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  1. Build a facility with refueling capabilities on the equator, with fuel hauled there if there's no ore locally. Then you build a space station which serves as a fuel, cargo and kerbal depot. Perhaps you can have fuel shuttles from Ike, too. A kerbal that wishes to travel to a Duna colony would take an interplanetary ship to Duna orbit, then dock with the station (where the interplanetary ship refuels and loads kerbals). The kerbal would then transfer to a shuttle down to the low-port, then take a plane or car to the colony. Giant interplanetary SSTO's are awesome, but not very practical. Plus, decentralizing colonies like this spreads things out, and makes it look more realistic. It makes colonies feel like colonies, and not like outposts.
  2. When you start getting lots of commuting, I'd recommend to build a low-port and a high-port with specialized shuttles, instead of giant multi-purpose ships That's a very nice rocket design, btw
  3. Will there just be a few clustered habs or will there be widely spaced towns filling different purposes? Either way, I'll definitely be keeping up on this
  4. I'm gonna wait until 1.2 to re-design my fleet
  5. Welcome to the forums, and the battle club, Dillon May your missiles purge your enemies and your engines outshine the sun
  6. I really have to get into warship building again
  7. Given his rapid posting and aptitude at coding, I have concluded that @FreeThinker is actually a post-singularity AI trying to use puny humans to conquer the galaxy and fight ancient alien empires with Nicoll-Dyson beams
  8. Not too wacky. Just something worth visiting As a side note, if I can overcome my laziness, I might look into making an interstellar navigation mod, including relativistic effects and a version of persistent thrust
  9. Will there be any wacky astronomical features?
  10. Is this mod compatible with Interstellar-E?
  11. Is it possible to make vessels move even when they are not loaded? If it is, then perhaps there will be convoys of transports to pirate?