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  1. Oh god. Of all the things I've done in KSP, mining and ore production is about the only thing I've yet to dive into. Regardless, I accept and will update with photos.
  2. Hello everyone. In a nutshell, I love KSP but lack inspiration to play right now. Dump your ideas for missions on me aaaaaaaaaaand go!
  3. This looks fantastic. About the only ant game I've enjoyed was Ant War, and before that the only one I knew to exist was SimAnt. The amount of detail the video promises looks amazing. I can't wait.
  4. EDIT: Don't worry about responding. Between the KSP slideshow because of high parts count, large ships, memory leaks, etc, I've given up on RO for now. Evening everyone. I'm currently running in science mode, trying to get my first crewed orbit after working with probe-only launches. No problems with the probes, but while in space and flying prograde, everything shuts off and it says I have no connection. I reverted after the first time and added extra batteries and an antenna, but no fix. I've never had this problem before, and I'm hoping somebody has experienced this and it's an easy fix. Thank you in advance. Pictures below:
  5. Sent a rescue mission up to Jeb, ran out of fuel and only had monoprop, still 70ish km away from Jeb if I remember correctly, EVA'd Jeb all the way to the rescue ship, RCS'd my way back into a safe deorbit, landed and recovered all crew. Felt like a total badS.
  6. Ah, I guess I've misinterpreted SSTO's. I think SSTO and space planes come to mind. My main objective was to get a space plane into orbit, then.
  7. This entire soundtrack. Along with Interstellar's score.
  8. A story to conclude my night. So this is my current tech tree: And this is my space plane, designed with whatever parts I can use. (Mods included are KW Rocketry and Heat Resistant Parts): Based on my current funds and lack of SPH/Runway upgrades, the following events took place (in chronological order): I brushed against the pathway upon lift off, taking out my rocket engine^^^^ Turning around because career mode+no reverts^^^^^ Tried to screenshot the abort sequence, but you can see things didn't quite work out. ^^^^ I couldn't pass up on how pleased with my design I was. At least I saved Jeb. Anyone else had any luck with early career space planes? Is it even possible? EDIT: I meant space planes, not SSTO. Oops.
  9. Unless you're playing on hard mode or have disabled reverting/respawning, it's useless. If you disable those and wish to not kill your Kerbals upon catastrophic failure, it comes in handy. You have to set it up via Action Groups. Hitting 'backspace' on your keyboard initializes whatever abort sequence you have set up via Action Groups. I typically add a decoupler under my command module and heat shield, so I set it up to decouple as the escape tower fires up and all I'm left with is my module floating down as my rocket flies around and makes cool patterns in the sky.
  10. What I do to fix this same issue I had was the following; - Create a .exe shortcut of KSP and drag it to wherever you want. >Right click >Properties >In the 'target' line you should see this; "C:\Users\Jonathan\Desktop\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.exe" >Turn it into this; "C:\Users\Jonathan\Desktop\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.exe" -force-openGL >Make sure -force-openGL is after the quotation marks, and put a space in between the last quotation mark and -force-. I use a lot of mods and this has pretty much made crashing a thing of the past, no matter what bunch of mods I have installed. Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks for the tips. I admit I tried using mechjeb and some of the tools it comes with like SmartASS and the Ascent Guidance, but that just seemed to make it worse than manually flying my rockets. Maybe I'll give it another go. I'm constantly wanting to play with RO, but I always end up installing it and all the other mods with it, and deleting within an hour or two. Thanks guys. Fly safe. Side-note: I tried to change this thread to 'answered' but for some reason the option isn't coming up. Sorry.
  12. Greetings fellow Kerbonauts. I'll try and make this as short as possible; I've got the moves of stock KSP down pretty well, and I've tried playing with RO a couple of times, but I just can't seem to get a handle on it. I've made it to orbit a few times if I'm lucky, but anything past that is nearly impossible. I set up my fuels, keep in mind the engines and the ISP's and everything like that. I just can't seem to figure it out. I'd really like to know how to properly use it, the satisfaction of successful missions would be fantastic. Any tips/tricks/snacks you guys are willing to share? Can't seem to find anything on youtube either.
  13. Literally a second after saying I would like a part 3, i found it. Disregard the last one.
  14. This is good stuff. I've been playing for a while now and you mentioned stuff I didn't even know. I'd like to see a part 3. 😎
  15. I don't really use clusters in my upper stages, just because I'm a fuel hoarder. The best method I've found, and I'm sure there's better because I'm not genius at this game, is when I strap on one 2.5m fuel tank with a nuke engine at the bottom, and add 4 1.25m tanks to the sides connected by fuel lines so they all feed into the engine. The TWR is really bad, and you don't go anywhere fast, but I've noticed I get a hell of alot of delta-V. I've gotten burned escape velocity, Duna interception, and a low orbit setup with a mentionable amount of fuel left when it's all said and done. TL;DR: Clusters = Lifting Power 1 engine and lots of fuel = delta-V Also somebody correct me if I'm wrong or there's a better way to go about efficiency. Fly safe. Added note: the 4 connected tanks are on decouplers, so when they're drained they just shoot off into deep space.
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