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  2. Almost got all these parts re-textured, some of them were more broken then I realized (AC mini is missing a chunk in the pic up top) but no one ever said any thing so I never noticed. Re-purposed the Food storage to Mulch and also added a Cone Algae tank (truncated cone). Will try and get some pics up tonight and hopefully will have it updated soon on Curse. Also that multi joiner is out of my Structures pack, will do next.
  3. Been taking a lil break from game dev, played a bit of KSP (for once in ages) and have been fine tuning it and started re-texturing every thing. Also added a 1.25m Mulch container for restocking purposes.
  4. After looking at some other mods I may fix/add more to the CGF, I used 'Real Fuels' at the time because I could not find other mods that did the same but 'Tank Manager' may be the new way I go. I will also add the 'USI' life support, originally this did not work on the KSP version I was using and having it rely on other mods can effect the usefulness of a mod. I will try and keep it independent of these mods and maybe just have CFG's you can pop in depending on how you want it to work. This may be done in the next week or so depending on how other life projects go. I do have a game I've been working on and due to a corruption of the data forced me to roll back to an old backup... I have not played KSP in quite some time so a little thanks for wasting my time getting this kinda done for the public is hugely appreciated.
  5. As I said "It was not intended for USI but can easily be modified for it" In other words they can do it them self. As for conflicts, there should be none as there the same resource, however you can just mine for it now. If anyone want's to post modified CGF files (I'm sure that doesn't violate my License) to make it compatible with USI go for it.
  6. >>>Algae Fuel Synth Pack<<< Thought I'd make an official page for this Pack. Download: You will need Mulch and Sunlight to produce Algae, Algae to make Sugar then Sugar to Fuels. You then need to restock Mulch now and then, so do you fly more up from Kerbin or mine metalOre to produce more? You will also get Metal from the ore so you'll have to deal with that, do you refine it on the planet? Do you space it? Or maybe you plan to build ships there as well! We'll let you work that out. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dependencies: Only if you choose to restock Mulch from other planets. Compatibility: Easily to modify for Life Support mods, tho they weren't the goal of this mod, so I left the water out. Picture Description Known Bugs Extendable Algae Tank: Produces Algae, needs Mulch and sunlight to grow. Mulch will continue to be consumed in the dark unless put on cryogenic stasis. Unknown Algae Tank: Produces Algae and has a built in Food processor, needs Mulch and sunlight to grow. Mulch will continue to be consumed in the dark unless put on cryogenic stasis. Unknown Sugar Converter Mini: Converts Sugar into Fuels. Unknown Sugar Converter: Converts Sugar into Fuels. Unknown Algae Converter Mini: Converts Algae into Sugar. Unknown Sugar Converter: Converts Algae into Sugar. Old FSC texture instead of ASC Mono Propellant Converter: Converts Sugar and Mulch into Propellant. Unknown Food Processor: Processes Algae into Food. Unknown Metal Ore Refinery Radial: Extracts Metal and Mulch from Metal Ore. (Connections on back) Unknown Mulch Storage Container: Stores Mulch. Unknown Sugar Storage Container: Stores Sugar. Unknown Food Storage Container: Stores Food. Unknown Radial mulch Container: Stores Mulch. Unknown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I also have a 'Structure Parts Pack' out so go to my projects page for the link and to see what else I have been tinkering on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ License:
  7. DONE! Both packs are out!! Get it now!!! Enjoy Don't steal my stuff...........
  8. Didn't find any mod for it. The basic concept would be that you Invest Money in the line of Research in each Tier and your Science (Knowledge) gained would be used to do specific research into a part. T1-$1,000 T2-$5,000 T3-$15,000 T4-$50,000 T5-$150,000 T6-$500,000 T7-$1,000,000 T8-$1,500,000 (Per block price ) Anyone know if this is simple to do or will it involve having an @part cfg adding a science value to every part you have and some form of script ect...?? (I can't scipt, only manipulate cgfs to my needs) Brainstorm in the comments, I feel this will bring a good feel to the Campaign as you begin ferrying loads of tourist to the Mun, as cheap as you can, to funnel endless funds into your Research Divisions while conducting various experiments to better understand how things work in space so you can build specific parts you need to go even cheaperrrrrrrr!!!
  9. All textures and slight poly drop done! To hot to keep going but just have the configs to balance (weight, cost ect). Thinking the engine will ONLY be for the few that took the time to comment so congrats to those peeps. Also those square girders are 2x there size in the pic. ---------------------------------------- Found a few more things to patch, got most the cfg files done and will be getting mates to test it over the next week or so before releasing it.
  10. 6:00am and I've finished the Textures for the 2 storage tanks, think I almost have every thing the 'Algae Pack' will need. Was looking back over the comments and what I have and I'm thinking of compiling my structure bits together and work all the kinks out of them (optimize and such) and with any luck have a double release of parts. 'Yay Parts'
  11. 2 more storage tanks designed, one for Sugar and the Radial one for mulch i guess. Got the day off so I might get them textured later. I have one already done for Food/snacks and will tweak some files so the 'Algae' pack is compatible with 'Life Support' mods, I also tweeked/stripped 'Real Fuels' to work with it and will design some files to go with that. (Was seeing how it worked)
  12. Been away for ages so I thought I'd come back and try to get some type of pack completed. Few more parts, fix some of the old, then a bit of balance testing and the Algae Fuel Systems Pack will be good to go. (Unless and update breaks it) More details up top.
  13. I'd just add a generator that's always on, but that only helps if the recourse is always decaying and I can't think of any plugins that might help. If you know someone who dose C# I'd get them to do a plugin that acts like a generator but when it's off.
  14. For the radial attachment, if you know it's size and it's centered properly just put half that in the node section, this pic will help with orientation. And altho I sent some of this to you in a message I'll post it here with some extras. //GENERATOR MODULE { name = ModuleGenerator isAlwaysActive = False // True means always active activateGUIName = Star Algae Growth //Buttons for toggling on/off, can be named anything. shutdownGUIName = Stop Algae Growth requiresAllInputs = True //Can't remember but should be it needs all resources // --- POWER RESERVE SAFETY --- Stops if it hits this number resourceThreshold = 0.1 // --- POWER RESERVE SAFETY --- INPUT_RESOURCE { name = Name rate = 0.2 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = Name rate = 0.01 } } Another way I do it (Deployable Algae tank [needs light to grow]) //ALGAE GENERATOR MODULE { name = ModuleGenerator isAlwaysActive = False activateGUIName = Star Algae Growth shutdownGUIName = Stop Algae Growth requiresAllInputs = True // --- POWER RESERVE SAFETY --- resourceThreshold = 0.1 // --- POWER RESERVE SAFETY --- INPUT_RESOURCE { name = Light rate = 1 } INPUT_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = 0.2 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = Algae rate = 0.1 } } //LIGHT CATCHER MODULE { name = ModuleDeployableSolarPanel raycastTransformName = suncatcher pivotName = sunPivot animationName = OpenClose resourceName = Light chargeRate = 1 powerCurve { key = 206000000000 0 0 0 key = 13599840256 1 0 0 key = 68773560320 0.5 0 0 key = 0 10 0 0 } Once you learn what what dose you can mash them together pretty good. There are also some good plugins from other modders to do other things, e.g. Umbra Space Industries has a good setup so the generators won't work unless deployed ect. Help Threads, Mass Tutorials or Video Only Tutorials There are a few more vids than the Mass section
  15. With KIS/KAS you'll want to increase there strength so they can do heavy construction, other than that you have just about everything covered I think.