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  1. Hmm.. nope, same behaviour with KSPIE reactors... Tried a molten salt and thermal generator combination (obviously massive overkill, but just for testing). Looks like ion engine still only draws 520W, a whopping 0,15% of the available power. Posted some screens here of 2 situations, 1 in space with the original NEAR MX0 reactor and the other one on the ground with KSPIE reactors. I have only gotten started with KSPIE lately, so no idea how other electrical engines might behave.
  2. In my current probe I am using the MX-0 'KerboPower' reactor from near future technologies. Maybe a compatibility issue there? Anyway when I open the interstellar control panel, then I see that there should be plenty of power - somewhere around 60KW. Total usage of power scales up when I increase thrust, so power utilisation is between 0-400W. I will make a screenshot once I get home later and figure out how to upload this to the forum.
  3. Ok, so I read the post a bit and discovered that the stock Ion engine gets overwritten by this mod. The thing is, that this seems to pretty much turn the Ion Engine completely useless. I have 60kW of power supply on a very small probe, basically just small reactor, control module, 1 tank of xenon gas and Dawn Engine. It seems that the engine draws 520W of power, so not all that much. At maximum thrust, I get 0.000022 kN of thrust ??! That is basically 1/50th of a Newton. I mean OK, maybe there are some upgrades that increase this etc... , but it seems that I am doing something wrong. I mean even real-life ion thrusters get around 0.5 Newtons of thrust Anyway when looking at the ion engine screen, I get a message : Max Thrust in Space : 0.002742Kn, so basically 2.7 Newtons, which is not all that much but it would at least be noticeable... Does anybody know why the ion engine behaves like this?
  4. Does this mod somehow break the stock Ion engines? Suddenly I see that these are no longer producing any thrust on small probes. Also it seems that the ion engines now need "megajoules" to work. Obviously the tiny probe cannot produce any megajoules, so I am guessing maybe this is the reason that the "Dawn" engines no longer function.
  5. Well they were gone for a while. Anyway I then tried messing around with some visual mods, installed Astronomer's Visual Pack, then uninstalled it and put back SVE... Suddenly clouds for OPM are there again . No idea how that worked, but I guess you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Since I'm using lots of mods there's always a good chance I messed something up myself. For now everything works.
  6. Does anybody know what broke the OPM clouds with 1.5.1? Maybe if it is a simple fix, then it could be done manually in the local copy Looks like every time I start a career in KSP hoping to reach the outer planets, then by the time I advance far enough, something has already broken the visuals . I guess it's unavoidable when it comes to having a bazillion mods on top of each other. So in any case, if it's just a couple of lines to be changed in the config, then maybe it's not a big issue. But I don't know that much about how the configs work to start messing around myself....
  7. Ok, I am having a strange issue with the PAL magnetic manipulator. Looks like all the servos work besides the "wrist" ones. These are stuck it seems whatever I do. Does anybody know why this might happen? OK, when looking into github, it seems that this is a known issue with MKS #1336 fortunately the magnetic crane works as intended, so I guess I will use that instead
  8. This mod looks awesome! Does anybody know if there are any relevant configs for the outer planets mod that work with the Astronomer's visual pack? I think there were cloud configurations for the outer planets that worked for the old astronomer's visual pack and EVE, but I am guessing these will no longer work correctly.
  9. Same here! I am just hoping that this mod will not die. , because OPM does not feel the same without it. Right now it seems that OPM visual overhaul is the sort of "Cherry on top" that will make the rest of the game feel complete :).
  10. Hello! First of all, news of Kopernicus being updated was the best news of the week thus far Thank you for this awesome mod. Anyway, it seems that for me Kopernicus caused a really strange issue, that took a lot of time to notice. Actually I thought this was because of 1.2 update at first, but it seems that after installing new ver of Kopernicus, it is SIGNIFICANTLY HARDER to orbit. I mean it seems like the engines no longer have as much power as before. You need a 2-3x larger rocket to reach orbit. Now I really am not sure what is happening here, but it seems that maybe there are some non-physical forces at work. It seems that there is WAY too much drag at the very upper layers of the atmosphere especially and then it sharply cuts off in space. Uninstalled all my mods, except for Kopernicus : Issue was there. Removed Kopernicus : Rockets fly normal. It is easiest to notice the difference with a small two stage rocket with the 45 engine at the bottom and a terrier as second stage. Pretty much the most basic design : The change really becomes noticeable when doing this with and without Kopernicus. So is anybody else seeing this?
