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  1. I would like to submit a craft. Created and finished today, but I already feel confident about its capabilities.
  2. silversliver

    Space Engine doesn't work...

    Exactly this. Download the version.
  3. silversliver

    Space Engine doesn't work...

    What version have you downloaded?
  4. silversliver

    Pokemon Go

    Not much, since the servers are more offline than not
  5. silversliver

    Devnotes coming tomorrow

    Wait I have to sharpen it
  6. silversliver

    What's the Doctor's real name?

    Actually Clara, in Voyage to the centre of the TARDIS
  7. silversliver

    [1.0.5] Blue Technologies

    Updated to SpaceDock.
  8. silversliver

    Is there an alternative to the Steam installation?

    Download from the official site or from GOG.
  9. silversliver

    Is this alternate solar system possible?

    The tour go on to Saturn Download: Changelog: -fixed various atmospheres -added life to laythe -changed Vulcan's tail to a more realistic dust tail ------------------------------------------------------- Images, what images?
  10. silversliver

    Space Engine

    Nope. But you can ask.
  11. silversliver

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Yes. I'll summon @FreeThinker.
  12. silversliver

    Is this alternate solar system possible?

    I pictured that even if volcanic mountains forms they'll be quickly destroyed by the erosion of the waves. Volcanic rock is notoriously weak against water, check the various volcanic island in this last 100 years that quickly(days) emerged and quickly(months) were destroyed. 1)As I said Venus' atmosphere is actually 70km even if it says 170km. 2)As I said I can't properly simulate the temperatures. I'll fix the atmospheres and add life to Laythe.
  13. silversliver

    Space Engine

    Sadly with the internal editor you can't do much except modifying the sea level, the atmosphere and the auroras but it's fun regardless.
  14. silversliver

    Is this alternate solar system possible?

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ------------------------------------------------------------- Update solar system (0.2): Changelog: -Fixed various masses and atmospheres -Vulcan is now tidal locked -Added Jupiter system IMPORTANT -The density of Bellona is unrealistic due to mass/radius inconsistency -The moon orbit and mass is still WIP. Pressure now at 0.7 atm. -Venus atmosphere results 170km but it's a GUI bug, actually is 70km ------------------------------------------------------------- Let's go to Jupiter.
  15. silversliver

    Space Engine

    When you learn how to modify things to create yourself stars and planets, then you understand how incredibly powerful is this "game". Various links to my albums: