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  1. Put all the music in a folder named Music within your KSP directory. You may wish to organise it into subfolders for tidiness but I do believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that the mod works fine without them. If you've already set up playlists that should be it...
  2. It was the dependencies, thanks for this! Next questions: 1) Finally got my 'per body' playlists working. So that each planet has a 'theme' song, I've set it as the first track in the playlist and then just followed in alphabetical order after that for tidiness. Probably not, but is there any way to THEN shuffle the playlist after the first play? It's already getting a bit tiresome hearing the same track every time I re-enter Kerbin orbit. 2) I understand that the mod can't avoid playing a track during Loading screens because of the way the game handles situations. The problem is,
  3. I've just installed this, replacing the old mod and now I can't find a button to open Soundtrack Editor. Anyone able to tell me what I screwed up?
  4. Thanks for the replies both. Good points, actually, when I consider them.
  5. My top mod every time I start a new game. One thing is missing to my mind: a 1.25m Science Lab. Are there any plans to add one or indeed was there a consideration not to? I'm curious!
  6. Got a strange issue with the Onion lab whereby it's accepting data, counting it but then when I start research it's showing a rate of 0/day. Anyone else encountered this? I installed HGR. I don't have any other lab or science mods installed.
  7. Superb mod with which I'm building a rather swish looking station. Daft question: why does the lab have 4 seats but only 2 crew capacity? Is there a way to unlock the other 2?
  8. Oh dear god I am catastrophically dumb, I've just noticed that the 6-point hub has a subselection menu and sure enough, there are all the connectors I've been looking for *biggest forehead smack ever* I am so sorry to have wasted your time with this.
  9. I take it it's the KSP.log file you're after? I'll PM you a link.
  10. Stand by... I've just started the game up fully unmodded bar yours and it's appeared, going to work back through now.
  11. Still no dice I'm afraid - not only can I not find the adapters, I can't find the Vista module either - and strangely, a search through the game files isn't locating it either. I've re-downloaded and compared my extant files against those included in the download. They're the same.
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