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  1. [1.3] Planetary Domes

    It's there, but because it is only written as being compatible with 1.1.3 in CKAN, it doesn't show for 1.2.2 under the "compatible" mods, and can't be installed.
  2. [1.3] Hullcam VDS Continued

    Cools, I'll just use regular cameras for now - just the concept of having the cameras is awesome to begin with anyway :-D
  3. [1.3] Hullcam VDS Continued

    They seem to increment their ID on their own as they're placed. Still not all cameras though. Of the non-working, I can only adjust the ID of the NavCam, though it gives me a black screen on the RPM monitor - possibly something with RMS not liking the CameraMode? Then I tried again to get a clean log, and the NavCam worked on the RPM screen as a regular colour camera - quite odd. The Kazzelblad, Nightvision and Docking ports, I don't get camera ID when right-clicking on them in the VAB. I have a log if it'll help any, though through skimming it it made no sense to me :-/
  4. [1.3] Hullcam VDS Continued

    I mean the line "CameraMode = X" in the module thing (I've got limited experience in programming, only as far as an electrical engineer goes). Where X is a number. All the cameras that work don't have this, although that may be either because RPM does something nasty to it, or because the "CameraMode" is used by something else?
  5. [1.3] Hullcam VDS Continued

    I looked in the cfg files, and it seems like RPM only shows cameras that do not have a "CameraMode", anything that has a tag is ignored it seems.
  6. Yeah, I just experimented on a fresh/minimal install.... I had not installed the one named "legacy parts", which is optional, because I thought it was just legacy parts (which it, apparently, is not >_<)...
  7. Wonderful tool - now I shall be off to find which of the 77 other mods in my RP-0 game, if any, is what makes the IR parts go away....
  8. I can't seem to find the Infernal Robotics parts in the tech tree - however I will not rule out me being blind, so could someone clue me in on where I'm probably missing them?
  9. [1.3] Hullcam VDS Continued

    Well, I have a bunch of other mods, but if you install RPM and HullCam it should work the same (I hope)? Anyway, I made a mk. 3-2 pod with a boom on the side and a docking port on top. Then placed one of each camera on the boom. That should be all cameras I think. Tested that I could swap cameras from the external view (with "-" I think), and they all worked as expected. Went into IVA and selected the External Camera on a monitor (right button on lowest row), and a camera view comes up. Then use the "Next" button on the same screen. It swaps between 4 cameras in total, all of them with ordinary view, and the number match cameras with "normal" colour picture. None of the "special" cameras (1 night vision, 1 docking port and the 2 black/white ones). Another oddity was that I originally placed the Launch Camera 90 degreed rotated from the others - and while the regular camera view oddly seems to "correct" this to the same facing as the other cameras, the RPM screen actually had this correctly rotated. EDIT: Just tried a fresh install with only RPM (+ core), MM and HullCam and got the same result. Something in the cameras that are not regular colour makes them not show in RPM.
  10. [1.3] Hullcam VDS Continued

    Firstly, awesome that this have been taken up again :-D And then the actual questions... Do you know why the cameras seem to behave differently with RasterPropMonitor? I tried putting them all on a boom to test, but it seems that RasterPropMonitor catch the "regular" cameras as actual External Cameras. At least it seems to be the case. Neither docking port, night vision or the black and white ones seems to be viewable on the monitors (though they all work fine otherwise).
  11. Yeah, none of my 2-star can fix wheels either. I figured they may have swapped the fixing of wheels and legs, but haven't tested it yet (mostly because I've yet to break a leg, so to speak).
  12. biomes

    And if you use MechJeb you can use the waypoint tool, which will show what biome a specific point is in. I use that when setting my rovers on course (yes, I use manned and wheeled rovers to go around on the moons).
  13. How am I heating this up?

    Padishar: Yeah, I checked against the one you linked to already and they're an exact match. Digging a bit into my save file have yielded a clue though. The Mun base in the background has the following two noticeable temperatures for all parts: temp = 287.874472836298 tempExt = 287.962322704184 They vary, but we're talking variations in the first decimal of the degree (I'm, guessing they've been sensible and done temperatures in Kelvin?). For the rover, standing a scant few meters away, they're instead all around: temp = 584.080281974798 tempExt = 576.861176453913 Assmuing that tempExt is the temperature of space around the rover, it is actually likely cooling a bit, but somehow the external temperature has ended up being twice what it should be according to the base itself. So, I'm going to skip on trying to adjust the radiator-variable in the physics, and adjust the tempExt down to the correct value for the rovers and see if that solves it. EDIT: Since I seem to have to wait for mods to approve my post.... Success was short lived. After dropping some 20 degrees, it started going up again... Darnit. EDIT2: Even reducing the actual temperature along with the external one it starts going up again. It seems to be the external temperature going up though, and driving the actual temperature after it.
  14. How am I heating this up?

    Well, I think I'm going to hope that it gets corrected in the next update, and meanwhile I'll try to firstly edit the temperature low on all the parts in the save, and alternatively ignore max. temperature - but I'd like the actual things that should overheat to overheat (one of my rocket designs overheat during launch, but dissipates heat fine once coasting and orbiting). I wonder if one should point some bug report at this, I can easily provide the current save and craft files for Squad if it'll help them narrow down the heat issues in future updates. Yeah, it is way overboard - on purpose. I first found that my radiator-less rovers had things overheating and exploding - so I decided to make a second Mun rover where I purposefully added way too many, simply to make sure it could darn well radiate some heat energy off. Apparently though, radiators seems to radiate not much heat off at all... I also checked the heat-map, although I didn't screenshot that. But it's perfectly even coloured orange - so the heat is perfectly dissipating throughout the vehicle, just not leaving. Nada, what you see in the screenshot is pretty much what's there - there is also a tank lying a bit away which had some fuel left (now empty with an engine on it). I land my tank that I used to get there, since I always make fuel plans to account for me mucking up a bit. Later I used that to fill up the lander/return module of the base, so it's 200 % guaranteed to be able to make the final Evac back. First rover that went boom even did it on a drive on Mun, some 15 km away from anything except Mun rock....
  15. Well, hello. Originally started KSP way back, but haven't really found the time and so to start until a while back, with 1.0.4. Most everything I make go kaboom, I am usually myself to blame (and can figure out why) - but I'm having an issue with heating. I've looked through a number of pages to see if I could find anything matching, but only close ones comes up. The thing that's heating up is my rovers (all of them so far, and only them)... More specifically the ones on Mun and Minimus (I went for actual rovers because it seemed more "right" in my head). Now, when I drive them, they get warm - ok I can accept that, makes some sense actually. When standing parked, at night, with or without radiators they don't cool down (they may even be heating a bit) - which is where my mind starts having issues. Image linked below is of the Mun one, which have 5 small deployable radiators and a few of the smaller fixed ones as well. Temperature overlay is evenly orange, so it looks like heat is evening out among all parts - but not leaving the vehicle? Thermometer on the rover says around 600, with the base in the background being below 300. Most things I can find online revolves around batteries and science things inside equipment bays having issues - but I can't wrap my head around why it only affects the rovers? All my bases and stations so far have everything in equipment bays in the exact same manner as the rover - most of them have the bay even more crammed than the rovers to boot. Is there any obvious solution that I'm missing? Short of going back to the drawing board for my rover concept? I really liked my light, but wide, girder structure with open seats and stuff First career game is rather stock by choice. Only have Kerbal Alarm Clock, NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicator and Mechjeb (too lazy for constant manual dV calculations) installed for ease of play. Screenshot