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  1. Could having the stock variant switcher move itself to the beginning of the part action window list solve anything?
  2. Next Generation? Like in "What if the Soviet Space Program had made it to the 23rd century?
  3. Does anybody think it is a little humorous that the hardest task in a game about rocket building has become how to make a propeller engine?
  4. here is a link to the test ksp.log The conflict is only with the 'activate pre-landing' button on the Mk 1-3, no floats top or bottom and an never ending inflate sound. The other add on items function fine. (heat-shields, impact bags, retro, float and airbag add-ons...etc) The MK2 pod (Squad expansion Gemini style) still floats nose up but the 'Activat pre-landing' button works OK. Since the revampes Restock MK-1 only has add on CL items it has no problems. My test never seemed to generate an ksp_output.log so it must no be of notice to the game.
  5. In that case, may I mention that when I tried Comfortable Landing with the Restock and Restock+ mods the inflating bags did not appear and there was a never ending inflating sound. T his was on the MK1-3 pod. I believe that the mod changes the mesh so it may be a coordinate change thing. CL is such an important mod to me that I dumped the Restock mods to keep CL. T hanks for your modding work.
  6. I have long had this problem since my typical configuration is a RealChute stack chute with a docking port on top. The cover is too short with that combination but I do not expect mods to be able to cover all player part construction madness. I believe the SM-6a came after the mod was made and I believe that LGG (who goes above and beyond with all the great work keeping mods going) may only be updating and caretaking this mod and not re-making models which may be restricted by the original maker's license.
  7. I got 8 errors regarding something abou the systems reliability (might be Module Manager related) in 1.7.1 with both DLC modules. I removed Kerbalism and will wait. I figure it will be smoothed out in time.
  8. I know I am late to the party but for docking what about just putting a node on the bottom of the X-20 for a re-entry shielded docking port?
  9. Texture switch options at some point would be welcomed...White/BW and perhaps orange/black options?
  10. I have always though in a career game that the docking cam should start in B/W and add color and other filters as tech upgrades.
  11. An amazing feature would be if the docking antennas could actually give an auto-alignment of the docking ports function between two vessels with the antennas.
  12. Tonkacrash has been warning mod makers that there is a bug in 1.6.0 & 1.6.1 that can lock up the parts menu in the VAB if a bulkheadProfiles isn't defined for each part. I checked the change log and did not find that listed.
  13. It is in Raster Monitor prop but is deep in the file structure. RasterPropMonitor>GameData>JSI>RasterPropMonitor>Library>Parts>ExternalCameraPart