I am not in one. The user below me is in a fandom and can't even.
  22. ... True. The user below me is aware of the Egg god. EDIT: Ninja'd (it was targeted at the "the user below me likes KSP" post) --- Post-ninja --- True! The user below me is aware of the Egg god.
  23. Granted, but they cause some kind of error and your account is deleted by the NSA for suspicious activity, in order to sign up again you must first hack into the NSA database and release your account restrictions. I wish the internet wasn't so un-private.
  24. I'd say it counts! I like the idea but never used it, simply because of the difficulties involved in getting it moving and controlling it. How did you overcome this? (If you even did, that is ).
  25. Granted. The suits are now made from recycled kerbrain. I wish I had a flareon.
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