  11. This is honestly the best addition I could imagine to KSP at this point. OPM is such a high quality mod and I never play without it. It would make a lot of sense to integrate it into stock as it would save Squad lots of dev resources and give a huge effect in terms of gameplay. (Dozen more bodies to explore and all the work's basically done.) Also despite the fact that OPM is a great mod, it still suffers from the general problems that mods have. Definitely not blaming any mod devs here, just to be clear. But the thing with mods is that people develop them out of their free time and they only develop them as long as they have the motivation to perform what is essentially unpaid work. Eventually OPM might no longer be developed and KSP might be updated to a version that makes the mod incompatible. This means that a very large portion of the game will suddenly stop existing. This is for example what happened to Astronomer's Visual Pack, an absolutely amazing mod that at one point was ismply made obsolete by stock developments. It would be such a shame if this were to happen to OPM. So it seems to me there is good reason to integrate this into stock - as long as the mod devs are OK with at ofcourse.
  12. Hello! This mod is absolutely epic, so I am not complaining, knowing that this is still prerelease etc. Anyway I landed a probe on Eve and as I landed I started running into a series of visual weirdness. First of all the transition between the "orbital scene" and "ground scene" was really really rough. It was almost as if the whole planet suddenly changed color from one shade of purple to a totally different shade of purple. The cloud layer only appeared on very low altitudes (around 2500 meters or so). When I got through the bottom cloud layer, then the land below me was constantly flickering between ocean and land (eventually solved this with alt+enter). The latter is probably a scatterer issue. When landed it seems that the bottom cloud layer is only rendered immediately on top of the landed craft. Maybe I can somehow configure the render distance? Currently it sort of gives a cartoonish impression like there is a rain cloud constantly following my craft =). So main question is: Is it supposed to be like this at the moment, or has something gone borked?
  13. Hello! It is marked as a resolved issue in the changelist, but currently I am still getting strange flickering with the coastline whenever I move the camera. I have Kopernicus, OPM and EVE installed as well. Tried removing EVE, but the flickering was still there. Maybe something is conflicting with the ocean shaders from Kopernicus? Anyway, does anybody else still have this issue? I'll try maybe doing completely fresh install with only scatterer installed a bit later. Currently running 64-bit with no openGL or DX11 forced. Despite a few problems, this is still an awesome visual mod. Absolutely stunning work! =)
  14. Hello! I have this really strange problem where on some planets the surface textures simply start to shake when I have a craft landed there. It seems to be especially bad with rovers and with larger surface bases. I figured it might be a problem with AVP, but I did a fresh install and the problem is still there. The thing is I have OPM installed, and this pretty much means my save isn't compatible with a completely fresh install. I couldn't reproduce the issue in a stock game. I did a fresh install with only OPM installed and the texture shaking was still there. There's a chance it could be an issue with Kopernicus or OPM, but the problem happens on stock planets, especially on Minmus and Duna. I am running KSP with a GTX 970 video card. It seems that disabling shaders helps the problem somewhat, but not entirely. The thing is I have played KSP with OPM and AVP Int2 installed before and never had this issue. Does anybody know what could cause the surface textures to go nuts? It seems that not many people have had this problem before. If anybody could come up with a workaround that would be great. Edit: Okay so did a complete stock reinstall and the issue still persists. I launched a stock rover to Duna in a completely new stock save. The textures still keep shaking and jittering. It seems like a Floating Point Precision issue. Has anybody seen something like this before? I'll try the save on a completely different computer. If that also does not work, then I'll report this as a stock bug. Edit2: I installed KSP on an office computer just to try it out and the texture shaking was still there. Also stock install and also tested it on Duna. It seems the only things that the two computers have in common is that they are both using Windows 10 and nVidia graphics cards. So the shaking is there with a GT420 and a GTX970. Maybe it has something to do with Win 10 drivers. I also installed KSP on my laptop, and there was no texture shaking (although due to the laptop's poor specs the performance was horrible), this leads me to believe that it is an issue with nVidia. Still can't believe that others are not seeing this behaviour.