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  1. Oh, no need to apologize! It is ready when it is ready and it will be amazing I am sure. In the meantime I'll happily play the current version. Cheers and thanks again for the nice work!
  2. Intriguing! Can we hope for a release before the holidays maybe? That would be awesome! Either way, many thanks in advance!
  3. Hey, that was actually pretty good. I corrected only two tiny things for you, easy mistakes to make. I am impressed. Good luck and keep it up.
  4. Sounds like you are new to the game. It's the same story since forever. Many veterans play old versions of the game. This alone says a lot. Sad but true.
  5. Again, still some of the best sunflares around. Anyone already figured out how to use these in KSP 1.8.1? cheers
  6. Is there a way yet to have these lovely skyboxes in 1.8.1? thanks in advance!
  7. I can relate. But after years in KSP I got kinda blunted. There is always something missing it seems. Play an older version to have the full mod set - miss out on a new mod, or have to deal with an old bug or little oversight. Always stay with the latest release, well, constant waiting for hotfixes etc. Get used to a version, they drop a new one, tempting you to move on too. 1.3.1 is still my main game, with some 1.6.1. sprinkled in between. Hopes are still up for 1.8.X. Lets see. But I dont think it will ever stop, nor that KSP2 will be any different.
  8. Experience and practice. Triop built a ton of them so far. And he keeps on improving too! Nice stuff Triop, keep it up
  9. Cool, I wouldn't mind Murph to become harder at all. Sounds good. Oh, if you could get Scatterer/EVE configs sorted it would be amazing indeed! That would really be the icing on the cake now. Please make it happen. That is really the only thing I miss in this mod. If you dont have the time for getting into this, maybe you could outsource the job? Or get somebody else on-board? Or the configs for DOE and Planetshine? I am sure there are folks out there who would be willing to help... Some of your planets just scream CLOUDS at me
  10. Personally I like it like it is. You did a great job there. The whole mod is visually appealing and sensibly balanced for a nice challenge. One can tell a whole lot of thought, love, time and effort went into this. I am eagerly awaiting the dependencies to update to 1.8.x and look forward to add this again to my main game. In the meantime this mod remains one of the reasons to fire up 1.7.3 from time to time.
  11. Anybody had a chance yet to test this mod in 1.8.1? Just curious. I'll probably have some time to test it myself on the weekend.
  12. Ya, same here. What's more: the hotkey to reset all trim! Thanks for reminding me @AHHans, I'll have to write it down somewhere.
  13. If I may ask, is this discord group public? I would love to join and follow the development and discussions around it more closely. Thanks in advance Daf
  14. Same here. Couldn't care less about multiplayer, never saw the appeal in that. Sharing/exchanging craft files and/or save files has always been enough for me. Oh! I hope you get better mate, that sounds horrifying. All the best wishes!
  15. That's 1.25% of the speed of light. Still, not a bad result, everything considered. Congrats. I never attempted this myself, but IIRC that's the ballpark of the best results people achieved in KSP.
  16. Oh, I assume most players here play their modded game outside of steam anyway. (copy the whole game to another directory and steam has no idea when you play or what you do to the files) I keep copies of my installs all the way back to 0.9, with different sets of mods for each iteration ever since then. My steam tells me I have played KSP for 2 hours. Sounds about right
  17. Thank you! Yes, those legs are fantastic! Especially the F9 should be stock!
  18. Did anybody have the chance yet to try this mod in 1.8.1? I'll probably have some time to try it on the weekend myself, just thought I'll check on here first. cheers Daf
  19. Sounds like a bug, but it's the first time I hear about it. Personally I am still playing an older version and never had anything like you describe... I was contemplating 1.8.1 but a bug like this would be a showstopper for me. Lets see what others have to say. Did you try a clean fresh install with no mods? I guess you did, as you are a veteran player too. cheers
  20. Oh, it's just two joysticks. Like two individual sticks. One for translation and one for rotation. (Most of all usefull for docking and EVA, nothing else really. Just a gimmick, one single stick is more than enough for KSP actually, you can switch between modes in KSP) Sorry if my wording was misleading, maybe I should have called it dual joystick setup? (I am obviously not a native speaker) BTW, If you want to experience dual joystick feeling in a hurry and on a budget you could hook up a XBox or PlayStation controller, those dual sticks are nice as well.
  21. Congrats. And kudos to your friend. Best gift ever!
  22. I agree with everything you said there, @steve_v Thinking abou it now, I'd pay the price of a full AAA title and maybe more to the guy who could recompile (or however you call it) some modern mods like Restock or JNSQ etc to make them work in 1.3.1 and just call it done and play that from now on out. I still love and play 1.3.1 a lot, but some of the new mods (or new improved versions of old mods like Scatterer) made me start to tinker with more recent versions too. (1.6.1 is pretty decent too, but like yourself the lack of some key features kills it for me) And yeah, round and round we go. Who on here really still gets hyped over 1.x.0 releases? etc etc