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  1. Or not? I've read a number of times that taking the Gimbal number down to 20-25 is a good way to reduce wobble-tipping-over-spinning. Do we all do it? Only a few? And to what levels?
  2. This sounds terrific; I'm on my way to download now. I've always hated that "N/A" business and sometimes thought some of the estimates were a little wacky. Great work, and thanks.
  3. Just to close this off: I made it to and home from Minmus safely today with a nice bunch of science points. And I have to thank Laguna for his/her designs which I brazenly and unashamedly copied. The lander design especially gave me lots of fuel at Minmus to get home. I didn't do a biome jump this time but think I will next trip.
  4. As always guys, thanks a lot. I'm about to head for Minmus.
  5. Snark asked what I had in the way of engines, I think. Here are my pod, fuel tank, and engine availabilities: http://imgur.com/a/dmc3p Thanks to everyone for being so generous with time and advice.
  6. A number of people have mentioned 2.5m parts. I've looked pretty carefully at the parts I have available and don't find any reference to 2.5m. What is it, please?
  7. Thanks Laguna and Aethon for your helpful suggestions. Much appreciated. I've landed on Minmus and you might be right about it being a better place for awhile. I plan to do both now. Thanks. Okay, I think you guys have sold me on going to Minmus first, until I get really good. I thought the science was richer on Mun, though.
  8. I've built Laguna's lander and, because I'm in science mode, I can fly it with a scientist rather than a pilot. what I really need help with is what goes below the lander. What gets the whole shebang into K orbit, then through the Hohman transfer, and then into a Munar orbit. From there, I know what needs to be done. I'll just F5 a lot! But if you could spell out or show me a launcher for this thing, I'd be a happy person. As an aside, Snark, you use the term LFO tanks and I'm not sure which they are. Is that what Laguna's using in his lander? Your lander looks neat. I'll try it one day. Thanks for the lander, Laguna. I'll try it. You have a couple of science things on the front of the Science Jr I don't have. I have the barometer and thermometer and of course the Mystery Goo. But the other two little gizmos I don't recognise.
  9. I didn't realise I could get away with the Mk-1 pod and one scientist. I won't post a screen because I don't have one I'm even close to satisfied with (as you can guess from the initial post). BUT I can tell you precisely what I want to accomplish. I want to orbit Kerbin, first of all, then go to Mun. I want a lander that will get me down so my scientist (I will never again take more than one, nor more than one Science Jr; you guys have gotten that through to me) can gather up as much science as possible. As others have talked about hitting more than one biome on a mission, I thought that would be good. So I'd need sufficient fuel to land, get science, take off and go, say 25 kms away, gather up some more, and have enough fuel to get into a Munar orbit and come home. So: how do I do that?
  10. I've been experimenting with ships with 2 and 3 Science Jrs in the pod that carries 3 scientists. (I always get rid of the pilot and engineer. I don't need them since I'm playing science mode (1.05)). And with ships that have almost no science or, in the case of the last one, none. No matter how simple I make them, I always end up getting into my lander fuel to complete my orbit and make the Hohman Transfer, etc. This of course leaves no fuel to get back. If I add more fuel and engines in stages, the same thing happens. It seems a vicious circle. And for those of you who have been following my painful attempts to garner science from Mun, I must seem an idiot. I have no idea how people manage to get 3 Science labs up there and then hop around the biomes. Now and then I can get to one and bring back a few science points but nothing substantial. I despair.
  11. Got a picture of your lander, Rocket Farmer?
  12. Fun stuff! Out of curiosity, what do you have tucked away in the service bay? And what are the gold round fuel tanks feeding? BTW, you may be bored but look like you're having fun!
  13. I love this, Foxster. i don't have some of those parts yet, namely the orange rubber-tire type fuel tanks. But I'll give it a shot. I've got a lot of build ideas now. Thanks to you and everyone else.
  14. May I ask how you gather your science points? I'm playing 1.05 science mode and am keen to collect as much as possible.
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