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  1. @Jacke maybe Distant Object Enhancement can help you, it has settings for ambient light too IIRC.
  2. as in your files must be corrupted. I have many many 1.3.1 installs going now, all kinds of planet packs, RSS ones, SSRSS ones, and I have never ever seen a chinese navball.
  3. Something must went wrong. The chinese navball sounds suspicious.
  4. Something must be wrong with your install then. I dont have this on my 1.3.1 here. Navball reads THROTTLE and G-FORCE, looks just fine. Just had a look, in stock, RSS and SSRSS. All three Navballs look okay. I run RSS on 1.3.1 without much problems, even the RSSVE works fine. Much better performance than I had on 1.2.2. I always suggest 1.3.1 to people who ask about RSS these days.
  5. Dafni

    SSRSS Community Support Group

    @Tyko, cheers, will do. I remember we had the same exact issue before, right?
  6. What do you mean by that, please??
  7. Dafni

    SSRSS Community Support Group

    Are you guys running it on 1.6.1 fine now? I believe once the scatterer update drops I cant justify 1.3.1 anymore.
  8. Agree! Please, go ahead! And many thanks in advance
  9. Dafni

    SSRSS Community Support Group

    One of my favorite mods of all time. I still play it a lot, on KSP 1.3.1, runs lovely.
  10. Dafni

    The 1.3.1 Club

    Hello everybody! I am wondering how many of you are still playing 1.3.1, and why? 1.3.1 is a great version of KSP, it has an extensive suite of mods and is relatively low on bugs. Plus it runs pretty smooth and stable for me. And on top of all that it feels like the last true Squad version we had, before T2 came along. Somehow the whole feel of the game, and the community here too, changed for me. At first I was excited for all the parts the DLC would bring, and when they finally came around we had some pretty serious bugs in the base game. Now, 3 hotfix patches later, some of those severe issues are still unresolved and somehow I just cant be bothered anymore. I would like to try out the new parts and additions, and some days I mess around a bit, but most of the time I am happy to play around with different 1.3.1 installs. Once the drag occlusion of Kerbals in Command Seats gets fixed, and some mods get updated, I might take the plunge though. Lets see. How about you guys? Are you happy with 1.4.3? Do you play any other version? Do you think I miss out? All input is welcome. thanks Daf
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    What planet mods do people want?

    Best option at the moment would be to install an existing pack that you dont know yet, and use the mod research bodies for that exploration feeling. I did it once with GPP and it was very nice.
  12. Dafni

    What's Your Favorite KSP Version?

  13. Again, love this simple mod. It makes the comm networks neat and stable. Many thanks again @linuxgurugamer and the original creator @HenryBlatbugIII
  14. Amazing job, man! Well done. Too bad about the stutters and frames, but what can you do? Craft and skripts worked perfect. Quite an intense landing of the orbiter too. Nice one, I like it a lot. Plus kuods for playing this amazing planet pack too!
  15. After finding the mod StationKeeping I went for circular orbits with evenly spaced sats again, it satisfies my OCD the best.
  16. I believe you are looking for Principia
  17. I can relate. Sole reason I always vote against a pet (but never prevented me from bonding to them like to a human) All said and done it is a valuable lesson about the momentariness of life - a painful one, one that sticks. Cherish all life around you, every day. I feel for you and your daughter. Your kids look very lovely and cute in that first picture. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Neat! Craft is stock, true. KSP not, though
  19. Dafni

    Cargo Airdrops with the MK3

    @XLjedi I liked your post, but obviously I dont like what you said. Quite the opposite. It breaks my heart. I wish so hard this would get fixed for good.
  20. I am still happily playing RSS on KSP 1.3.1 and would like to take the opportunity here to express my gratitude to all involved parties, RSS crew all the way back, the RSSVE people, just all involved individuals. It is a great set of mods and it still gives me tons and tons of entertainment.
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    What did you do in KSP today?

    @NorthernDevo kudos on taking the plunge into a hard play-through. My advise is to keep reverts active though, for those occasions when the game decides to funk you up. Believe me, sooner or later you'll be glad. Nothing worse than loosing an orange suit to some stupid glitch way into a nice play-through.
  22. True. They should just hire him, or buy his stuff. Or better yet, all SSPXR appreciators drop some change in Nerteas hat! I agree with you on your point above @steve_v, about the needlessness of a centrifuge in a stock environment. But I still like to use Nerteas centrifuges (even though I use no mods that would actually justify their use) just because they look so good.
  23. Wow. Just wow. Never thought about it like that, but it makes a lot of sense now In my own KSP universe, the Kerbals live off of electricity (dont need food or water), can hibernate at will (when I warp the time forward), actually feel more at home in micro-gravity than on the surface of a planet (hence the countless and otherwise pointless stations orbiting everywhere) and get sick by the color purple (you guess it ).
  24. We must not have seen the same parts then. In my humble opinion SSPXR blends into the stock game so well I could forget they come from a mod, plus the IVAs are the best ones I have seen in KSP so far. All the details etc, gotta love Nerteas work.