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  1. any chance we would see Contares in colors?
  2. How about an Bare Metal Skin?
  3. Just a quick question, does Contares not offer the Zarya? (Big soyuz)?? Or is this One just different then that One?
  4. Chapter 1.2 | The Moment of Truth | After 12 Weeks the moment was here! The launch of the Officialy Named Kosmos 124. The Delegation of High Command of the Kerbinautic Society of the Koviet Communist Party watched while the new K7 Kemyorka E (Extended) Rocket with the Kosmos 124 on board soared up into the sky that would be a Beautiful Picture. Kemyorka Rocket with in the Background a Moon of Kerbin within its Rings Shortly after launch Problems occured with the First stage Oxidizer making the fuel flow less then expected that would bring the Kosmos in a lower orbit then expected After some more minutes the Kosmos Seperated from the Last Block and The Antenna's and Solar panels Unfolded transmitting the first signals back to kerbin, They did it a Satelite in orbit that could possible carry Kerbals to orbit, but the Joy was short when they discovered the Orbital path was not enough for the Kosmos to stay in orbit and after some tests they found out that one of the solar panels broke of when the fairing got seperated leaving the Kosmos With 1 partly functional Solar panel which sustained some damage too. 1 hour later the Kosmos entered the thick Atmosphere layer of Kerbin and Soared back towards the planet Minutes Pass while the Kerbals at KODF-1 (Koviet Orbital Design Facility 1) tracked the craft down, Ikgor Kerbman talked with the High Command Explaining these Unplanned events, Ikgor: Research must say what the Failures were on orbit. Chairman Kubrovnik: We do not pay you to make mistakes Igkor, your next launch must be without any failures. Ikgor: I just need more time. Chairman Kubrovnik: You have 3 Months for a next launch Igkor, if that one fails then you are out.. Igkor, Slightly concerned about whats next returns to the Design Facility and informs his team. Meanwhile... Somewhere over the Kerbal States A local Farmer Watches an object fall from the Sky smashing into the ground The farmer went out to investigate and Informed the National Authorities which deemed the Object as: Kerbal Made. So the investigation started and after a few months The Kerbal States stated that this object fell from higher then every object has been due to the impact damage on the ground. Now The Kerbal State Space Authority has Born (Later to be named KASA)
  5. Chapter 1.1 After a long fight between the Different Kerbal nations whom country is the best in the aviation bussiness, the Koviet Communism Party has decided to climb higher up. They have been develloping a rocket that could be capable of launching future Kerbals. Being Designed under codename Project Kemkorya. Its the Year 1456 (Kerbal Years) and today is the day of the new Engine test for the Booster for the rocket of the Kemkorya At 12:00 the Commander of Troops Igkor Kerbman gives the signal to fire up the Test Engines. When the Button gets pushed Experimental Fuel flows through the Struts at the bottom into the booster and it fires up! Everyone is thrilled and curious how long it will last, and finally at 12:05 the Engine Shuts off leaving a Giant Plume behind it. The High Command of the Kerbinautic Society concluded by a letter to Igkor Kerbman that Further Fundings and Development of Project Kemkorya has a Green Light and a Launch would be set and demanded by the High Command just 12 weeks later leaving them with a small window of tests and developments
  6. This story will be based on Real And Fictional craft but Alternate History Events. The Kerbal Space Programs
  7. It happens ehen i loaded the craft on the pad but only with certain crafts maybe and i use kerbal joint reinforcement so its not wobly at all but all the craft i use for this are stoch, maybe its because of parts clipped into each other the wrong way?
  8. Fellow Kerbinauts, i have found an issue which involves my crafts shaking like hell when i gently touch or dock an craft (even sometimes when i load an craft) anybody got a way of fixing this? Version 1.1.2 thanks
  9. I have decided to kick in realism, so the next posts are 99% based on facts 1% kerbalism greetz
  10. Chapter 1.5: Death of Wernher Begin 1962, Wernher was working for the CNKA developing an 2 Crewed pod, but in fact what he did was not developing but he was stealing the design of the Kerbal States, Wernher used the Gemini Pod and made the design for Khina, he had acces to the design because he also worked for the Kerbal States!... SPY INSIDE!! After Wernher created Design and Create the Kerpollo the CNKA achieved footage of Wernher talking to John Kerman Kennedy, when the Kerbal's Party of Khina got a hold of this footage the KPOK ordered imediate Execution of Wernher!.. as soon as he returned from his so called "holiday" he got arrested and his plans got taken from him which were also the Saturn I and V plans, not much later Wernher got to court and Gave him the Death penalty which will take place somewhere this week.. Soon an new Designer got hold of Wernher's spot which was the Kapanese Yoshimoto Kerman which refined the khangkzeng 1
  11. Guess that the Koviet's are really busy those days with trying to achieve the impossible... the CNKA just thinks about people in space, i love how you do those stories! keep up the good work bro!
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