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  1. Cheers! You are welcome! Equally spaced constellations are a fetish of mine... and especially deep space ones! You dont see them too often here... A triangle in Kerbin orbit is one thing, but what you did there is extra neat! Keep it up!
  2. Communication triangle = TriCom? Or because it's KSP it becomes TriKom. Nice work dude, well done.
  3. Definitely. Go into your KSP directory (if you got the game from steam its under steam, steam aps, common). Then the folder Saves, then Craft (I believe) and then either VAB or SPH and just manually delete the files you dont want anymore. It should be easy to find and do.
  4. No offence mate, and I really mean it. I really dont want to sound rude here, but if you really think that then why would you bring up a thread that was buried for 3 years??
  5. Yeah, after looking at all the Juno pictures I wish somebody would implement that level of quality into KSP RSS. Speaking of which... there was the Cassini probe. We have excellent data on Saturn too! Imagine an updated Saturn and Jupiter in RSS! Somebody with the skills should just go ahead and do it.
  6. Nice one, mate. This one is oddly disturbing, somehow. But as always super neat craft and editing.
  7. Awesome. Thank you very very much for all the work! It is immensely appreciated, this as all the other mods of yours. Really great stuff, number one for parts mods for sure! Your stuff and some planetary eyecandy from the well known modders here makes KSP what it is, what it should be.
  8. Nice mission and pics. Congrats! Welcome to the forum!
  9. Most underrated essential mod. Should be stock, really.
  10. That's why you should always stick to the versions you like. For example I still play 1.3.1 because of some mods that I liked, and now some 1.8.1 or 1.10.1 sometimes for the same reason. Gotta admit 1.10.1 is nice and I might stick to this for a while before I dive into 1.12.X
  11. If you already have Ares, you could stick to the naming scheme and go with other Greek gods or goddesses... Like Zeus and Hera were his parents, I believe. And Phobos and Deimos were his kids. Or some of the other Olympians maybe, like Apollo, Artemis, Hermes etc. Sometimes I go for ancient cities or countries, like Babylon Station, Laconia Station etc Or, I also like to honor some Astronauts sometimes. Like Lovell Station is one of my favorites, just the old Apollo or Shuttle pilots. Or sometimes I go for scientists, or even fictional characters from sci-fi books, like Boone Station or Nagata Base and so forth. But if you already have Ares, I think Greek gods for this one. BTW, hard to believe you are un-creative, that Station looks pretty neat from here.
  12. Cupcake!!! So good to see you mate
  13. The mod is called Konstruction and I'd like to add that the welding feature is very welcome even on high-end PCs, as it's such a neat and handy thing. And really only a config away. Please make it stock, Squad.
  14. I like your way of thinking there. I like your logic too.
  15. Weight savings? Funds? Furthermore aesthetics, size and all that. Same issue/logic applies to many parts in KSP, actually. Most of all engines come to mind. Early tech tree parts tend to become superfluous later in the game. Have to build a progression into the game/tech tree somehow. Plus, options are always nice. On top of all that: "making satellites smaller" or rather as small as possible is what a lot of satellite designs focus on in real life too. Just a thought. cheers Daf
  16. First and only time I landed my fist stage booster exactly back on the launchpad, Falcon9 style, without the help of mods (landing legs are mod parts though). Usually I am happy if I land within a few km of the KSC. When I started out with this I was happy when I hit the peninsula.
  17. Impressive work right there, wow, I'm amazed, Very well done. Really great craft, and the presentation on here is 10/10 as well.
  18. Very well done video! You put a lot of effort into it and it shows. The editing is very good! The craft are nice too! Congrats! Couldn't help notice the surface of Minmus. Is that Parallax? Anyway, keep up the good work, I'll make sure to keep an eye on your stuff.
  19. Nothing changed. You can rendezvous with them and dock with a claw and mine away. You could never actually land on them.
  20. @The Everyday Kerbonaut try the way @ShuttlePilot described. Works a treat. It's a bit stressfull at first and you might need some trial and error to get your numbers dialed, but once you get it you can get very consistent and precise too. I land all my boosters on the peninsula now, or Booster Island if I launch on my "Minmus heading". If you want a visual guide or a video of the technique, you can look up an old stream of EJ_SA on twitch, he does it with his Condor9 all the time, even managed drone ship landings before. MatoroIgnika also comes to mind, he uses the Trajectories and the NavHud mod tho (even tho he can do it stock too, I once teased him and he showed it off pronto) It's a ton of fun and I launch almost exclusively like that, all manual, all stock, the realest real time there is in KSP.
  21. I do it in the exact same way as @ShuttlePilotdescribed above. With a bit of practice you can become pretty consistent with this technique.
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